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Keltorevolution: New album of Celtibeerian.

Hello everyone! We are Celtibeerian! We need your help to release our second album, Keltorevolution!


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Celtibeerian is a Folk-Metal band born by the end of 2010. We mix traditional music, modern music based on the traditional one and our own way of making metal. The lyrics are often inspired in tales and legends of different european folklores (celtic, castilian, germanic...). We add to our lyrics a funny and special touch of humor, giving them the air of being party and drinking songs.

We released our first album, "TIRIKANTAM", in December of 2010:
- Recorded and mixed by David Sanchez , Dezege Studios (Spain).
- Mastered by Mika Jussila, Finnvox Studios (Finland).
- Graphic design by Jan Yrlund, Darkgrove (Finland).

Here you have The Path, a song of our first album TIRIKANTAM:

Each one of the members paid a part of the total amount to record the album. We have been saving money from all the concerts given since 2010 until now for the next album. However, we are still unable to raise enough money to release our new work propperly.

Celtibeerian are:

Julián Yagüe (“Vasco”): Guitar and chorus.

Gustavo Infantes (“Gus”): Vocals and Bass.

David Sánchez (“Dagda”): Pipes, viola, whistles, musical arrangements, chorus and bouzouki.

Victor Fernández (“Vity”): Drums and chorus.

Patricia San Martín (“Patri”): Violin and chorus.

This album consists of a more solid and worked out project, a better prepared one. You will find 14 completely new songs with an elaborated instrumentation and some special featurings. You will find out in their last tracks!

Our project is a very ambitious one. We need your help! We would be pleased of making you our patrons through crowdfunding. You can help Celtibeerian and getting some interesting rewards depending on your contributions!


These are the new Celtibeerian t-shirt you can get by supporting our project, designed by Jan Yrlund, Darkgrove (Finland).

Brutally stylish!! We have fit tank tops for the girls!

The price of the reward does not include the international shipping costs. *


Recording and mixing: €2000 aproximately.

Master: €1000 aproximately

CD making: €800 aproximately

If we reach the goal of €2.000 in the 40 days of this campaign, we will invest your contributions in the recording and mixing of the album. We will meet the rest of the costs (master and CD making) with the money we have already earnt in our previous concerts.


Recording and mixing: January of 2014.

Master: the first two weeks of February of 2014.

CD making: the last two weeks of February of 2014.

Once we finish our project, we will send your rewards by March!. The presentation concert of Keltorrevolution will take place in Ciudad Real or Madrid,(Spain) (place to be confirmed). We will send an e-mail with the dates of the concert.

Any questions or anything you need please contact contact@celtibeerian.com or Facebook Celtibeerian

Our best regards! Thank you so much!



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