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The Ultimate Heavy Rubber Book

This book contains the very best of the best of my latex fetish photography from over 20 years of shooting, for both MARQUIS and HEAVY RUBBER magazines. They were selected from over 250,000 photos in my archive, and first published in three volumes as e-books.

Peter W. Czernich

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Solingen, Germany
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The book will contain about 300 of the very best of my latex fetish photos, selected from over 250,000 in my archive, and first published in three volumes as e-books.

The hardcover book is for all the lovers of printed beauty (such as myself - I am not happy with just an e-book!), to be collected and kept on a book shelf.

Some of the many gorgeous models in the book are:

Alexia, Ancilla Tilia, Bianca Beauchamp, Cilia de Lux, Dante Posh, Donatella, Emily Marilyn, Jade Vixen, Jean Bardot, Kataxenna, Katsuni, Kumi, Lily Phellera, Louva, Lucy Latex, Masuimi Max, Nikki Magnusson, Queeny Love, Rubberdoll, Rubber Eva, Sister Sinister, Summer Cummings, Taylor Wane, Valentina, Zlata...

It will be beautifully printed, with luxurious finish (all pages print varnished against fingerprints!), like my first book "FETISH PHOTOGRAPHY".

  • 284 pages A4

  • Full colour

  • Heavy cardboard hardcover

  • Stitched

  • Print run 500 copies.

Some examples of photos which could be in the book can be seen in these previews of the e-books that have already been published (please note however, that the final selection of the photos will not be made until the project is funded and ready to go):

Preview 1
Preview 2

This is my first attempt at crowdfunding. Why? Financing the printing is always a bit of a burden, as it takes about a year to bring the investment back. Even though I do not consider this book a risk, but my cashflow does not allow large printing projects presently.

It will take roundabout two months to get the book printed. The rewards will be sent as soon as the book is out.

Relevant links:
Photographer's Website
Marquis Website
Heavy Rubber Website


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    Are there any updates?

#15 / Nur noch 24 Stunden... only 24 hours...

... um beim WHITE ROOM Buch mitzumachen! Nutzt die Chance das Buch zum Sonderpreis zu bekommen, und dazu viele Goodies wie DVDs, bis zu einem Shooting!
... to participate in the WHITE ROOM book project! Take the chance to get the book at a special price, plus many goodies up to a shooting!

#14 / WHITE ROOM Book

Liebe Freunde,

bereits nach 8 Tagen hat das neue WHITE ROOM Buch sein Fundingziel überschritten, dafür danke ich allen, die so schnell mitgemacht haben! Für die, die noch gezögert haben:Es sind immer noch rund vier Wochen in denen man sich sein Exemplar zum Vorzugspreis sichern kann, und dazu die CD mit 1.000 Extra-Fotos!

Dear Friends,

after only 8 days, the new book has already reached it's funding goal! I would like to thank all of you who have so quickly supported this! And to all who are still hesitating: There are still almost 4 weeks to secure your signed copy of the book at a special price, including the CD with 1,000 hot extra pix!

#12 / Neues Buchprojekt: WHITE ROOM

Liebe Unterstützer meiner Kampagne von 2014,

nachdem das Projekt HEAVY RUBBER Buch letztes Jahr soviel Freude gemacht hat, habe ich soeben ein neues Projekt aufgelegt: Das WHITE ROOM Buch vereint die schönsten Aufnahmen aus über 20 Jahren, die auf dem weiß gekachelten Set entstanden, sdas wir schon 1991 für den Fetischfilm "White Room" gebaut haben. Über die Jahre enstanden insgesamt drei solcher Sets, an verschiedenen Orten, zuletzt wurde ein ganzer Kellerraum in unserem Solinger Verlagsgebäude eingefliest. Dort entstand zuletzt vor 10 Jahren "White Room IV", und immer wieder fanden spannende Shootings dort statt.

Morgen, Freitag den 27.2. um 10 Uhr geht es also wieder los, und ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn die Unterstützer des letzten Buches wieder dabei wären:

Wie beim letzten Mal gibt es für jeden ein signiertes Buch, dazu Fotoprints, DVDs der White Room Filme, und sogar ein Shooting, je nach Höhe des Beitrags!

Herzliche Grüße an euch alle,

Peter W. Czernich

#10 / New Project: WHITE ROOM

Dear backers of my project HEAVY RUBBER:

It's time to do it again!

I have compiled the best photos from the legendary WHITE ROOM fetish universe. Three parts of this fetish film series were shot on the white-tiled sets (there qwere three of them over 20 years!), the first one as early as 1991. Part IV followed much later. Over the decades, the set was used for many of fetish shootings.

To me, the clean environment of this set is a fantastic background for heavy ruibber fetish outfits and scenarios, and the huge success of the videos seems to have proven me right.

It would be fantastic if you would back this project again. The premiums for your pledges are similar to last time - everybody gets a signed copy, well packed and shipped for free, plus prints, dvds and even a shooting, depending on the amount of your pledge. !)You'll find the new project here:


With kind regards,

Peter W. Czernich

#09 / Letzte Meldung / Final Post

Liebe Unterstützer meines Buchprojektes,

dies ist mein letzter Blogeintrag via Verkami. Es sind alle Bücher, Kalender und Prints verschickt, wobei die weiter entfernten Adressen bitte etwas Geduld haben müssen, da es 2-3 Wochen bis zum Eintreffen der Pakete dauern kann.

Folgende Unterstützer haben bisher auf meine Mails/Blogs nicht reagiert, ofder ihre Antworten sind verlorengegangen; bitte melden (Email: [email protected]):

krysztof - Adresse fehlt

charly_ffm - Adresse und Postermotiv fehlt

shunz - Adresse und Postermotiv fehlt

cpk6717 - Adresse und Postermotiv fehlt

lambchop2014 - hat noch nicht bezahlt

gwelker - hat noch nicht bezahlt

sweetmagic2000 - Adresse fehlt

g73g73 - Adresse fehlt.

Dear supporters of my book project,

this will be my last blog entry via Verkami. All books, photo posters and calendars have been sent. Please alllow 2-3 for the parcels to arrive at far away places.

read more

#08 / Book arrived!

The book arrived from the printers on monday, I'm presently busy signing and packing, and still awaiting most poster prints. All will go out starting tomorrow and during last week!

Das Buch ist am Montag vom Drucker gekommen; ich bin derzeit voll mit signieren und packen beschäftigt und warte auch noch auf die Posterdrucke. Alles geht ab morgen und während der nächsten Woche raus!

#07 / Page numbers for Posters / Seitenzahlen für Poster

Everybody who get posters: Please verify that the page numbers you haven given me relate to the book pages (not the PDF pages!). I think 99% have done it right, just to make sure....

An alle, die Poster bekommen: Bitte sicherstellen, daß eure Angabe der Seitenzahl die Buchseite ist (nicht die PDF-Seite!). Ich denke 99% haben das richtig gemacht, nur zur Sicherheit...

#06 / Delivery of Books / Bücherlieferung

Dear Backers of my book project,

I just got news from the printers that the book will go out (in Riga) by Friday. Allow 3-4 days for transport, I should have it by mid next week, and should be able to sihn, pack and send all of them out towards the end of August!

Liebe Unterstützer meines Buchprojektes,

ich höre eben von der Druckerei (in Riga) daß das Buch am Freitag verladen wird. Ca. 3-4 Tage dauert der Transport, dann müßte es Mitte nächster Woche hier sein. Ich müßte dann alles bis ca. Ende August signiert, gepackt und verschickt habwn!

#05 / Page numbers / Seitenzahlen - IMPORTANT / WICHTIG!

When giving me the page numbers for your prints, make sure to use the page numbers as printed on the actual pages - not any PDF numberings!

Wenn ihr mir die Seitenzahlen für die Prints durchgebt, bitte die auf den Buchseiten aufgedruckten Seitenzahlen angeben (nicht irgendwelche PDF-Seiten)!

#03 / Nick names needed!

Hello again - when writing to me about the postal address, please don't forget to mention the nick names under which you have pledged - I cannot relate to your names otherwise, until now, Verkami has not disclose your real names!

#02 / Book in print now, addresses needed!

Hello again, dear friends and supporters of my project: The book is in print since yesterday, so all is going according to plan. I now need the postal address of all of you, where to send the book - please email directly to me at [email protected]

The ones who have pledged for prints will shortly be sent a low-res PDF of the complette book content, so they can chose their photos for the prints. I kindly ask you to make the choice a.s.a.p. and let me know, so the prints can be sent along with the books!

I wish you all a great Summer, Peter

PS: I have decided in the last minute to change the cover of the book, to match my first book FETISH PHOTOGRAPHY in style - so don't be surprised...

#01 / Update

Dear backers of my project,

Verkami has informed me today that the project is now closed, and I am to receive the funds within ten days from now. As soon as then, we can start printing, and all will proceed according to plan.

The books and calendars should be printed and ready to be shipped towards the end of August. Backers who have also pledged for prints will receive an e-book version to chose the photos for their prints, in about two weeks. I would appreciate if the choice could be made quickly then, so we can ship all goods together.

I would like to thank you all once again - this project was a great expereince and a pleasureable surprise!

Peter W. Czernich

PS: All books will be signed and numbered according to the date of entry of the pledges. If anybody wants something special written in the book (like "for ..."), don't hesitate to let me know!

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