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There is no Wonder in Neverland, the musical by La Cita

What happens when celebrity destroys you? What happens when growing up is not an option? What happens when the only one who can understand you is the only one who does not want to try it? And if it was a MUSICAL? Of course, it all begins with an innocent tale. Follow us in that amazing journey...

Víctor Vela Salgado

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"It would be wonderful to be able to put the girl who inspired Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and the boy who inspired Barrie's Peter Pan toghether", answered Salvador Dalí in an interview, dreaming about the magic caught in such a fantastic moment.

But it was not fantastic. That moment took place long time ago.

On the 4th of May 1932 (coinciding with Lewis Carroll centenary), the Columbia University of New York organized the academic act in which the university gave the honoris causa doctorate to Alice Liddell Hargreaves, the woman who, when child, inspired the character of Alice in Wonderland. During the act, the university exposed de manuscript of Alice's adventures underground and a special meeting was arranged. They invited Peter Llewelyn Davies, one of the five brothers who inspired J.M.Barrie's novel and play Peter Pan and Wendy. The Nobel for the Peace prize winner Nicholas Murray Butler was also at that meeting.

What did Hargreaves and Davies talk about that day? Rodrigo Fresán, author of Kengsinton Gardens especulate about it too: "I'd really love to think that they took pity on themselves, but those magnificent meetings are always frustrating; as when Proust met Joyce and, unknowing each other's work, they discussed about their aches and pains."

Adding a John Logan's idea to all that background, and starting from these two characters' odd history; the company La Cita immerses itself into the creation and development of an inedit MUSICAL called: There is no Wonder in Neverland, for 6 actors, 5 musicians and about 100 minutes of show; and thought up for an adult audience (+13).

There is no Wonder in Nerverland departs from that real meeting, in order to fantasize about the talk this two characters had. A little review of their biographies, and some of the universal subjects of the human being. The step between childhood and adulthood, the confrontation with death, in front of the childish idea of immortality; how to assume the celebrity when you never expected nor wanted it; the ressignation with what your life has brought you against with what you dreamed when you were a child and the way we react to how people judge us are some of the subjects the play deals with.

To show the impact of the tale, we place these two charactars in an oneiric world in which everything could happen, where the past, the dream, the fantasy and the fairytale come to life and the ghosts of their past get personified to put them face to face.


Stage Direction: Andreu Banús

Director's assistant: Laura Pons

Music and Musical Direction: Jesús Horcajo

Book: La Cita

Lyrics: Berta Peñalver

Scenography and Costumes: Estanis Aboal

Coreography: Úrsula Garrido

Pictures: Juanjo Marín

Sound design: Carla Illas


**Víctor Vela - Berta Peñalver

Estanis Aboal - Júlia Bonjoch

Marina Martín - Marc Andurell**

Executive Production: Víctor Vela


Scenography: 1.200€

Costumes: 600€

Sound system rental and piano movement: 360€

VAT: 600€

Project: 2.760€

5% Verkami: 150€

3% Merchant services: 90€


  • The rehersals started on the 3rd of March, with a rhythm of 4 rehersals a week. That periodicity will endure until June.

  • Costume confection and scenography construction will take place between third week of April and the end of May. At the beginning of June we need it all finished in order to rehears with it.

  • Between the 26th of May and the 6th of June, we will open our rehearsals to the patrons. They will enjoy the rehearsal and after that, the cast will make a forum with the little audience in order to know the reception an the opinion they have about our work. We think it's essential for constructing a good performance.

  • After that we will carry on with the rehearsals, reviewing our work observing the premieres audience point of view.

  • On the 20th of June, it will take place the Tech Rehearsal.

  • The openning of the show will take place on the 22nd of June, Sunday, 19h at the Josep Mª de Sagarra Theatre, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona.


  • The delivery of the rewards it will depend on the nature of them. All the rewards that have anything to do with the openning would be delivered on the first week of June.

  • The rewards that have to do with rehearsals or the opening will take place in the date specified in the schedule.

  • The DVD of the openning will be prepaired and sent before the 5th of July 2014.

  • Finally, the private performance will be scheduled by the patron and the company, NOT AFTER March 2015.


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