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Title: The Banketh - The Video Game
Year: 2017
Developer: RetroNES Software
Console: Nintendo NES
Demo: The Banketh - The Video Game demo
- PC: FCEUx 2.2.3
- Android: John NES Lite
- GNU/Linux: NEStopia

A little history

The development of this video game began as a simple curiosity that went a little bit of the hands... The 8-bit Nintendo NES was the most successful console in the late 80's and early 90's. Many young people of that time are now a few years old and look at that time with nostalgia, as in RetroNES Software. Being able to create a video game for this platform sounded to science fiction, but today it is real.

At the beginning of February 2016 they began to make the first tests showing screens of bottom and some sprite for sooner rather than later to begin to move them and even to animate them.

Once the problems of collisions between objects were solved, the idea of ​​creating a videogame was taking shape. The tools and the necessary help existed thanks to the support of many people of the scene of the NES, so that it became something real.

By mid-May, there was already an imaginary world on paper.

At the same time, RetroNES Software is taking shape and consolidating to give a representative image of a video game that was still brewing.
Month by month The Banketh - The Video Game was created with enough effort. Hours and hours of work that finally saw their end in early December.
Five real and physical copies of The Banketh were created that were given at Christmas to the real protagonists of this adventure.

The hosting was collected with enthusiasm and pleasure, and encouraged by the result, RetroNES Software is seen with the strength to create a unique and numbered print for all those who claim it.

As you can see, we only need the capital to make this dream a reality.

And what is the video game?

We are faced with an adventure with a lot of old school air. We control Rulo, the protagonist, who one day being so calm on the beach with his friends, observes how they are kidnapped by a giant mutant emerged from the depths of the bay of the city of Santander.

To rescue them we must overcome four levels plus a final fifth level that is where we must defeat the mutant monster. At each level there is an end boss who has kidnapped one of our friends.

These levels are developed by different places of Santander:

  • Level 1: Sewers. As you can imagine, it will be the perfect place to catch anything but health.
  • Level 2: The offices. Located in the Technology Park, we suspect that this is where these bugs were born. Probably the result of some experiment that did not go well.
  • Level 3: The walk park. Recently remodeled, its blue floor does not convince citizens in general, but it seems that these mutants themselves.
  • Level 4: The cargo ship. In its interior it stows several vehicles destined to Belgium. We better stop it before these mutants invade the rest of the planet.
  • Level 5: The street of the bars. An old typical street of Santander with several bars and pubs of alternative roll where the mutants are giving a good feast. Here we must face the Final Boss *.

All this is very good, but I like the Harleys.

No problem. Between level and level you have the opportunity to lead, along with the protagonist, a real Harley Davidson model Dyna Low Rider 8bits version.

You will climb on the back of this machine of 1.450cc and 79cv of power totally homologated by the DGT in order to reach your destination overcoming various bumps, fences and barriers caused by the endless works of Santander City.

You can download the demo of the video game The Banketh containing the first level and sub-level of the Harley: The Banketh - The Video Game (DEMO)

Great! but... What is The Banketh?

The Banketh is a name that means nothing. It is a word game that mixes Spanish and English. When our protagonists were very young, they spent a lot of time sitting on a bench in a street near their houses, and sometimes they played the 'Spanglis', a game that consisted of inventing words in English from words in Spanish; To just hang out and laugh a little at how ridiculous they sounded.

In this way, as they were always sitting on a bench, it occurred to them to play this same word and from there came 'banketh'. And since then they began to call those of The Banketh.

Have you received psychiatric help?


To which we will destine your contributions

The contributions received are intended for the manufacture of the video game consisting of PCB type UNROM with its logic gates, RAM and PRG, capacitors, plastic cartridge, adhesive, case, black protective cover and color instructions, die And print job. This already accounts for most of the price of the game.

The rest is considered contribution by the work done by the program code, graphics and music.

It is the first time that RetroNES Software creates a game and its is to get some capital to continue developing projects.

About rewards

Many and varied. As you can see in the column on the right, you have to choose. Even so, we explain.

Appear on credits as a thank-you: easy. For 6€ you can mark your name on fire in the video game. The word game is cool, but the best thing is going to be your name written in a NES game, so cheer ;-)

RetroNES Software Cup: for breakfast or hide other drinks. We will not judge. Drink what you drink take it with the style of the brand RetroNES Software for only 12€.

The Banket T-shirt: look what a cool thing and only for 18€.

The video game The Banket - The Video Game: is only 39€ and looks at everything it contains.

Packs! Many Packs!

  • Video game + cup for only 45€.

  • Videogame + shirt for only 48€.

  • Videojuego + La Grúa beer Special Edition The Banketh only 42€.

A moment..., beer?

Exact! Authentic artisan beer from the boys of La Grúa.

A tasty Pale Ale with body as a Special Edition dedicated to the video game The Banketh, with its special labeling. For all those with a good palate and also like beer, you can not fail to try it.

Pack Retro: Videogame The Banketh + NES Mini Classic only 99€.

Did you run out of your NES Classic Mini? No problem! Now you can make yours easily with this super retro pack.

Collectors should not miss this opportunity either.

Mega Pack: Videogame + cup + shirt + beer for only 69€.

Finally, the Mega Pack that I think collectors should not pass up.

Planned schedule

The production will take about two months since the components come from different parts of the world; And deliveries do not believe that they exceed another two or three months.

More information

You can visit this series of threads:

Twitter de RetroNES Software
El foro de RetroNES


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  • Si soy de otra parte del mundo pueso aportar y si es asi como? En caso de apoyar la causa para ganar una recompensa hay una garantia que la envien?

    Made by saul

    Claro que puedes aportar; pero al ser de otra parte del mundo, además de elegir la opción que quieras (videojuego, videojuego+cerveza, etc...) debes también aportar a la opción de 6€ para gastos de envío internacionales. Lamentablemente no podemos dar ninguna garantía. No somos una tienda. Los juegos enviados se prueban antes, por supuesto, por tanto no esperamos que haya ningún tipo de problema. Con los envíos, además, facilitaremos un número de seguimiento para que en todo momento se sepa donde está.

If you want to know more, Ask a question.

NES Video Game: The Banketh - The Video Game

Videojuego para NES: The Banketh - The Video Game

Raised €2,004
of €3,500
57% funded
Funding unsuccessful
The video game The Banketh is a new adventure created by RetroNES Software for the 8bits Nintendo NES. Incarnate to Rulo in its odyssey by rescuing its four friends of always, who have been kidnapped by a group of mutants arisen from the bottom of the bay of Santander City.
El videojuego The Banketh, es una nueva aventura creada por RetroNES Software para la Nintendo NES de 8bits. Encarnaremos a Rulo en su odisea por rescatar a sus cuatro amigos de siempre, que han sido secuestrados por un grupo de mutantes surgidos del fondo de la bahía de Santander City.
Created in: Santander

Thanks! This crowdfunding campaign ended on March 20, 2017.

  • Pledging €1
    0 Patrons

    Thank you in advance and a thank you email when the project is finished and completed.

  • Pledging €6
    7 Patrons


    If you need your reward to reach anywhere in the world outside SPAIN, select this option.

  • Pledging €6
    10 Patrons

    Your name will appear as a thank you in the credits of the video game.

  • Pledging €12
    1 Patron

    Cup with the logo of RetroNES Software.
    Shipping costs not included.

  • Pledging €18
    5 Patrons

    ** The Banketh - The Videogame **

    A blue cotton jersey with the video game cover The Banketh - The Video Game on the front.
    Shipping costs not included.

  • Pledging €39
    19 Patrons

    The Complete Video Game of The Banketh - The Complete Video Game:

    Cartridge, inner sleeve, box and instruction manual; Only for your NES.

    Shipping costs not included.

  • Pledging €42

    Brew pack:

    The Banketh Video Game - The Video Game
    + A La Crane Beer The Banketh Special Edition of 33cl.

    The boys of La Crane make one of the best artisan beers of Santander. Their small factory was one of the few that were saved from the mutant invasion, and they want to collaborate in this adventure by offering their Australian Pale Ale Special Edition The Banketh to accompany while we save the City.

    Shipping costs not included.

  • Pledging €45

    ** Cup pack: **

    Complete Video Game The Banketh - The Video Game + Cup with the RetroNES Software logo.

    Shipping costs not included.

  • Pledging €48

    Pack T-shirt:

    Complete Video Game The Banketh - The Video Game
    + Blue T-Shirt The Banketh - The Video Game.

    Shipping costs not included.

  • Pledging €69

    ** Mega Pack: **

    Complete Video Game The Banketh - The Video Game
    + beer La Grúa Special Edition The Banketh
    + Cup with the RetroNES Software logo
    + Blue T-Shirt The Banketh - The Video Game.

    All this inside a silk-screened box for the occasion.

    Shipping costs not included.

  • Pledging €99

    The Banketh Video Game - The Video Game
    Nintendo NES Classic Mini

    Have not you done with your NES Classic Mini yet? Now you get the chance along with a copy of The Banketh - The Video Game.

    Shipping costs not included.

    NOTE: If you are from outside Spain, you must also select the option of shipping costs abroad (6€). Thank you.

  • Pledging €500
    0 Patrons

    The RetroNES Software team travels to your home and hand you the complete video game of The Banketh - The Video Game signed.

    NOTE: Only Spain.

Thanks! This crowdfunding campaign ended on March 20, 2017.


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