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What would you do in absolute loneliness? "3'5", a film that delves into the deepest thoughts and fears of human beings.

Eduardo Torres

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"3´5" Is a film that not only shows the effects of loneliness in people, but also investigates fully in its different stages and processes. It is not a simple sci-fi story, it is a close look at a much more common problem than it seems... because What would you do in absolute loneliness?

To what we will destine your contributions

The entire production team will earn of the benefits of the film once it is published, so your contributions will go directly to the film. Do you want to know how? More than half of our budget will be directed to the construction of the film set and to production expenses such as camera and sound material, atrezzo, etc. (If you are going to do something, do it well).

The remainder will go to the expenses related to the postproduction, assembly and distribution, the corresponding to Verkami and your rewards.

Secondary objective

Beyond our goal, we have also set ourselves a secondary objective to improve the entire technical section.

If we reach 7000 euros we will improve the digital effects and the film set to make them even more realistic and, as a reward, from our atrezzo, we will raffle among all of you. You can get the SPACE SUIT that our protagonist will use.

Do you want to help us make a great movie? You have many ways to do it AND MANY REWARDS to choose!

(Shipping costs included for the entire Spanish territory only)

Filming Team, Who are we?

Direction and screenplay: Eduardo Torres

Management and production assistant: Victoria González

Music: Luis Alberto Naranjo

Direction of photography: Josephine Mateos

Camara: Charly Peña

Special effects: Abel Rivero

Hairdressing and makeup: Ani Rodríguez

A great professional team, with a long history in short films and videogames, gathered under the name of 5 & Action productions with a single goal: To film "3'5" And do it great!

Our production schedule

  • Between September and October: Construction of the sets and casting (And everything related to pre-production)

  • In November: Silence, we are shooting! We'll start filming "3'5"

  • And between December and January: Setting up the film, distributing and sending rewards

-|-Some rewards will be sent during the month of shooting, such as posters and T-shirts, rewards based on post-production elements will have to wait a little longer. The poster will not be the one we advertise here, it will be the same but with a real background of the film set and with the face of the protagonist Much better than a sketch!

+ More Info

Whether you want to follow all the news and developments that we publish as if you want to help us and share with everyone you know our page, you can visit us on facebook What are you waiting for?




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