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TERRITOIRE: Mastering and manufacturing of 'Mandorle'

TERRITOIRE is the new project of Olivier Arson, after his first record as The Folding and the point, where he lets loose from ambient to produce a work more narrative thanks to the collaboration of 13 musicians and vocalists.

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In less than a week, we have reached our first objective to raise 1.200€ thanks to your confidence. There is still time left to support the project, and make it grow more and better, providing more patrons. After thoses impulses, I am working even harder to finish the record until the last detail.

I have the sensation to undress. It feels a bit violent letting see the entrails of such an intimate process, but I see an opportunity in this initiative, beyond the simple search for fundings, to explain where I am in this moment, and to commit myself to a record where I am exposed like never before.

I felt I needed to express myself differently after publishing almost three years ago my first album as The Folding and the Point. The instrumental approach made way to the lyrics, and the individual and solitary work seduced me less than opening up to the collaboration with others. I wanted the music to be more personal and more collective at the same time.

With this change of direction, a new name for the project quickly had to came up and I’ll now sign this music under the name of TERRITOIRE, a concept as open as extremely strong. Sonically, drums, silence and voices were my starting points, and on this base I started to invite more musicians.

The challenge hasn’t always been easy for lots of my partners, not used to work on music of experimental approach, and I feel very fortunate to have gotten so many to join me for the adventure.

I am eternally grateful to you: my friends from McEnroe Edu (drums), Gonzalo (guitars) y Ricardo (voice), Miren Iza (Tulsa, voice), Maite Arroitajauregi (Mursego, cello), Sara Galán (cello), Javier Monserrat (Monserrat, El Hijo, Litoral, double-bass), Angel Mancebo (Ann Deveria, bass), Greg Gobel (Tripulante y Crucero, Marcus Doo, clarinet), Edu Comelles (sound design), Miguel Marin (Arbol, percussion) and Santiago Latorre (saxophone).

We recorded material over the last two years in all conditions, traveling and fitting everyone’s schedules between Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Bilbao and Eibar. Later on, with the addition of Abel Hernández (ex Migala, El Hijo) as co-producer, the process took shape, culminating in January with a three days recording session in Bilbao.

We spent five more months producing and pre-mixing the material, preparing everything for the final mixes, which took place earlier this month of June at the Estudio Uno in Madrid with the engineer Pablo Pulido.

In the end, ‘Mandorle’ —the title of the record— has been a big part of my life and my obsession during those two years. Today I feel exhausted, but the effort was worth it because the journey has opened for me great musical perspectives.

I hope you enjoy it also. I think the music of ‘Mandorle’, although still experimental, has entry points for connecting with many emotions.


With this campaign I seek to raise 1,200€. This represents one third of the total costs, and what I need to finish the work: mastering and manufacturing. The master will be made by Taylor Deupree (12k), and we will make 300 copies of the record, only on CD. As for the rewards, the shirts and the posters will be screen printed by hand by the graphic designer Alejandro Masferrer.


If the objective is exceeded, the surplus money will be used to cover the remainder of the mixes (460€), which I’m paying by installments, and to rent another half-day at the studio to make a few last changes (150€). The rest will also be invested into current tasks such as a lighting design for the concerts and a video for the central track of the record.

‘Mandorle’ will be published after the spanish heat, in october, on my label Envelope Collective.

I sincerely hope that you will be interested by the adventure of TERRITOIRE. I am here for you.

Thank you,




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#03 / Los discos han llegado! Les disques sont arrivés!

Las 500 copias de 'Mandorle' llegaron al fin el pasado jueves!! El bebe mide 14x12cm, pesa 54g y luce una portada de Francis Picabia (1879 – 1953). La madre se encuentra bien. Por otro lado seguimos todavía trabajando en el poster y las camisetas y la idea sigue siendo mandar las recompensas antes de que acabe octubre. Muchas gracias a todos!!

Les 500 copies de 'Mandorle' sont enfin arrivées jeudi dernier!! Le bébé mesure 14x12cm, pèse 54g et porte une pochette de Francis Picabia (1879 – 1953). La mère se porte bien. Par ailleurs, nous continuons de travailler sur le poster et les t-shirts et il est toujours prévu d'envoyer les récompenses avant que se termine octobre. Merci beaucoup à tous!!


#02 / Merci. Beaucoup.

Conseguir el objetivo en tan poco tiempo fue una experiencia realmente emocionante. Superarlo de tal manera es totalmente inesperado y os estoy profundamente agradecido por haber apoyado con tanta generosidad la iniciativa. Me siento ahora con una presión nueva, especial, y una motivación tremenda para terminar y seguir el proyecto. De verdad, más allá del dinero, gracias por el subidón.

Mañana mandaré los temas a masterizar y espero tener el disco finiquitado dentro de un par de semanas. Ya hemos empezado también a trabajar sobre el arte y los diseños para el poster y la camiseta. Si todo transcurre con normalidad, tendremos el disco para escuchar a finales de este mes. La salida física, junto al envío del las recompensas, siguen planeados para octubre.

En paralelo, hemos empezado a plantear la presentación del disco en concierto. Hicimos… read more

#01 / Gracias a los primeros mecenas!!

Quería dar unas gracias muy especiales a vosotros primeros que han aportando tan generosamente y tan rápido. En absoluto esperaba que se iba a alcanzar el objetivo en tan sólo 5 días!! Seguro que me habéis ahorrado noches de insomnio:) Espero ahora no drefaudaros y que cada uno encontrará algo para llevarse de 'Mandorle'.

Je voudrais remercier très spécialement à vous les premiers qui ont participé si généreusement et si rapidement. Je ne pensais absolument pas que l'objectif serait atteint en seulement 5 jours!! Vous m'avez sauvé de quelques nuits d'insomnie:) J'espère maintenant ne pas vous décevoir et que chacun trouvera quelque chose pour lui dans 'Mandorle'.

I would like to give very special thanks to all of you who first participate so generously and so quickly. I never thought the objective could be reached in only 5 days!! You surely saved me from a few sleepless nights:) Now I hope not to disappoint and that each of you will find something for him in 'Mandorle'.

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