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La Ricarda, the glass house

"La Ricarda, la casa de vidre" is a documentary that tells the story of what is considered a jewel in the crown of Catalan rationalism: the Gomis’ house – also known as La Ricarda – and also that of the architect who designed it, Antonio Bonet Castellana (1913-1989).

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La Ricarda, la casa de vidre is a documentary that tells the story of what is considered a jewel in the crown of Catalan rationalism: the Gomis’ house – also known as La Ricarda – and also that of the architect who designed it, Antonio Bonet Castellana (1913-1989).

Situated in the middle of the delta of the river Llobregat, surrounded by pine trees and just metres from the sea, the design of the building was started in the early 1950’s by the architect Antonio Bonet, resident in Argentina since 1938. He was appointed as architect by the owners of the house, Ricardo Gomis and Ines Bertrand.

The design of the house itself is clearly defined from the beginning of the project and it is through the many letters that Ricardo Gomis and Antonio Bonet exchange between the years of 1950 and 1963 that each and every tiny detail of the design are detailed.

Space, proportions and light. The relationship between the house and its surroundings. The care taken in every detail. And all done with people in mind.

From the moment La Ricarda was finished in 1963 (and largely due to Ricardo Gomis’ passion for music and sound reproduction), La Ricarda becomes an important meeting place for those at the cultural vanguard and provides a venue for some of the musical and theatrical events organised by Club 49.

During Franco’s dictatorship La Ricarda turns into a place of creation and exhibition where artists were able to meet. Some of the artists who met there are: Conxita Badía, Magda Bolumar, Joan Brossa, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Robert Gerhard, Claude Helffer, Joaquim Homs, J-M Mestres Quadreny, Terri Mestres, Joan Miró, Tete Montoliu, Joan Prats, Jean Pierre Rampal, Carles Santos, Edualdo Serra, Eulàlia Solé, Antoni Tàpies and Moisés Villèlia. There were many more…

The cutting-edge of architectural design and cultural creativity. A passionate story that we would love to tell in La Ricarda, la casa de vidre.

Please help us make it possible.

Those that have so far confirmed their availability and will participate in the documentary are:

  • The Gomis Bertrand family, owners of La Ricarda

  • Victoria Bonet, architect, daughter of Antonio Bonet Castellana

  • Fernando Alvarez, architect, restorer of La Ricarda

  • Jordi Roig, architect, restorer of La Ricarda

  • Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny, musician and composer, member of Club 49

  • Albert Cercos, architect through whose eyes the story of La Ricarda will be told

Through the voices of the above we will learn about the amazing house that is La Ricarda. Two of the participants would like to share the following with you:

We are a small team and need funds to be able to continue our project. Your contribution will help us finance the following:

  • Travel costs and expenses of the film crew

  • The technical equipment needed to film

  • The post-production costs

  • Taxes and commision payable to Verkami

  • Gifts for contributors

  • Promotion of the documentary at television and film festivals

  • Preproduction: from September 2012 to when filming begins

  • Filming: in the first quarter of 2014

  • Postproduction: during the months of April and May 2014

  • Release of "La Ricarda, la casa de vidre": june 2014

Gifts to contributors will be made from July 2014. They can also be collected at presentation events after the release of the documentary

La Ricarda, la casa de vidre is a project by Xavier Garcia (diploma in Film Direction, Bande à Part Barcelona Film School) and Albert Murillo (degree in Film Photography, ESCAC), founders of Sense of Motion.

Other important members of the project are:

  • Elena Torrent, production

  • Albert Cercós, architect

  • Marçal García, sound design

  • Jordi Borrull, original sound track

  • Josep Balada, postproduction

  • Oriol Fabró, making of

You can learn more about the team here

Blog of documentary
Facebook page

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#01 / Acte de presentació del projecte documental al COAC (Recordant Antoni Bonet Castellana)

El dia 25 de Novembre a les 19h es celebrarà al COAC (Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya) l’acte de presentació del projecte documental “La Ricarda, la casa de vidre”.

Esteu tots convidats al acte, us hi esperem!

El día 25 de Noviembre a las 19h se celebrará en el COAC (Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya) el acto de presentación del proyecto documental “La Ricarda, la casa de vidre”.

Estáis todos invitados al acto, ¡Os esperamos!

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