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Voop-zoop-voop, La Baraque d’Édition's poetry book in celebration of vibrant Africa


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Echinghen, France
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La Baraque d’Édition would like to launch a new project: Voop-zoop-voop, our first poetry book in English (with few words, here and there, in Cameroonian Pidgin), in celebration of vibrant Africa.

As a teaser for the project, you can find 3 poem-based songs: "My Hero", "Ludicrous Mess" and "Falling", by clicking here.

You can also read the 3 poems: "My Hero", "Ludicrous Mess" and "Falling", by clicking here.

The author, Felix Soh, is from Cameroon and currently resides with his family in the UAE. He started his professional career at one of the “Big Four” accounting firms. Felix has always been very fond of poetry.

Voop-zoop-voop is a collection of poems through which transpires an irresistible urge to write and share poetry. The author’s poems flow like poetry slam.

The book includes some poems from Richard Marimootoo as “featuring guest”. Richard is one of the co-founder of La Baraque d’Édition.

About the rewards

A copy or several copies of the book, depending on your contribution.

About La Baraque d’Édition

La Baraque d’Édition is an unconventional publishing house, structured as a non-profit entity, with a social business model.

La Baraque d’Édition was set up by a group of friends, who developed a passion for literature outside of the classroom. They are self-taught publishers who want books to be more than books and to serve a higher purpose.

For example, La Baraque d’Édition’s first book, “Au commencement était le Silence”, a collection of poems, was published through a crowdpublishing campaign sponsored by French NGO France terre d’asile (part of the funds raised was donated to France terre d’asile). The purpose of the book was to show that poetry could bring people together and get them to act together for a meaningful cause.

For more information:

Website| Facebook | Twitter

What do we need the money for

Your contribution will be used for editing and printing, and for delivery costs.

As La Baraque d’Édition is a non-for-profit entity, any profit will be donated to a cause that promotes literacy in Africa. You will be kept informed and consulted about this throughout the process.

In addition, a percentage will be used to cover Verkami´s fee and also credit card fees.

You should bear in mind that payment gateways charge 1.35% + VAT for processing bank card transactions.

Estimated calendar

We expect the copies of the book to be delivered to you in October / November 2019.

Additional information

Lyrics for the poem-based songs above here.

Singer: Fahia Buche

Painting/Project cover: Triangle Rouge by artist Marine Vidal


There are none published yet.

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  • EricIgor


    almost 5 years

    Great acheivement... congeats Felix and Richard

  • Blaise


    almost 5 years

    Looking forward to it.courage bro

  • Courtecuisse


    almost 5 years

    Bravo Félix

  • Edwin Tangang

    Edwin Tangang

    almost 5 years

    Looking forward to the book

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