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The Moan Club

It´s a book, but also it´s a life style. After reading this book I hope you will understand Polyamory, if you listen to the soundtrack I hope you will dance, and I´d love for you to be part of this Club. Also I wish...

Karen Moan

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Dressing Steampunk style and with my music, I celebrated a few days ago that I had finished my first book. I am really excited about printing it, and that is why I'm asking your help.

The Moan Club is a story, mine or anyone. And it´s a future proyect that started with music, with the love I felt for two people, but above all, started with a transformation.

I knew Polyamory because I felt it, and I accept it because it made sense.

I´d love to invite you to The Moan Club, to read the book first, but to become part of it when it will open its doors.

¿Why "Moan"?
"Moan is the title of a song. It was an unexpected gift.

It was raining, one of those days that announce that the cold is coming. I didn't know when I went out that morning in a summer dress, that in that moment became part of my skin, like the missed latex.

When I opened the door I listened to his music. I didn´t think about drying myself, I went straight away to the room. He was playing music alone, concentrated, he didn´t hear me. But I´m sure he smelt the mixture of my perfume Amor Amor, with the rain. I also have a very powerful sense of smell and I know when is Fran, or Leo.

He took a black LP cover, with a white tree as the only drawing. It was Trentemoller - Chornicles, and he played it. When the sound of the song combined with the previous one my pulsations accelerate. I stood up there, closed my eyes. Moan captured me. I felt he was close, his skilled hands started to fight with my wet clothes.

-This song is for you "muñeca". You know the meaning. That`s what I want to hear from you-

His body heat contrasted with my trembling body. I didn't know if It was because I felt cold or anticipation.

Some other hands, some other smell. Leo, quiet, had joined the game.

I moaned."

Book illustrations are from Coaxdrem, who I will always be grateful for his support and his art.

Meet Coaxdreams


To print 1.000 copies to distribute in Madrid. And if there is money left we will celebrate with a party, with DJs, Kinkers, my suitcase and Tequila!


With a bit of luck, the book will be publish this summer. In case the sun doesn't heat enough ;).

I´ll keep you updated, if you want, here:

The Moan Club in Facebook


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  • Karen Moan

    Karen Moan

    over 9 years

    Para los que aporteis cualquier cantidad os la enviaré en digital si queréis. Gracias Alfred! Besos

  • Alfred


    over 9 years

    ¿La copia del libro en formato digital únicamente estará disponible para los que aporten 10€?

  • Karen Moan

    Karen Moan

    over 9 years

    Hola! El tamaño serán unas 300 páginas, aún no está maquetado por lo que no se el número exacto. Y los gastos de envío están incluidos en la aportación. También fuera de España. Gracias por tus preguntas, lo cierto es que no lo había aclarado por ningún sitio.

  • David Prieto

    David Prieto

    over 9 years

    ¿qué tamaño tiene el libro? ¿es una historia de 200 páginas? ¿es un tochal de 800? ¿El libro en papel incluye gastos de envío a España? ¿fuera de ella? Sé que son muchas cosas técnicas pero... no conozco mucho el proyecto.

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