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FELIX ROSSY & ALBERT SANZ vynil limited edition

We are musicians Felix Rossy and Albert Sanz and we would like to invite you to partake in this record! we will make a limited edition of 300 LP plus digital release of the record and we need your support in bringin this dream alive

Albert Sanz

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Hello dear friends!

We are very excited with our first live duet recording at cafe Mandacarú in Barcelona and hope it is our first of many duet records to come.


To me, this recording is a treasure beyond price... I'm so excited with the fact that I have recorded a duet with one of my favorite pianists with who I've played since I was very little in a context of freedom, air and spirit. It makes me have the feeling to be playing on the couch at home, without pressure or vicious prejudices.

Every time I listen to the disc I discover new things. Albert never needs to highlight or show off anything, he himself is wonderful as a person and that is certainly evident in his sound and feel with the music. He is very responsive, interacts like in a conversation, leaves space (sound and mental) and has a lot of inner power due to his diverse influences (he has played along many countries and recorded with musicians like Al Foster, drummer of Miles Davis, bassist Javier Colina, Kurt Rosenwinkel,singer Silvia Perez Cruz...).

It is definitely very entertaining and curious to hear myself playing with Albert. He gives strenght to my playing, he makes me elevate and feel or imagine things that I had never lived in a very intense way and serene at the same time.


I met Felix Rossy at Jorge Rossy's house Jorge Rossy (one of my favourite drummers with Brad Mehldau, unique composer and pianist, friend and constant inspiration) when Felix was just 11. On that day, when I heard him play I didn't give credit to his sound and music. I thought: "it fell to him from heaven, music is the most natural thing in the world for him, he plays what he hears in his head and feels in his heart". I also asked myself: "how he will be with the passing years? will talent affect him, extreme vanity of being ahead, or maybe the way that formal musical education tells you which way is "right" in music and cuts your wings, those wings that are unique in each of us and that define us and make us unique?

Well, this time, Felix continues fully plugged dizzily in the present moment (it would seem "telepathic" about how anticipates what will happen every time ). His technique has also grown with his instrument so, he can develop his ideas and sounds on trumpet (he has a recognizable sound!). His sense of space is a hallmark more that make Felix one musician to enjoy listening to. If you listen to him you will realize that it is not the usual format "solo-accompanist" but our dialogue is rather parallel, without hierarchies, and sometimes I find myself thinking, "how can a trumpet accompany so well a piano?". I am very proud of our first recording in duo and I hope it's the first of many more.

We will do a LIMITED EDITION of 300 LP vinyl + digital distribution/downloads.

The reason why we are making a vinyl is somehow romantic but also realistic (in our particular reality, of course). It is romantic because vinyl is a format from other times, larger and more expensive, harder to distribute. Realistic because I almost don't listen to CD's anymore. When I hear music I do it in vinyl format, not only because its physical but also for the rough sound, for the "ceremony" that represents sitting and listening to each side. Realistic also because vinyl with its material and desing/art (it's bigger!) is more physically and visually valuable than a CD.

What will we do with your contributions?

The money raised will go to:

  • Manufacture of 300 copies/limited edition "Dolphin Blues"!

  • Design

  • Mastering

When will we send the rewards?

We will deliver them to you between september 15th and october 15th.


This recording would not have been possible without the invitation of the amazing Bar/Club/Restaurant in Poble Sec (Barcelona) Cafe Mandacarú. We were there two nights in April this year. We send a big kiss to Cris and Sheila. Hope to repeat moments like these with you.


Find us here:

Albert Sanz Facebook
Félix Rossy Facebook



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  • Copias de CD's

    Copias de CD's

    almost 10 years

    Hola chicos veo que estáis haciendo un proyecto, para la fabricación de vuestros CD's, tenéis precios? En caso afirmativo si nos lo hacéis llegar LO MEJORAMOS!! Un saludo, Isaac Dios - [email protected]


Ya tenemos el orden del disco! empieza la cara A con "Arabesque n1" :

es un precioso tema del compositor frances Claude Debussy que sincronizadamente albert y yo estábamos tocando en nuestras casas sin saber que el otro tambien se estaba estudiando esa canción, es un tema muy especial, lírico , intenso, emocionante y misterioso, evocador ,visual... tocamos las primeras paginas de la melodia y despues abrimos terreno a una sigilosa exploracion del tema , una improvisación libre sin perder el hilo melódico y armónico de la canción pero llevándola a nuevos lugares....

SIgue con "12 more Bars to Go" , de Wayne Shorter, un blues sencillo y colorido a la vez en 12 por 8

Finaliza la cara A del disco con la preciosa balada "When Sunny Gets Blue" de Marvin Fisher y Jack Seagal. La Coda es improvisación pura!

La cara B comienza con "De… read more

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