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Travel by feet is a 2D animated short film by Khris Cembe. A black comedy co-written along with his traveling mate Laura Aguado, a proposal that puts together a brilliant graphic design and recognizable elements from thriller genre.
Approximate 10 min.

A night rail journey. A car full of passengers. An undesirable fellow inside your compartment. What to do when it's not possible neither sleep nor scape?

It is not easy to get the greatest means when you go on your own and it’s usual to sacrify a lot of comforts to achieve those ones. One of the most habitual things is to reduce as traveling expenses as possible and traveling by train is one of the best solutions when there are long distances to cover.

Taking this fact as a premise, we've built a story where an annonymous traveler confronts a nightmare trip in which everything starts to conspire against him, specially his unpleasant compartment mate which he has to run along with hundreds of kilometers.

From then on, a black-dyed desperation spiral begins to wrap around our protagonist and it all leads to an surprising final turn, making both him and audience reflect on our tolerance mechanisms against frustration, and the truth is that no matter how difficult some situations might be, since we can always take a deep breath, calm down and keep our chin up.

One of the most prominent betting TRAVEL BY FEET is that it is a short brief, almost without dialogue, tells all that counts, which is something.

The loneliness of the protagonist is well underlined in this little verbal communication, certainly naturalist then when any of us has to take a travel of this kind, surrounded by strangers.

Since I left my home at the age of 22 at Cangas (Pontevedra) and moved to Barcelona, I've been working in the fantastic animation world till today and keep on it.

I fell into Nikodemo Animation, where I spent 4 years and grew with my workmates making productions such as the Crisis Carnívora, the first animation flash movie for cinema. We made also Huérfanos Electrónicos a webseries, which we all enjoyed a lot due to the comedy contents we added on every episode. And, of course, Cálico Electrónico, a big hit on the internet that went beyond boundaries.

Afterwards, we decided to break new ground with friends and workmates Santi and Sebas. We would expect different challenges. So we set up Postoma Studio, where we realized and co-produced the award-winning short-film Birdboy, directed by Pedro Rivero and Alberto Vázquez, winner of Goya Award 2012 for Best Spanish Animated Short-Film, besides it got into preselected for the**84th Academy Awards (longlist)** and fought for the Best Animated Short-Film in Annecy 2011 (prestigious animation festival). On his passing worldwide, Birdboy has achieved more than 35 international awards and more than 200 official selections all over the world.
Birdboy short film here
My work in this short film, visual development artist and animator. I painted all the backgrounds, colouring, lighting and textured so as to create the dismal atmosphere that this hard story demanded.

After working for different companies and people for many years, I do feel like making a product 100% mine and want to watch it finished.

And now, with Travel by feet, I make my debut as director as well as taking over almost the entire production on my own, from first idea to finished. Except only post-production, soundtrack and FX.
By the moment, the short-movie is quite advanced , there’s a final script, story board, animatics, pre-design and concepts. Too an animated teaser, which you can watch here, accompanied by a couple of ‘making of’, 1 and 2.

Nowadays, in mine country it’s a hard work to produce an animated short film with several people around as well as holding a low budget.

There used to be some kind of subventions but cut off a year ago and there would be only one place left that supported short films in this country (Yes, they’ve been hitting straight to the culture).

By now, we hold on and we’ll keep on struggling to come out high quality animation productions with much effort and sacrifice.

Our idea is to lead the same road as our previous short film Birdboy, this is, to appear on festivals worldwide and, if possible, amass prizes to invest in next projects in order to keep making cinema.

The aim of this short film is not only to spread it and show it all over but also to make us a place in cinema world and, in the future, be able to do what we really like to do. Tell stories and make them real.

Thanks to Crowfunding independent producers can build their projects. So, I’d like to count on your support to realize them.

Join us in our trip!. Make your reservation, choose your ticket and get in the train!

There are different tickets with rewards that really deserve it
In all of them I will be forever grateful!
NEW REWARD 15 Euros, get the **OFFICIAL POSTER **:


an original portrait style 'Travel by feet' painted in gouache A3.

Not everyone knows, but drawing cartoons is rather expensive.

In our present project, Travel by feet, we are lowering costs as I produce it almost on my own. If we reach the budget we asked for, I will be able to change this unipersonal-work and rely on someone else to produce the short film.

And down here I sum up how we will invest the takings:

-Pay the helping crew (animator or artist)
-Pay post-production.
-Pay soundtrack. I’d do it by whistles, but I’m horrible at it.
-Pay rewards production, you may find it hard to believe but finally it becomes real money.
-Finally, the part I belong to myself to survive during the months of production, dedicated to this project, this is so.

If takings overtake the budget, not even think it’s for me, No! I will invest it in distributing the short film, as it is a very expensive part of the project and fairly important to spread the short film internationally. I guess we all will be glad and cheerful when it is present in most festivals as possible.

We can together lead this train to its destination, but the train won’t …. Till it is full.

You can even follow the travel on Facebook, Twitter, instagram @khriscembe, and on the production blog (reward)

See you inside the train! Travellers!


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  • Holas ¿Para cuándo preveen enviar las recompensas del crowdfunding? Me gustaría que me informaran, gracias

    Made by Carlos

    Hola Carlos! antes de nada perdón por la tardanza, el corto está en plena distribución y estamos preparando el DVD, el resto de recompensas ya están hechas con lo que en no más de dos meses tenemos previsión de tener el DVD. Te mantendremos informado, no lo dudes. Muchas gracias por todo. Saludos.

  • Feliz AÑo 13 y enhorabuena por poder hacer realidad tu proyecto... esperaremos ansiosos para visionarlo y disfrutarlo. A que dirección tenemos que enviar nuestra direccion postal. Muchas Gracias!

    Made by polvorilla

    Hola!!! muchas gracias!!!! Feliz año nuevo!! :D

    Puedes escribirme a khris@postoma-studio.com

    Muchas gracias, saludoooooosss

  • Se terminó el tiempo con 12.195. ¡Mis felicitaciones!. ¿Podemos anunciar que "Viaje a Pies" sale de la estación?

    Made by Antonio R. Dosantos

    Antonio!! muchas gracias por todo. Por supuesto podemos decir que en breve el tren pone su marcha :D y cargado de pasajeros!

  • que bien!!!!! hasta ayer estaba asì.como un poco preocupada porque veía que te faltaba un pelìn para lograrlo, y hoy, con gran alegría, recibo un mail para avisarme que lo habías conseguido!!!! bravo!!!

    Made by myriam

    Hola Myriam!! Gracias a la ayuda de todos esto ha sido posible!! el viaje comenzará muy muy pronto!

  • Pequeño apoyo pero... veo que has llegado a las cinco cifras ya! Ojalá lo consigas Khris, ya está hecho! Eres un máquina! Yo aún conservo uno de tus dibujos a lápiz de aquellas clases que daban para tanto... jejejej Pa enmarcar! Muchos besos!

    Made by lauritabc

    Laura!!! Muchas gracias por tu aportación!!! Me hace mogollón de ilusión que hayas apoyado este corto. Que miedo me da lo que me dices, jaja guarda bien ese dibu, seguro que es muy chungo :D jaja pero me alegra que lo tengas! Pronto tendrás otro en condiciones. Muchas gracias otra vez! Besoooos

  • Qué lejos has llegado desde aquellos dibujos con alas que hacías en clase! ;) A seguir triunfando!

    Made by Breixo

    Ehhh, Breixo!!! que alegría saber que colaboras con este corto! :D jajaja si no fuesen por las alas no podría volar. Ya tu sabes... Muchísimas gracias y espero que todo te vaya bien por tierras Germanas! Un abrazooooo


  • Buenas! Soy Ruben, el hermano de Cristian! Ya he aportadoo un poco de mi! Espero que lo podais seguir adelante! Un abrazo!

    Made by Rubencio

    Ruben!!! muchas gracias por tu aportación a este proyecto!!! Esperamos no fallarte con el corto ;)


  • Soy la madre de Pau! Y te deseo mucha suerte con el nuevo proyecto! Ojalá que lo puedas conseguir!

    Muchas gracias Mª Angeles!!! Es un placer recibir apoyo de vuestra parte. A ver si lo conseguimos. Khris.

  • me encantarìa aportar al proyecto, pero no vivo en España asi que mi pregunta es muy bàsica... cuànto cuesta el envìo internacional de las recompensas? El proyecto tiene muy buena pinta... espero que consigas el total del presupuesto

    Made by Myriam

    Hola Myriam! muchas gracias por hacernos esta pregunta. El gasto de envío sería de 10 euros. También si lo prefieres podemos hablarlo, y dependiendo de la aportación te puedo ofrecer contenido digital. Como tu quieras ;) Este es mi mail para cualquier duda: khris@postoma-studio.com

    Saludos y muchas gracias!

  • Raka Raka! Más dinerico pa llenar el tren! Ey, puedo cambiar todos los regalos por una cita con la tia que sale en el corto? Nunca he salido con un dibujo animado! XD Va, cracks, que esto está que se sale y me hace mucha ilusión! ^^

    Made by parrado

    Pero Pauder!! que alegría 'verte' por aquí!!! Ya te pasaré el número de compartimento donde viaja esa chica! :D Muchas gracias Pau, nos vemos pronto! Un abrazooooo. Khris.

  • Venga Khrisecí! Esto ya está medio hecho. Ves preparándote la master class que quiero aprender a mover los pompones como tú! X-D

    Made by lapendeja

    JAJA, me prepararé una buena MASTER! acabarás moviendo los pompones mucho mejor que yo!! Ya verás...pero el control de pies, nunca me superarás! :D Muchísimas gracias por la aportación de los 2!! Sabes que es supone muchísimo para Viaje a pies.

  • Ya casi está cubierto medio tren ... hazme sitio en un vagón :P

    Made by icembe

    Ivi! hay medio tren casi lleno ;) Y gran culpa la tienes tu! vaya coproductor que tenemos! :D Un abrazo enorme!!!!

  • Nef y yo ya nos subimos al tren... dos más!!! Suerte chicos!!

    Made by dcernaf

    David! Nef! Estais dentro y no sabes como os lo agradecemos!!! Muchísimas gracias a los dos!!! ;)

  • Para cuando un fondo de escritorio de Viaje a Pies?

    Made by La Nieves

    Para dentro de muy poco! Y si es para 'La Nieves' más pronto todavía. Muchas gracias!!!

  • Proooobando

    Made by Rcembe

    Funciona correctamente!!! ;) Muchas gracias señor co-productor. Un abrazo enorme.

  • Os deseo mucha suerte en el viaje!! mi pequeño apoyo ya lo tenéis, espero que se anime mucha más gente!! MUCHAA SUERTEEEE

    Made by shelasantos

    Eh Ángela!!! muchísimas gracias!, tu apoyo no es pequeño, es enorme, creéme! ;) Gracias de nuevo.


  • Vamos peña! Ahí va mi granito Kris! Mucha suerte para el proyecto y ójala lo consigas!

    Made by Skeku

    Muchas gracias Skeku!!! Tu aportación a abierto las puertas y espero que cuando se cierren sea por que no cabe más gente ;) Gracias por el apoyo!


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Travel by feet, a 2D animated short film

Viaje a pies, cortometraje de animación 2D.

Raised €12,195
of €12,000
100% funded Conseguido!
Travel by feet is a 2D animated short film by Khris Cembe. A black comedy co-written along with his traveling mate Laura Aguado, a proposal that puts together a brilliant graphic design and recognizable elements from thriller genre. Do you want to join this trip?
Viaje a pies es un cortometraje de animación 2D dirigido por Khris Cembe. Comedia negra co-escrita junto a su compañera de viaje Laura Aguado, una propuesta que aúna un brillante grafismo con elementos reconocibles del género de suspense. ¿Quieres unirte a este viaje?
Created in: Barcelona

Thanks! This crowdfunding campaign ended on November 11, 2012.

  • Pledging €5
    15 PATRONS

    If you bought TRAVELER TICKET, we make immediate shipment of the T-shirt, postcard and notebook. (Shipping will be made when you reach the goal.)
    Recommended for the more impatient!

    Shipping Only for Spain.

  • Pledging €10
    31 PATRONS

    SINGLE TICKET includes:
    thanks in film credits
    + Online access to short film.

  • Pledging €15
    10 PATRONS

    Official Poster of the short film.

    (Shipping Only for Spain)

  • Pledging €25
    43 PATRONS

    TICKET TRAVEL NOTES, includes:
    DVD short film
    + Exclusive notebook ‘Viaje a pies’.

    (Shipping not included outside Spain)

  • Pledging €40
    29 PATRONS

    TRAVELER TICKET, includes:

    DVD (Making of, interviews, art, animatic, story board, animations…)
    + Exclusive notebook
    + T-shirt man/woman
    + Card

    (Shipping not included outside Spain)

  • Pledging €50

    TICKET ONLINE, includes:

    Online access and download the short film HD
    + StoryBoard (PDF)
    + The Art of Travel by feet, artbook (PDF)
    + Download the ‘Making of’
    + Poster high quality (digital)

    (Recommended for people outside of Spain)

  • Pledging €55
    13 PATRONS

    TICKET ABOARD, includes

    + T-shirt
    + Poster official
    + The art of Travel by feet, artbook (PDF)

    (Shipping not included outside Spain)

  • Pledging €80
    17 PATRONS

    MACHINIST TICKET, includes:

    +Original artwork signed, A4
    +Access to producción blog. (every week we will show the whole process of making the short film with images, videos, references, animations, finished frames…)

  • Pledging €150

    FIRST CLASS TICKET, includes:

    + Framed Colorkeys
    +Masterclass (Attend a production day in the studio. You can see the process of the short, step by step. Classes in Barcelona or video)

    (Shipping not included outside Spain)

  • Pledging €200

    PAINTED TICKET includes:
    + T-shirt
    + Poster
    + Art Book pdf
    + Access to Blog production
    + Masterclass
    + Portrait style 'Travel by feet', painted in gouache A3 Print

    (Shipping not included outside Spain)

  • Pledging €250

    FULL TICKET, includes:

    +Become PASSENGER! You will be an animated extra character on the train.

    (Shipping not included outside Spain)

  • Pledging €1,000


    Become a co-producer. You will take a percentage of profits in the short tour of festivals based on the final budget of the film and your contribution.

    Displays your name or your company as co-producer.We hear your proposal!

Thanks! This crowdfunding campaign ended on November 11, 2012.


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  • 12.06.2013

    Color test

    Test de color del cortometraje Viaje a pies. Primeros esbozos, imágenes de prueba, no definitivas.
  • Verkami_792d55076ed6eae0c2692cafc8296071

    Blog de producción en marcha

    Desde ya mismo podéis disfrutar del blog de producción. Cada semana material... read more
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    Hola mecenas! Os quiero poner al día sobre Viaje a pies, actualmente estamos en fase... read more
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Foto de Khris Cembe
Khris Cembe
Fui autodidacta hasta los 22 años, cuando empecé a cobrar por hacer dibujitos y moverlos. Mi madre nunca se lo acabó de creer. Hace 7 años hice las maletas, me subí a un tren y dejé atrás Cangas. Destino: Barcelona y ... Read more
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