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VerdCel 2014, 10 years from the 1st album

2014 will be a very special year for VerdCel.10 years after the first publication.And we would like to celebrate it with you all.We are working on a very motivating project with three components:5th LP+CD Live & Documentary.We would love to count on your involvement,so as to make it possible.Let'sGO


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2014 will be a very special year for VerdCel. 10 years after the first publication. And we would like to celebrate it with you all. We are working on a very motivating project. It includes 3 elements and we would love that you took part.

The project VerdCel 2014, 10 years from the 1st album includes:

  • Recording and publishing the 5th Studio Album: ‘Argilaga’.

  • Filming the Documentary ‘VerdCel; Trajecte. La distància no és frontera’.

  • Recording and publishing the live album ‘Òrbites; Poetes i Cançons’.

The first branch of this Project is the new album including VerdCel’s own songs. After ‘PaisViatge’, ‘Sàmara’, ‘Petjades’ and ‘Els dies del Saurí’, 2014 will see this 5th LP: ‘Argilaga’. The recording, production and publication of the work will be the fruits of this task.

The documentary Trajecte. La distància no és frontera will offer a journey along the trajectory of VerdCel, with a deep look into its spirit. A stop on the way to see the footprints left behind, take a breath and move on. Different people will offer their vision through the filming by audio visual producer Octavi Masià.

And the third branch of the celebration will include the live recording of the recently updated show ‘Òrbites; Poetes i Cançons’, as well as the edition of a CD with the gig and the extras of several cover songs by VerdCel, all in a common line: Poets and Songs.

We would like you to know this initiative and help us make it possible. With your collaboration everything will make sense; we want to commemorate with you this big achievement, and take a firm step forward.

Verkami offers a meeting between you and VerdCel, many hands coming together to push in the same direction and hopefully the satisfaction of achieving it together!


New album, new songs: ‘Argilaga’.

In the recent months we have been working in the weaving of the new songs and the concept of the album, establishing the rhythmical foundations and arrangements, with the intention of finishing the work by the second half of January: join the studio and start recording, perform the mixing and mastering. The whole process will be culminated with the live premiere of the new album at the Barcelona Auditori.

The design and drawing tasks, projection in different formats, reflecting the concept and developing an aesthetic started in November, whereas the printing and manufacturing will end in March, in order to have everything ready by the key premiere date: 3 April.

Documentary. ‘Trajecte. La distància no és frontera’.

A few months ago the first conversations took place, together with the development of the foundations of what the Documentary will be. Currently, we are structuring the content, collecting footage and starting to develop the technical scripts (thinking about the links between image-sound-graphics).

Filming will start at Christmas. We will then go ahead, hand-held camera, following every move by VerdCel while they carry out the tasks towards the new album, the live album and the premiere concerts. Also the relevant interviews will take place, and the filming will be concluded. Subsequently will come the hard work of putting together all the scenes and finally we will proceed to postproduction of filmed scenes and footage.

Live album. ‘Òrbites: Poetes i Cançons’.

Two are the dates where this show will be recorded: 2 February at Can Barradas l’Hospitalet de Llobregat and 22 March at Centre Cultural Alcoi - both framed within the BarnaSants Festival.

Next step will be processing, mixing and mastering at the studio, together with the design and manufacture of the CD.


We are truly excited about celebrating this event and we are asking for your help to make it happen. Therefore, we will offer different rewards according to your contributions. Besides, any of the rewards can be given away as a present to any person or organization that you choose (see below, ‘Pledges clarifications’).

On the top-right column you can see the Rewards at the ‘Make a pledge’ section. Pledges are individually established or in packs. You can make your pledges there.

There are different elements, as follows:

A.- The fifth VerdCel album consists of twelve new songs and some extra track.

This New Album edition will have different outputs:

  • A special limited edition which you will have the opportunity to acquire if you wish. A 10’’ size (26x26cm) and an accurate formatting with a big book (similar size to 10’’) that will include illustrations that represent the songs, lyrics, extended credits, list of collaborators and a CD with the songs.

  • CD and MP3. The ususal CD formatting – cardboard slipcase. A high quality digital version will also be available, together with the front and back covers.

Both physical formats (10’’ and cardboard slipcase) provide the MP3 direct download.

The live premiere of this album will take place on the 3 April at the Auditori de Barcelona within the BarnaSants Festival. Among the rewards, you can also find tickets with advantages such as 2x1.

B.- On the other hand, besides contributing to the creation of the Documentary, you will be able to enjoy it in scoop through online visualization and download, and if you wish you can also receive it at home in a DVD.

C.- Live album ‘Òrbites: Poetes i Cançons’. This album will be set for the live recording of the concert where VerdCel immerses in the songs and poems by Espriu, Raimon and Ovidi Montllor, and will include other studio-recorded ’bonus tracks’, covers by VerdCel (V. A. Estellés, Pi de la Serra and Joan Pau Giné).

Both live concerts recorded for the edition of this album will take place at Can Barradas L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (2 February) and Alcoi (22 March); you can also acquire the tickets to these gigs with discount by pledging (both concerts are included in the BarnaSants ’14 edition).

D.- The new T-Shirt and the poster of the fifth VerdCel album, as well as the designs for the former t-shirts and posters" and the different albums (On està el lloc?, PaisViatge, Sàmara, Petjades and Els dies del Saurí) and the formats of their **discography (Comic-CD-DVDs and CDs) are included in the rewards too.

E.- Finally, a series of intimate concerts (flats, terraces), other public Acoustic (Duo, Trio) or Electric performances, complete the range of rewards for your pledges.

¡We will get it together!


  • If we reach the goal, pay attention to your email where you will receive a short form to round off your choice with the necessary information.

  • Every reward can be given away as a present to the person or organization that you choose. As the project results will not be ready until April, we provide this ‘Gift-Voucher.

You can download it by right-clicking and then click again on the ‘save image as’ option. Or if you prefer so, send us an email to [email protected] and we will send it to you. Print it and fill in the name of the person it’s addressed to. It is a good way to communicate the good news!

You can also let us know:
- If you would like us to send the reward directly to that person or to you.
- If you would like your name or theirs at the credits, as a project patron.

  • You can make as many pledges as you wish, by taking different steps. For example, you could pick the 35€ pledge Cake Album10’’ to give away to someone and the make another (the same or different) pledge for yourself.

  • You can collect the physical rewards directly at the concerts, or we can send them to you by post mail with no additional cost (for international shippings, ask us at: [email protected]).  

To collect your rewards, check the Agenda (Web - Facebook). On April 3 you can collect the new Album. We will progressively announce the launch of the other elements.

  • Pledges can be made by credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard o Maestro) or PayPal.

  • If the target is not reached, your pledges will not be charged on your account. Actually, the payment will not be made effective until the goal is accomplished, after the 40 days of Verkami. Therefore, the value of the ‘Gift-Voucher’ has the same meaning as your pledge. We hope we will reach the goal! ;)

  • You can also have a combination of rewards by making different pledges. For example, first pledge for the | Cake | Album10'' pack and then again pledge for the | Confetti | Tickets pack.

If there is a reward that you would like to have at the list, let us know at the Q&A section at the end of the page, and you will soon see it available at the ‘Make a pledge’ section.

  • If you have any questions:

There is a Verkami FAQ section for general questions.

For further specific doubts related to this project, use the Q&A section at the end of the page.


Production and manufacturing costs of the new album reach 8000 € (recording studio, production tasks, mastering, printing and manufacturing).

Live album costs are 3500 € (recording, mixing, mastering and manufacturing).

The Documentary (production and manufacturing), the graphic design and the layout of all the elements, as well as the roll of new t-shirts, posters, shipping cost, Verkami and bank or PayPal fees will be about 3600 €. Making a total of 15100 €.

In order to address the costs, we count on around 6300 € from upcoming VerdCel Concerts (BarnaSants premieres and several scheduled performances at the AIEnruta circuit, April to June).

If we reach the goal through your pledges (7000 €), we will be able to viably meet the remains.

¡This is the adventure we suggest! We would love your involvement as long as you can/want, bring us your two cents!


About the new album: ‘Argilaga’.

After the previous journey through the states of the soul, the water, who suffers the loss of working conditions and work itself (Els Dies del Saurí), fire is the main character of the new VerdCel songs. A new work where songs cry out to the essentials of individual, national and social revolutions: personal balance, love, brotherhood and organization, and high doses of disobedience. Like the bush fighting severe droughts: strong stem, spring flower, perfectly branched, long spines and especially fuel. It is a key premiere in the celebration of ‘VerdCel 2014: 10 years from the 1st album’.

About the live album ‘Òrbites: Poetes i Cançons’.

Poems that are sung and poetry that hides songs. This show includes poetry by Espriu, melodies and songs by Raimon, Ovidi Montllor and Pi de la Serra. VerdCel will drive the ‘Poets and songs’ through rhythm, voice, chords and hands, with music and action, in order to get through the ears up to the heart.

This concert will be recorded and become a new reference album from the collection BarnaSants, essential at the celebration of ‘VerdCel 2014: 10 years from the 1st album’. The album will include some studio covers of songs by Joan Pau Giné and Pi de la Serra, together with the music of a poem by Estellés.

About the documentary ‘Trajecte. La distància no és frontera’.

No frontiers above and below the Senia, neither between disciplines, or between commitment and aesthetics, or in the concept of song writing. Aimed to transmit some ideas, things to say, emotions, on the road to express naturally what you see and feel. What you feel and see.

Show the work done by VerdCel, their path and their spirit. Stop along the way to take a deep breath, learn where we come from. Looking back, the fruits, works, shows, kilometres, stages, cables, mornings, phone calls, rehearsals, coffee, emotions, nerves, words, applause, smiles, and more kilometres…

Everything provided in this exercise to the edges of the road, opening a new and undiscovered horizon.

About VerdCel

VerdCel began on stage in 2000. Before, there were a number of first moves, concerns and contributions in different projects. It was not until 2004 that the first studio album was published: ‘On está el lloc?’, a little EP which has been followed by four long duration albums and two singles of digital distribution.

VerdCel works with song writing (Cançó) uniquely, naturally blending modern influences with Mediterranean roots. With long experience on stage, over 10 years, 2014 will see the publication of their fifth album: Argilaga. The project led by Alfons Olmo is fully interdisciplinary. Their works have been edited in special Book-CD formats that collect music, comics, poetry and various audio visual works. On stage they develop action and projections with strong creativity and personality.

In different formats, VerdCel presents a show that exceeds the uniqueness of their songs, a multidisciplinary concert full of strength and feelings, where music and performance converge to turn their live shows a perfectly balanced event, with communication and interaction with the audience as cornerstones.

+ Info about VerdCel:
Web - Facebook - Twitter - Clips Youtube

Email: [email protected]


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