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Eve of the Thousand Moons

This Poetry Picture book is the profound desire to express, through my body, everything which my illness made me feel: shadows and unfamiliar lights; solidarity with the ill, the helpless, the mistreated. A viewpoint of solidarity turns the experience into a creative one.

Rosa Cortés

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Eve of the Thousand Moons was born in the midst of a battle to survive breast cancer with the will to transcend the individual experience and arrive at an awakening of the intimate connection of the human being to the Cosmos.

Cosmic chaos, as a prelude to the creation of new universes, is governed by the same laws which govern cancer – a “micro chaos”. The latent creativity which comes with chaos provides us with the guidelines to live through these critical moments from the viewpoint of health and of expanding rebirth.

We are aware that the manifestation of cancer in living beings is not an isolated occurrence. It is one which forms part of a wider process, spanning planetary and cosmic processes which traverse an infinity of dimensional planes.

**The book is the visual and tangible result of how the artist experienced these “critical moments” and did so as best she could: using Art as a tool for knowledge and in this case, also as a form of therapy.

To look in the mirror and to ask yourself: “Who's that?”, “Is that a man or a woman?”, “Is it me?”, “Yeah, it's me!".

To think of the shaved heads of concentration camps, of psychiatric hospitals from years gone by, of death-row inmates, of the subdued... The gaze of solidarity makes the experience creative.

There are no wigs. Nothing to be bitter about, nothing ugly. It is simply a law of nature. Eve rises, she transforms herself, she changes continents and races. Diversity and proximity become unity: Eve.

Appropriately, the images are mixed with the poems of Teresa Costa-Gramunt, bringing the book closer - from a viewpoint of hope - to all those people who are touched by this circumstance.

Eva of the Thousand Moons is a solidarity project from which part of the profits will be donated to:

The Research-Institute Foundation of the Hospital Santa Creu y Sant Pau.

Medical Oncology Service.

Rosa Cortés, visual artist.

Unity (UniÒ)

Eva of the Thousand Moons is also the title of a series of paintings which were first exhibited at the Queen Mary University of London (2010). More recently, the series has formed part of three collective exhibitions: Vals Museum (Museo de Valls), Taragonna (2011); Medinaceli Duke's Palace (Palau Ducal de Medinaceli),Soria (2012); Betúlia Gallery (Espacio Betúlia), Badalona (2012-13).

After many moons, I concluded the series with Unity (UniÒ): an installation in which the Cosmos and the Earth reflect each other.

18 June 2013

menció del meu treball a:

**Journal of Iberian and Latin American


***Narratives of illness in Catalan culture /

Discursos sobre la malaltia a la cultura


Jordi Larios & Montserrat Lunati

Published online: 18 Jun 2013.

23 January, 2014

Coming to light for the first time at Barcelona's Santa Mònica Arts Centre, the book-project "Eva of the Thousand Moons", as part of the video and conference titled "The Body in Catalan Culture", organised by Eva Bru from the University of Bangor (United Kingdom

About the rewards

It is our great pleasure to be able to reward all those who wish to collaborate and facilitate the publication of the book "Eva of the Thousand Moons". These rewards are artistic and literary works from the artist, from the author of the book's poems and from the publisher Ònix Editor.

Bookmarks from the works of the artist (to choose)

Text for the presentation of the book:

From moon to moon

Who are we? Who are you? Fragile instances of balance? Voices which fade away behind physical matter? You speak of ruins and of ashes, of pain which transforms, of light … Are we a mutation of ashes? One which turns into energy to inhabit the void which inhabits us?

Your mirror is the bridge which unites views to build over the void. Your inner space has allowed you to draw invisible connections and to gather, from moon to moon, all those movements which blend shadows with light, as art is blended with sensation and knowledge.

From this bridge everything is transformed in order to survive in the fight to endure illness - transformed beyond the negative metaphors injected by a divided society which separates opposites without the capacity for recognition of our inner worth. When we have managed to break those boundaries which we set for ourselves to justify our own powerlessness, the bridge – simultaneously slight and solid – becomes the veritable setting to transform ourselves.

Among the images of Rosa Cortés and the poems of Teresa Costa-Gramunt, I have submerged myself in this creation. Eva de les mil llunes is a book in which the invisible connections which unite the two sides of the moon would not exist without permanent movement, permanent change which multiplies the different perceptions which people have of the world. The sum of voices, both poetic and visual, has an effect of solidarity just as our view does when experience becomes creation, or when the colonisation of a body turns into a reflection on human relationships.

Glòria Bosch

Artistic director of the Fundació Vilacases and a critic of contemporary art

The book will be brought out with Ònix Editor Publishing with the corresponding Ministry/Legal Deposit ISBN-number barcode equivalent. It will also comply with the protection of authorship of the content.

The main language of the book will be Catalan. It will also have a translations section in which the full text of the book will be translated into Spanish and English.

**Format of the book (closed): 20x20cm. Both front and back covers extend by 18cm in the form of a book jacket and will be printed in colour on both sides.

Basis-weight of cover 350gr and of inner pages 170gr, both with quality stucco finish.

72 inner pages

Laminated matt cover

Stitch binding**

"Lights at Dusk", print size A4, mixed media. Work by the artist.

"Moon Fragment"1, print size A4, mixed media. Work by the artist.

"The Force of Nature", print size A4, mixed media. Work by the artist.

"Rain", print size A3, mixed media. Work by the artist.

"Moon Mirages", print size A3, mixed media. Work by the artist.

Book "Time, Space" by Teresa Costa-Gramunt. Arola Publishing.

2015 Calendar, size A4. Work by the artist, signed with dedication.

Books from Ònix Editor Publishing (to choose)

Where your contributions will go

To make the publication of the book a reality and to cover the expenses which this involves.

  • Publication and distribution of 500 copies of the book

  • Material for production of the rewards

  • General expenses (packaging and postage of rewards, costs for book presentations, etc.)

  • A contribution of 7% of the project total as a direct donation to The Research-Institute Foundation of the Hospital Santa Creu y Sant Pau, Medical Oncology Service.

  • Verkami (5%)

  • Bank charges (3.5%)

If the amount raised exceeds €5,396, we will use the surplus to extend publication to 1,000 copies.


  • 26 September 2014: upload all information to the Verkami website (texts, images, rewards)

  • 4 November 2014: end of Verkami 40-day period

  • 14 November 2014: having raised the required amount, we will finalise the layout process, including the names of the patrons who have taken part in the project

  • 21 November 2014: revision of the book model, galley-proofs, beginning of the printing phase.

  • 2 December 2014: with the finished book in hand, we will be able to deliver it to our patrons along with the corresponding gifts

Equally, we will begin delivery of the book to organisations, institutions, hospitals, libraries, etc., as well as following the traditional channel of distribution to bookshops.

Book presentation ceremonies: dates and places to be announced.

Thank you to the project's two collaborators

Teresa Costa-Gramunt

Barcelona, 1951. From a Humanist background and also a graduate of Graphic Design. Since 1990 she has published more than forty books including essays, narratives, poems and poetic prose. She also contributes opinion pieces to the newspapers: Diari de Vilanova, L’Eco de Sitges, El 3 de Vuit and Eix Diari.

Winner of various awards for Literature and Journalism. She is a translator of Catalan to Spanish and vice versa. In the sphere of essay-writing, some of her more noteworthy pieces are Flower in the Shade (Flor a l'ombra) and Women and Art or the Dance of Lilâ (Dona i art o la dansa de Lilâ) - texts with the woman as the centre of the analysis. A member of the opinion group Grup Vèrtex (grupvertex.cat).


She is the author of the poems which acompany Eva of the Thousand Moons.

Francesc Vilar i Bonet

Barcelona 1969. (Photographs in the artist's studio).

A graduate of Photography from the Catalan Institute of Photographic Studies (Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya) and from the Barcelona Image-Centre School (Escola Barcelona Centre d’Imatge -Fotoespai). He subsequently completed his training with varied specialisation courses. He holds and participates in various Photography exhibitions, both individual and collective, covering a wide range of themes: Artistic Nude (Nu artístic); Forum, new spaces (Fòrum, nous espais); Everyday China (Xina quotidiana); Water (L’aigua); etc. In recent years he has been awarded numerous prizes and honorary mentions.

A graduate of Physical Geography from the University of Barcelona, he is also the co-author of the book Mountain Meteorology (Meteorologia de muntanya).

He is the photographer behind the series: magic session in the artist's studio, preparatory work in the creation of the book Eva of the Thousand Moons.


Our gratitude to Ònix Editor and to the Catalan Women's Institute at the Catalan Government for their help with communication and organisation of events.

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