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Debut album by INDIGOS: 'Shine On Me'

This is the Verkami site for Indigos, a band from Barcelona with blues, soul, gospel and folk influences. We need your help to release our first album, “Shine On Me”. Choose your reward and give what you can. Any amount will be most welcome. Many thanks!


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Want to know more about the project?

“Shine On Me” is the first release by Indigos and will feature 10 original tracks. Musicians such as the guitarists David Soler and Pau Figueres, bassist Rubén Alcázar, drummer Anton Jarl and violinist Juan Aguiar all collaborated on the album.

We are currently mixing the album with the prodigious help of César J. de Cisneros, winner of a Latin Grammy in 2007 for his work as sound engineer on the “Techarí” by Ojos de Brujo.

If you want to know more about us, please visit:


What do we need your help for?

We need your help to be able to master the album and pay for a run of 500 copies on Digipak® format CD, which we want to be made using recycled and eco-friendly materials. We will also release it on the most popular digital platforms, such as iTunes and Spotify.


What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way to finance projects whereby a large number of sponsors contribute small amounts to help carry out a project, in our case, to release an album.

It’s important to understand that these are not donations, but rather advance sales, i.e. each sponsor will receive an award in exchange for their contribution. We receive your contributions and use them to release the album and create all the other rewards, which will be mailed to your home. Strength through unity.


How will we use your contribution?

This is our proposal for how we will use your contributions:

  • Mastering - €1600

  • 500 copies Digipak® CD - €920

  • Editorial costs - €150

  • Merchandising rewards - €80

  • Postage costs - €250

  • Commissions paid to Verkami® and other platforms - €400


When can you expect to receive your rewards?

Around the end of February 2014. Here’s an approximate calendar to give you an idea:

  • Late December 2013: the album will have been recorded and mixed.

  • End of January 2014: the Verkami® timeframe ends and we receive your contributions.

  • Mid-February 2014: we reckon we’ll have the album mastered.

  • End of February 2014: we’ll get the CD copies and merchandising.

  • End of February 2014: you’ll receive all your rewards by mail.


What are the rewards and what do they include?

Here are the different rewards that you can receive, depending on the contribution you make. Here’s a brief explanation of each one:

  • Physical CD (Digipak): we send your physical CD to your home address before it is released.

  • Bonus dedicated track included on the CD: give us a name and we will compose a song that we will include as a bonus track on the album.

  • Private concert at your place (Catalonia only): we’ll go to your house or premises and play a private acoustic gig for you. We’ll agree on the date with you. Only for Catalonia.

  • Bonus five double concert tickets: you receive a bonus of five double tickets for the next five gigs of your choice. Dates to be determined.

  • Access to a private studio concert: you will have the chance to attend a private acoustic concert performed in our recording studio in Barcelona. Date to be determined.

  • Launch gig ticket: attend the album’s launch gig in Barcelona (venue and date to be confirmed).

  • Badge / Sticker / Dedication: you’ll receive a badge, sticker and the CD, signed and dedicated.

  • Digital download (pre-release): you can download the full album in high-quality MP3 format before it goes on general release.

  • Complete design and lyrics (PDF): you’ll receive the full design of the CD in digital format (PDF).

  • Desktop wallpaper: we’ll send you an exclusive desktop wallpaper that will adapt to your computer monitor.

  • Physical CD credits special mention: we’ll include your name and a special mention on the credits of the physical CD.

  • Online credits special mention: we’ll include your name and a special mention on the album’s credits on our website.

  • Online acknowledgment credits: we’ll include your name in the acknowledgments section of the album’s credits on our website.


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    over 10 years

    ¡Hola Infocrowdsourcing!

    Los agradecimientos online incluyen el nombre de la persona o empresa dentro de una lista en la que aparecerán todos los mecenas.

    Las menciones especiales online o en el disco físico incluyen el nombre de la persona o empresa además de enlaces y/o logotipos, todo en una zona destacada de la web y redes sociales, y están incluidas en las aportaciones a partir de 150€.

  • Infocrowdsourcing


    over 10 years

    En la recompensa de 8€, en los agradecimientos online, ¿pondreis un enlace a la web de la persona que agradeceis?



    over 10 years

    ¡Hola Monse!

    Para este video decidimos no aparecer en el video porque queríamos que vosotros, la gente que nos sigue, fuérais los protagonistas. Para nosotros, que disfrutéis de nuestra música es ¡nuestra mayor satisfacción!

  • monse camarasa

    monse camarasa

    over 10 years

    porqué no están los músicos en el video?

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