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Alfredo Padilla Solist Album: "I sell a couple of black eyes"

The album will be recorded in Argentina, Uruguay and many Spanish cities. The final mixing is in Madrid and supervised by our artistic producer Pablo Sciuto (Casa Sonora). It wil be an intimate work based on rock, tango and Argentine folklore fusion; prominent guest musicians will work with us.

Alfredo Padilla

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Watch the promotional video of the disc on the cover of this page. You can also do with subtitles in English, Spanish and German by clicking on the button CC on the video bar.

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and reading about this music project!

I am Alfredo Padilla, musician and actor.

This project has been started to promote my first album solo recording.

You know “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so clicking on the songs named below, you’ll watch me playing on live at TVG (Galician TV) with my good friend Fran Sanz on bass:

Four Kisses and Just for Skilled People

My history...


There’s not that much to tell... I learned to play guitar in my childhood. I then was part of many bands like “The RockHudson Band”, “The Galindez Bros” or “-People Remain the Same”. During the last couple of years, I participated in several projects: I composed music for theatre, I filmed, recorded, acted, performed and travelled from here to everywhere, and after having been based in London for two years, I was paying a visit to some musician friends of mine in Madrid, many of them former fellow good friends and we developed the idea of this project which will result in a CD.

The disk


Ok, here we go... The "Artistic Production" of this Album will be done by Pablo Sciuto, an Uruguayan songwriter who worked with Leo Minax, Jorge Drexler, Carlos Chaouen, Pablo Guerrero and Habana Abierta. It will be recorded in Casa Sonora’s studios in Madrid with the technical operation of Felix Botana who has already worked with Steve Winwood, George Benson, Radio Futura, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Maria Betanhia, Jorge Pardo, Jerry Lee Lewis.

Technical Operation

Felix Botana

Born in Madrid, his training as a jazz guitarist began in his native town with Joaquin Chacon and then continued at The  Hilversum Conservatory in Amsterdam, Holland, with Jesse Van Ruller and Peter and Maarten Van Der Mingars Gritten. His musical career developed in different areas. One very important is his technical experience as sound engineer, as which he worked in countless shows and toured with international artists of various genres, appearing in their curriculum names  e.g. Steve Winwood, Joe Lovano, Charlie Haden, George Benson, Radio Futura, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Maria Betanhia, Amalia Rodrigues, Leo Ferré, George brown, Adriana Calcanhoto, Amancio Prada, Carlos Cano, Alfredo Kraus, Robert Cray, Jerry Lee Lewis. Also as technician and sound designer he has an extensive experience working for shows like "Grease," "Beauty and the Beast," "The Man of La Mancha", operas and operettas. Besides his work as a producer and recording engineer, he collaborated as session musician in several productions.

Artistic Production

Pablo Sciuto

Songwriter, musician, video artist, producer and founder member of  Cranearte, Sonda Sonora and Hypnotic Records. He has worked before on advertising film projects for companies such as La Caixa, IKEA, and for other artists like Adolfo Barnatán or Pilar Jurado.

As a musician he has released 8 albums in several countries and has performed and collaborated with artists like Pablo Guerrero, Jorge Drexler, Leo Minax, Carlos Chaouen, Habana Abierta.

What we do with the money Verkami?


The economic contributions received through this campaign will be used for the Album’s mixing, editing, distribution and promotion through the traditional channels and also through Spotify, ITunes, Amazon, etc. and for the promo video production.

When the album comes out?


The pre-production of the album already began last May this year, the recordings start on 1 October in Madrid and the release and presentation concert will be between late November and mid-December 2014.

Thank you very much again for stopping by and reading and I really hope you’re interested in supporting this album.

See you.


If you liked the song that you heard on the Verkami promo video, you can also listen to it and download it: just click on the link below:

y más enlaces...

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