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Oldies But Goldies

"Oldies But Goldies" is a book of beautiful drawings of old, vintage cars by French artist Lapin. He archives the drawings of the cars that have marked its time in his sketchbooks since years. An incredible compilation of old but golden cars found on the streets to celebrate and remind their beauty!


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Oldies But Goldies : A sketchbook dedicated to vintage car drawings

"Time is cruel" they say. It takes away the youth, put wrinkles instead. But actually wrinkles are nothing more than the marks of memories and experiences. They make you beautiful,wise and serene.

I'm not able to pass by an old car without remaining indifferent and drawing it.

I love imagining about their owners, highways they have crossed, memories they have witnessed and look for more stories behind their dust, scratches and broken parts. I appreciate the beauty, wisdom and serenity standing on four wheels. I like to project the journey of these pioneers of the roads on his sketchbooks so their glamour will never be forgotten.

Since years I practice my passion for those old, abandoned cars by drawing them.

In this book I portray the yellow seat 600 at the back of a garage, the 1970 Cadillac which is lost in a narrow street, Citroen 2CV that lead me to my childhood and the R12 that my father used to have.

I project the dim light of those years in my book through my drawings and try to tell you the beauty behind the wrinkles, the experiences behind the broken parts and memories behind their dust so that they will be immortal...


104 pages


Limited edition of 500 copies

Hard cover

offset print (CMYK)

Price 20 €


If you are as well, enthusiastic about these legendary old cars or have your own memories about a particular one or you just like to have a specialized drawing compilation; help Lapin to make this book real.

Lapin needs people like you who supports art and values these antique treasures.

The amount will be dedicated to the cost of quality printing and shipping costs. In case of exceeding the amount requested the money will be devoted to a possible increase of the edition, the compensation of the collaborators and to copyright.

"Oldies but Goldies " is planned to be printed on the beginning of December,2013 and please consider that you will get your beautiful presents for your contribution between the end of December,2013 and on the beginning of January, 2014.


All the delivery will be sent from the end of December 2013 on and duration of the receive may vary depending on the destination.

The “Car Sketching Tour” mentioned for the contribution of 1000€ will

be “a la carte “.

*Acknowledgements are only for the contributions made until 1st of December included. From that day we will start the editing process and we can will not be able to add the names received.

All the shipping apart from the amount 35€ is included.

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  • mrlobo


    over 10 years


    No he recibido el libro aún y creo que ha pasado un tiempo más que prudencial. Le he enviado un correo y tampoco he recibido respuesta. Espero noticias. Un saludo

  • Chi Mai VO

    Chi Mai VO

    over 10 years

    Bonjour Lapin,

    Le livre Oldies But Goodies est enfin arrivé aujourd'hui même. Quelle joie! Le retard est dû à une erreur dans le code postal. Enfin, tout est bien qui finit bien: un GROS MERCI et BRAVO pour vos illustrations de bagnoles, j'adore!

  • Chi Mai

    Chi Mai

    over 10 years

    Moi aussi, je commence à m'inquiéter sérieusement de votre envoi! Normalement le courrier Europe-Canada arrive au bout d'une semaine ou au plus tard 2 semaines. Or nous sommes le 21 janvier aujourd'hui et toujours rien! Merci de me répondre.

  • Lapin


    over 10 years

    hola guik,

    votre livre a été envoyé le 22 décembre dernier.

    la poste espagnole m’a informé que suite à la quantité d’envoies en cette période de l’année, le délais de livraison pourrait être plus long qu’à la normal.

    ce matin, un espagnol m’a informé qu’il venait de recevoir son livre envoyé le même jour.

    toutefois, si vous n’avez rien reçu dans les 10 jours, je me verrai obligé à renouveler l'envoie.

    veuillez m’excuser pour le désagrément,

    bonne soirée, lapin.

  • Guik LePutridre

    Guik LePutridre

    over 10 years


    Je vous ai envoyé plusieurs mail dont celui concernant mes coordonnées à l'adresse suivante : [email protected]. N'ayant pas eu de retour de votre part et ne voyant pas arrivé de paquet je commence à m'inquiéter.


  • Lapin


    over 10 years

    hola eusebio,

    claro que puedes comprarlo, esta en venta en mi tienda online: http://laboutiquedelapin.bigcartel.com/product/oldies-but-goldies

  • Eusebio Roncal Lozano

    Eusebio Roncal Lozano

    over 10 years

    Todavía podría comprarlo?

  • Fannie R.

    Fannie R.

    over 10 years


    Je suis vraiment super contente que ce projet voit le jour !

    Par contre, j'ai bien reçu un mot annonçant qu'il fallait donner son adresse de livraison ; que faut-il faire, à qui l'envoyer s'il vous plait?



  • Ignacio Baldrich España

    Ignacio Baldrich España

    over 10 years

    Mi dirección es Paseó España n 14 (Rocamar) Sant Pere de Ribes 08810 Barcelona ya me diréis cuando me mandáis el libro gracias

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