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"UMBRALES" a new tango disk from Sandra Rehder

The seventh disk of the Argentinian singer Sandra Rehder. Tango for voice and guitar, with arrangements and musical direction by the guitarist Gustavo Battaglia. Recorded in the fabled studio Nomada 57, in Barcelona. The duo offer great works of Gardel, Mores, Blázquez, Piazzolla, among others.

Sandra Rehder

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Sandra Rehder and Gustavo Battaglia have worked together for more than seven years. This tango duo has developed spontaneously and naturally, as all genuine partnerships do. The result is formidable. “When I sing accompanied by Gustavo’s guitar, I feel that I leave my body and am only the song. We go to a far-off land where there sometimes appears el duende”, recounts Rehder. One can see it on the stage. There are tangos that have developed over years until they are part of the duo, they deserve to be acknowledged.

The proposition contains strong themes, with stories that tell of pain, of death (another kind of absence) and of love, something which touches all of us equally. Those of us who know Sandra Rehder, know that she sings neither to disturb nor to trifle with anybody. Her interpretations are deep and visceral, and although the subject matters talk of absence or lack of affection, they are a celebration of life, a song of plenitude. Sometimes a caress, and at another a tearing wind.

To round off the idea, Rehder is categorical: “I have never been a “standard” singer, always, as in my personal life, I make choices without restraint. So the selection of what I interpret affirms itself so that my song gathers its significance because I am moved, or touches me. And many times I take it to the limit.

Umbrales is a straightforward homage to those instants where art allows us to experience - albeit fleetingly - the greatness of living and the mystery of love. Because in reality the only thing that is important is this: the love we experience ourselves, No?”.

Surely: Yes!


The monies received from our sponsors will be destined to the following concepts:

  • Recording, mixing and mastering.

  • Creation fees, (photography, design), musical arrangements and direction

  • Expenses for printing of programmes and dispatch of remunerations

  • Expenses de Verkami + Taxation

  • Pay Pal commission


Pre-production: December 2013 - January 2014-01-21

Recording and post-production: January - March 2014

Delivery of remunerations and release: April - May 2014-01-21


Sandra Rehder: voice, production and general direction / sandrarehder.com

Gustavo Battaglia: guitar, arrangements, musical direction / gustavobattaglia.com

Pere Aguilar: sound technician, mixing/ nomada57.com. Barcelona

Fernando Martínez: mastering / estudiomoma.com.ar. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Ronald Stallard: photography and video/ ronaldstallard.com

Alejandro Crimi: graphic design


You can find more information at:
Official site sandrarehder.com
Personal Page on Facebook
Fan Page en Facebook

Or listen in:
Canal de Youtube

A un semejante
Milonga triste
El último café

Note: photographs by Quim Cabeza, Ishka Michocka, Ronald Stallard, Pedro Mata, Martin Marco, Isabel Camps y Carles Gracia Escarp.


From 2007 to 2013 Sandra Rehder has created several shows and how formations:

"TANGO, FEROZ VOCACIÓN". With Manu Stoa (guitar), Pablo Logiovine (bandoneó), Marcelo Mercadante (bandoneón), Gustavo Battaglia (guitar). Teatreneu Theatre, Barcelona.

"INTENSOTANGO" concert at L' Auditori (Barcelona, October 2007) Musicians: Manu Estoa (guitar), Horacio Fumero (bass), Pablo Logiovine (bandoneon).

"SING SANDRA REHDER CARLOS GARDEL " Musicians: Manu Estoa (guitar), Gustavo Cassisi (guitar), Pablo Logiovine (bandoneon)

PIEDRA LIBRE The 2008 creates the Piedra Libre quartet (with Guillermo Rissotto, Pablo Giménez, Salvador Toscano) Argentine and Latin American folk repertoire.

2009 "NOSTALGIA DEL PRESENTE" album with with Silvio Zalambani (soprano sax , music and arrangements) , Vittorio Veroli (violin) Donato Antonio (guitar), Masimo Mantovani (piano) and Tiziano Negrello (bass). Editora Borgatti, Bologna, Italy.

"TANGOS DEL ARRABAL" Tour of Spain 2010 with Gustavo Cassisi (guitar), Pablo Logiovine ( bandoneon) and Pablo Giménez (flute travessera) . Tour Diversons, La Caixa Cultural Foundation.

"SMILE" disk with Euclydes Mattos. Tour of Catalunya 2010, ODA (Office Art Diffusion, Barcelona)

"CATALÁN CONTEMPORARY TANGO" A research, development and production in Residence at the Almazen (Barcelona). Sponsored by the ConCa.

"TERCERA PATRIA" album with Paul Mainetti (bandoneon, compositions, arrangements and musical direction) and César Angeleri ( guitar). Estudios Fort Media, Buenos Aires in January 2010. Participants: Pablo Agri (violin), Humberto Ridolfi (violin), Elisabeth Ridolfi (viola), Miriam Santuchi (violoncello), Gustavo Margulies (guitar), Mario Angeleri (guitarrón). Guest Musician: Raul Carnota (guitar). Presented at 22nd Guitar Festival of Barcelona.

Concerts in Italy with Silvio Zalambani and Grupo Candombe: Theatre Dante Alighieri and Rocca Brancaleone of Ravenna; Theatre Mestre, Venice, Haus Der Kultur, Bolzano, Aula Magna Liceo Artistico, Forli, Fusignano Theatre, Zingaro Jazz Club, Faenza, Italy.

2011 "LA ESPALDA DE LOS PÁJAROS" with Euclydes Mattos (NomadA 57) Illustrated by Ignasi Blanch. Design Ferran Fernandez.

2012 " TRIBUTE TO ASTOR PIAZZOLLA " L' Auditori Nacional de Catalunya. (2012) guests Musicians: Manu Estoa (guitar), Horacio Fumero (bass) and Pablo Logiovine (bandoneon)

2013 "TANGOS RESISTANCE". Sandra Rehder and Gustavo Battaglia (guitar). Co -production with Theatre Akademia. BarnaSants Festival presented at Auditori Barradas.

"RAÍCES Y ALAS”, San Miguel Mas i Mas Festival. Chamber Hall, Palau de la Música. Barcelona.

"En Contra Dos" (Gorbs Edicions) Presentation of the book of poetry by Alejandro Crimi and Sandra Rehder, La Central del Raval. (2014)


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