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The Tierra Bomba Project

This project is based on the defines of human rights of the people in Tierra Bomba Island in Colombia. In this first phase our intervention focus on the artistic transformation of the facades of the houses of the village using as inspiration the technique of wall painting from The NDEBELES

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Tierra Bomba is an island located in the Colombian Caribbean in which native Tierra Bomberos are direct descendants of the slaves that the Spaniards once brought to Colombia in order to erect the heroic city of Cartagena de las Indias.

There are around 1000 people living in Tierra Bomba who make a living out of tourism and fishing, however they are totally abandoned by the government. Drinking water is not available and housing is in very poor condition. Furthermore, government is planning to displace this very same people so that hotels and resorts can continue to be built up in the same land where their grandparents fought and died for.

The most important area to help Tierra Bomba is with finances for its development because the Colombian government has ignored them.

We are fighting to offer this precious people an alternative for their own sake.
Look this isTierra Bomba!


Our project builds upon the defense of Tierra Bomberos human rights through international volunteering programs aiming at collaborating in the fields of renovation, education and the environment protection. These programs are named Workcamps and they have already taken place during the years 2010 and 2012.

In this first stage, our main goal is to transform the town by painting all the houses with the original south-African style NDEBELES. We aim at providing each house with its own identity, giving the town a clean feeling and thus protecting human rights by transforming Tierra Bomba with an artistic mural character that will become a destination for many tourists.

4 Workcamps with approximately 30 volunteers in total are going to take place during October and November 2014.
Approximately 50 people, both local natives and international volunteers, will join painting and cleaning activities on the island.

For the last 15 years, I have been involved in international volunteering activities, of which the last ones I have served as sociocultural project coordinator of the Icelandic organization WorldWide Friends www.wf.is which will also cooperate in the project activities of management, accommodation and expenses. Antonio Pérez

The decision to undertake the project by means of Crowd funding stems from the feeling of giving those who are not able to travel to remote places the opportunity to help people in need and be part of the project with their own contribution. Since the Columbian government ignores them, we are asking the world to open their hearts and purses, because it is the greatest need to carry out this project.

I truly believe that a single person, with indirect help and solidarity, can bring about a change of course for communities like Tierra Bomba.


Contributions to this initiative will be employed for the artistic renewal of the houses façades in Tierra Bomba. Most houses are not equipped with proper insulation from the cement they have been built on, to help them remain cooler in summer. Money will be used to improve the insulation system of houses and then they will be painted with the aforementioned NDEBELE-tribe style.

With just a little contribution, you will help creating millions of smiles!

The process of painting will help give openness and hope to their community, empower their dreams, and contribute to a long-lasting caring connection between volunteers and neighbors by bringing the locals much joy and fun!

There is little doubt that without the help of caring people supporting this cause, the project would never come true


September 25-30 – Materials will be purchased and transported by ship from Cartagena de las Indias to Tierra Bomba.

50% of contributions will be used for the paint.

30% of contributions will be used for construction materials for the improvement of the insulation system in houses.

The last 20% is intended to acquire painting equipment and presents.

October 6-December 10 – Workcamps will take place.

Look at the rewards!

Rewards will be handed in upon completion of Tierra Bomba’s voluntary act of transformation in January 2015

For further information - Visit our website and Facebook
The Tierra Bomba Project Facebook


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