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No Routing

"No Routing" is an improvised trip which will last about a week, where we'll create and film (with the help of everyone who wants to participate) as many short stories as we can in locations found during the journey itself.


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What is NOT ROUTING about:

5 people (2 directors / camera / sound engineers, one actor, one actress, one photographer / responsible for network communication) departing from Valencia to we don't know exactly where, perhaps toward north of Spain, on a trip of a week, in wich we will stop at places that suggest us stories to be riten down and filmed later. ** Once a localization is found, we create a short story in the shortest time possible and film it. We will repeat this during all the week at many locations / places as possible **, creating a large number of stories that make up, or not (we'll see the end of the trip) a larger story, based on pieces and places of our jurney. For us it is a nice mystery to know what material will have at the end of the journey and the sense that it will acquire.

We want people in the audiovisual sector (chambers, writers, sound engineers, actors, actresses etc) as well as our own patron, ** will join us on the trip, either virtually or for real. HOW? ** Every time we reach an interesting filming location we will do two things: first of all say where are and upload photographs frome the location on a website ** for anyone who wants to get in contact with us and or come to the place of creation / break the story to help us, or send us your script, story or suggestions through the Internet, as well as joining to act.


Because we whant to do what wemoste like, create and film / film and create, and because we want to do it from our present, a present from a none defined place. Because some of us who undertake this proyect no longer live in Spain, neather know wen we will go back. Because others have returned, without even knowing how long. Beacauswe want to know more about our own * ¿?? *, our own journey, that journey without a clear path, to speak of movement, of search, and many other things that sure will arise inadvertently.

And because we'd love to experiment with language and the very creation it self, defragmenting it in every way, unhierarchy as possible their construction process, useing social networks as a tool in the process of filmmaking. We believe that short stories from unique, with individual value, without thinking about the final product, without seeking the relationship between them, can give us a sense that without surching it, will exist for sure at the end of the project.


** Because you like creating and hear you have an oportunitty to create and have suddenly a film crew just for you ** !!!!! We would like you to collaborate on this project for two reasons: 1st For your contribution, and because for us it will be synonymous of participation, so we know that we count with you in the process of creation itself. ** Depending on the degree of contribution will depend on the commitment that you will get with the work, but always in the direction of creating with it. **

Your participations / rewards will be provided for / with the work itself, because we want to involve you in the proyect this wey.


The contribution will bee** completely for the rental of the vehicle for a week and gasoline. ** We need that help to make this posible. The other expenses we will attempt to solve on our own. We plan to use couchsurfing to stay (And incidentally get in touch with more people wanting to participate in the work, or know of the project by the mouth of others or facebook) or create some shows / performance on the street for diets. We will see that, but you help us a lot with the vehicle !!

Calendario previsto

Rodaremos durante una semana en el mes de octubre de este mismo año. Tras el periodo de creación/rodaje necesitaremos como un par de meses antes de tener el trabajo editado y finalizado.


We will shoot for a week in October this year. After the period of creation/filmation, we will need a couple of months before having the work edited and finalized.




web: trashumo.com/blog

email: [email protected]


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