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LA SONORA LIBRE - New Album "Más Que Salsa"

We are recording "More Than Salsa", our second salsa & latin jazz album. We invite you invite you all to become part of this project and help us get funding to take it forward. Get our music, vinyl, cd's, T-shirts and more in exclusive and only here. Welcome on board!

La Sonora Libre

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What is La Sonora Libre?

La Sonora Libre is a music project that involves 12 musicians from 8 different nationalities, 2 arrangers, 1 sound engineer, 1 graphic designer and 1 audiovisual producer. All of us work together to produce and show our music as an original, honest and comprehensive cultural product with strong latino roots. La Sonora Libre expresses and says what it thinks and lives by singing about day-to-day things from a frank, critical, constructive, solidary, positive and cheerful perspective. And we do this using the key we know best how to play and identify us: Salsa.

Why “More than Salsa”?

La Sonora libre takes the message delivered through music as a very important element whether it is transmitted via the lyrics or the music itself. We have seen how through the years social content has been omitted from Salsa, depriving it from one of the main reasons embedded in its birth as a musical genre. The way we conceive Salsa is by including that social content claim and singing to it with honesty and cheerfulness thanks to the dance language of salsa. In the same way with the musical arrangements, we don´t play salsa music because it´s commercial or fashionable; for us this music is part of our way of being, it is our way of expressions. That’s why “More Than Salsa”, because it´s music for dance and think.

Listen to the first single Más Que Salsa: PA´ LOS RUMBEROS - Live

Verkami Project Description - Crowdfunding

Our New Record called More than Salsa has already been recorded and it’s currently under the process of editing, mixing and mastering. We’ve done this so far with our own resources but now we need your support to get funds in order to make this project see the light. And this is the purpose of this crowdfunding campaign.

What does our financing campaign consists on? How does it work?

Verkami provides the platform and assessment in order to create this campaign in a very easy way. We offer a series of rewards and packs with our products: vinyls, records, anticipated downloads, t-shirts, bags, instruments, music scores and others. When you buy one of these products you become a really important part of our project: a sponsor. Your contribution is used to cover production expenses of our record without any intermediaries.

We want to thank you for your support! And the best way we have to show our gratitude is by offering you our products in exclusive and in advance. This means that you will be able to enjoy our music weeks in advance before it becomes publicly available. The limited edition of 200 vinyls is exclusive to this Verkami campaign.

How much and when can I contribute with?

From this moment onwards we have 40 days to reach our goal. Choose the reward you like the most and follow Verkami payment instructions , it is very safe! Since the money will be debited at the end of the campaign, you will get your reward after that moment.

What will your contributions used for?

The money collected from your contributions will be used to cover the record production expenses and the rewards:

 - Recording Studio
 - Mixing and Mastering
 - Manufacturing Limited Edition Vinyls
 - Manufacturing Limited Edition CD’s
 - T-Shirts and Bags

To support all this your contribution is essential! No matter how small you think it is, to us it means a lot! Wether it is an anticipated download or just sharing the project with your friends or contacts, it all adds up!!!

Production Calendar

Recording Session: August 25th - September 6th (finished)

Editing, Mixing and Mastering : October 20th

CD’s and Vinyls Duplication (delivery Date): November 19th

T-Shirts and Bags manufacturing: November 10th

Start date of rewards delivery: December 2nd


With our team we have created several rewards as well as special and exclusive packs that you can only get through our Verkami campaign. All our products have a fair pricing that makes them accessible to all of you. There are no intermediaries and SHIPPING WORLDWIDE IS ALREADY INCLUDED.





Why Verkami - Crowdfunding?

Since so far we have been able to create and produce our own music thanks to teamwork, independent labels and self- management, we can honestly say that we share with Verkami common values regarding funding, creative projects and the value of culture.

Verkami offers the possibility to share our work with our followers without any intermediaries and therefore arrive to the audience awaiting our new album, allowing them as well be an active part of our funding process.




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  • christine


    about 8 years

    Pourquoi le site n'existe pas en Français? Je voudrais partciper au Crowfunding mais ne comprends pas comment m'y prendre. P.S. J'adore ce que vous faites

#02 / Seguimos!

Amigos y amigas!!

Les dejamos un tremendo solo de Rafa Madagascar, nuestro pianista y arreglista.

Momentos de inspiración y arte en el estudio.

Buen dia lleno de salsa!

Dear friends!

A great solo from Rafa Madagascar, our pianist and arrangement.

This beautiful moments of inspiration and art in the studio.

Best regards and a nice salsa day!

#01 / Hola - Hello!

Hola amigos y amigas mecenas!!

Queremos informales que el día de ayer finalizamos la mezcla del álbum. El día de hoy empieza el proceso de masterización y para la próxima semana tendremos ya listo el "máster" de Más Que Salsa!!

Mientras nuestros ingenieros de sonido Genaro Mosquera y Aldo Tosca dejan el audio a punto, compartimos con ustedes imágenes y videos sobre el proceso de grabación.

Saludos grandes y através de este blog estaremos manteniéndoles informados de todo!


We want to inform you that yesterday we finished mixing of the album. Today begins the mastering process and next week we will have ready the "master" of Más Que Salsa!!

While our sound engineers Genaro Mosquera and Aldo Tosca finish, we share with you video and pictures of the recording sessions.

Greetings we keep you updated on everything!


LINK FOTOS : La Sonora Libre en Nómada 57

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