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A piece of dance, 4 dancers and an artistic team behind. "Something on the other side calls us... we want to go through, transmute..."

Clàudia Reig Martín

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Regressive; A piece of dance and a multidisciplinary artistic team behind. Four dancers; Four identities that are mimicked and found on a scenic journey, a constant transition, many lives and many scenarios. Four dramaturgy found through a regression creating a single drama.

Who are we

We are a multidisciplinary team led by Clàudia Reig working for the creation of a contemporary dance piece from which we will extract a fragment for the creation of a dance video. The particularity of this piece is that dramaturgy has been developed through the personal regressions of the performers.

Dancers: Paola Prats, Mónica Domínguez, Leila Marie Patzies, Mari Paz Marciano.
Musical creation: Meritxell Nederman and Willy Barleycorn .
Creation and audiovisual direction: Lali Rodellas and Borja Morera.
Wardrobe: Luna Pérez and Inés Serrano Pascual.
Styling, hairdressing and makeup: Elena Sanchez Salomon
Maping: Roman Hereter.
Scenography: Javier Ens and Marta Poves.
Direction and Dramaturgy: Clàudia Reig.

To what will you allocate your contributions

To the audiovisual production of a dance video of the piece. To the expenses that the cinematographic production entails: rent of the location, rent of the audio-visual material and of illumination, clothes and patronaje of the clothes and support for the musical accomplishment.

Video dance is very important because it will be the teaser of the piece, you have to have a good production behind it so we can present ourselves on the one hand to: choreographic contests, dance festivals, theaters, and the other to competitions of video dance, film festivals, etc.

Thank you for trusting us and making the project possible!

Calendar scheduled

Wednesday, December 19 -> Shooting.
January -> Edition.
Season 2019 -> Publication and presentation at Festivals.

!! Between the Christmas holidays, at the end of December and the month of March, you will get your rewards!

+ Info

Thank you so much!! We will continue to act !!
Thank you so much!! We will continue to act !!


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  • Tamara Hernández

    Tamara Hernández

    about 1 year

    Con ganas de ver ese cacho de parto creativo....

  • Clara


    about 1 year

    Endavant noies! :D

5 backers
A picture

We will send you an artistic photo of any of the images we have worked on in the piece :) You can watch our Instagram to inspire you!

11 backers
Cloth bag "the wolf"

Cloth bag with an exclusive design of a wolf / wolf howling to the moon.

6 backers
Train with us

We invite you to come and see one of our trials during the month of December or the month of April in Barcelona.

2 backers
Come to dance with us

Come to learn some of the material we are and we are creating!
During the month of December or the month of April in Barcelona.

1 backer
Be the first to see the filmclip!!

We will send you a private and customized link so that you are the first to watch the dance video!
It will be a privilege! so that the video will be presented first to festivals before making it public!

0 backers
Tarot reading

The Tarot cards are a tool to observe the events of life objectively, to understand that the pieces of the puzzle fit and how to focus energy to wherever we want.
+ info: https://narmiea.wordpress.com/tarot/
* We can also do it by skype !!

0 backers
Photo portrait

Borja Morera or Lali Rodellas will give you a picture with your best profile!
Check your work ---> https://www.laurarodellas.com/

4 backers
Past life session

A session from 2 a.m. to 3 p.m. in which, through a guided meditation by the Clàudia, you will be able to see it in past lives, as well as with whom you know in this life you have also agreed on others and what relationship you had at that time. To learn more about how the session is structured:

1 backer
Released to the credits

Your name or your business name will be released to the credits of our dance video as a thank-you.

0 backers
Posarem el teu LOGO als credits del video dansa.

El teu nom i logo d'empresa sortirà als crèdits del nostre vídeo dansa.

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