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New Freak Fandango Orchestra Album

The Freak Fandango Orchestra is about to finish their 3rd studio album. Collaborate and get their awesome music and a lot of cool rewards


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The Mission

We are The Freak Fandango Orchestra and we came to save the world!

Ok, so maybe we won't save the world, but we're about to make it a whole lot more interesting with a new record, filled with a lot of great songs that will brighten up your day.

We'll go to the studio in january to record 9 songs for our album. Six brand new Freak Fandango songs, two awesome traditional pieces and one of our oldest songs which will be re-arranged.

Also the booklet will have a lot of great artwork from different artists and we will design brand new T-Shirts.

The Background

We’re a band from Barcelona, Spain. Since 2007 we’ve been performing our energetic live shows, mixing east european folk music, polka, gypsy music from the Balkans and a big dose of punk-rock. We play a lot of shows around Barcelona but also at international venues, like at the New York Gypsy Festival in 2011 for example.

More info under: freakfandango.es

We’ve released two EPs so far (one with 6 songs and the other with 7) and we think the world is ready for a new Freak Fandango album. All our songs have been released under creative commons license (BY-SA) and are free for download, as will be our new songs. We love to set our music free and see what happens, in the hope of reaching as wide an audience as possible. Our last EP has been downloaded over 250,000 times, and our songs have been played all over the world. They have been used in movies, tv-shows, radio-airplays, theater and even in a ballet show. There are currently thousands of youtube videos sampling our music, hundreds of blogs and podcasts featuring our songs and most important of all: we receive a lot of emails from people telling us how much they love our music. For us, that’s what it’s all about.

As with any new band, we have overheads and costs, so we also try to earn some money for playing if it’s possible. This comes through donations from fans, or payment for extra licensing permissions, and also for merchandising such as CDs or T-Shirts. Unfortunately, the band couldn’t exist without this small income. There are always costs, and naturally it's cool for us if we can cover most of them through our income from donations, sales or concert fees, so we can keep doing what we love to do.

The Contribution

For our new album, we still need to cover all the necessary costs and that’s why we are here on Verkami. We offer you to collaborate to produce the new CD, in exchange for some cool stuff from us:

The new CD with great artwork, cool T-Shirts, private concerts and a lot more.

And we promise to make this the best and most exciting Freak Fandango record ever.

So why do we ask for 2500€?

Basically, this is the price that the studio charges. Mastering will cost another 500€, followed by CD printing (with booklets) for another 1000€. So we're looking at costs of at least 4000€, not to mention the extra hidden costs...

So we are asking the wonderful people at Verkami for your financial support, 2500€ in total, which we think is a reasonable and fair amount. The band will come up with the remainder, through our devotion and dedication. We know it’s a goal we can reach, with your help.

When will we get our stuff?

We'll be in the studio in January. In February the songs will be mixed and mastered. In March the CDs will be pressed. So about end of March, beginning of April they will be ready for shipping! Hip Hip Hurray!!

So what are you waiting for??? Come and join our project, and get yourself a physical copy of our new album or a cool shirt in the process. Help us to save the world! Or at least make it a bit more joyful with some brand new Freak Fandango songs!

Peace and love, Jürgen, David, Xavi, Noe, Vitto, Armin, Jordi and Alfonso


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  • Meagan


    over 10 years

    Try 3single (dot) com. There you talk to amateur grils who look like your neighbor. Have fun :)

    Meagan http://is.gd/RdjfWG

  • kudlaj


    over 10 years

    Shipping is included! Because we're very nice persons :-)

  • Nathan


    over 10 years

    How much extra should I pledge for international shipping?

  • David


    over 10 years

    Si haceis música libre me imagino que usareis Linux ¿no? entonces el estudio os refereis al harware más que al software ¿no?

    Si usais software cerrado para hacer musica libre no conteis con mi apoyo he dicho

  • kudlaj


    over 10 years

    Yes, no problem. Just remind us to send you the files in flac!

  • hirnsushi


    over 10 years

    Will there be a flac-version for us audiophiles?

  • kudlaj


    over 10 years

    We'll release the album under CC-BY-SA license. And we'll put it on on Jamendo and the Free Music Archive.

  • titus


    over 10 years

    Do you plan to release this album too under liberal licenses on jamendo or anwhere else? I talk about licenses like CC-BY or public domain ?

#04 / We'll save the world

Final del proyecto.

Ya está. Ha terminado nuestro proyecto en Verkami. Muchísimas gracias a todos. De verdad, ha sido increíble.

Ahora empezará el trabajo de verdad para nosotros: grabar el disco. A partir del 17 de enero estaremos en el estudio. Os mandaremos fotos, videos y os tendremos informados de como avanza todo.

Muchas gracias y Feliz Año!

Our crowdfunding ended succesfully. Thank you so much for your support! You have been wonderfull.

On the 17th of January we'll start recording in the studio. We'll be sending you photos, videos, and will be keeping you updated on the recording.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

#03 / Ready To Save The World!!!!!!

Ya estamos preparados para salvar el mundo! Hemos sobrepasado la meta de 2500€. Muchos gracias a todos, no nos esperábamos que lo consiguiéramos tan rápido.

Sois fenomenales!

Aquí os dejamos el vídeo de la celebración:

Una vez mas muchas gracias!

We're ready to save the world! We reached the 2500€ mark. Thank you all very much! We didn't expect to reach the goal that fast!

Really, you're the best!

Here is a small video (only in Spanish, sorry!!)

Once again Thank you sooooo much!!

#02 / Primera semana / The first week

Ha pasado la primera semana de nuestro crowdfunding y ya hemos recaudado una tercera parte del total. Muchas gracias a todos!!! Sois fenomenales! Seguid así! :-)

También hemos trabajado mucho esta semana. Hemos hecho cuatro entrevistas: una con los chicos de Libresfera, una con el fabuloso Ryno The Bearded, hemos hablado con Tom y Doug de The Music Manumit y ayer hablamos con Faldrian de The Radio.cc. Además hemos estado en contacto con mucha gente para difundir la noticia al máximo.

Pues estamos muy emocionados con el proyecto y esperemos que siga así de bien, que lleguemos a la meta y que pronto tengáis vuestros CDs y camisetas.

The first week of our crowdfunding has passed and we already got a third part of our goal! Thanks to all of you!! You are the best!

We also have been very busy. We gave four interviews, one… read more

#01 / Primer día / First Day

Ya esta en marcha nuestro proyecto de crowdfunding y el primer día ya recaudamos más de 150€ (y de momento no han sido nuestras madres)!!!! Muchísimas gracias a todos, sois la bomba! Seguid así! :-)

Ha sido mucho trabajo montarlo todo y habrá todavía muchas cosas que hacer antes de acabar la campaña con éxito, pero aquí estaremos haciendo todo lo que podemos y con mucha ilusión y viendo como nos ayudáis nos animamos aún más.

Pues a seguir a difundir la noticia para que muuuucha gente más se apunte.

Muchos saludos

Los Friki Fandanguitos

Finally our crowdfunding campaign is online and on the first day we already got over 150€ (and not from or mothers so far)!!! Thanks a lot to everybody! You are awesome.

It has been a lot of work so far and there will be a lot more things to do before we will reach our goal but there we are with a lot of motivation doing the best we can and seeing how you are helping us we get even more exited.

read more

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