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"Ab Origine". Video and audio recording for solo natural horn

Hermann Baumann introduced me to the natural horn more than 25 years ago. It was a time for self-improvement,composed of moments of successes and failures. A time for investigation,imagination,and discovery that ultimately led to this challenge combining tradition,virtuosity and contemporary music.

Javier Bonet

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The aim is to finance my new project, "Ab origine", (music for solo natural horn) in collaboration with my usual record label, ARSIS

This is an innovative project for two reasons:

1- It is unique within the world of classical music.

A recording consisting of only music for solo natural horn, an instrument so often associated with little more than hunting calls, is something almost unprecedented. And to offer in a single program the full recording of the incredible 12 Caprices of J.F. Gallay – representing the highest pinnacle of difficulty for the instrument – together with contemporary music by Baumann, Bujanovski, Francis and Brotons, is to make the challenge even more complex and, therefore, interesting.

And there could be no one better to help achieve this, than Hermann Baumann my teacher, the person who brought the natural horn back to centre stage and, without a doubt, one of the best horn players of all times.

2- The chosen format

On the outside, the box will look like a CD, but when opened, it will reveal a GPD (Geaster Pen Drive), the new and revolutionary format offered by the ARSIS record label, which consists of a memory stick containing a CD-quality recording (in addition to other, alternative formats) together with HD video recordings of some of the pieces, photos, interviews with composers, performers and professors of the instrument (notably, with my own teacher, Hermann Baumann) and many more Gigabytes of information. You can play it back on any device with a USB port or convert it into a CD or DVD for a conventional player. Inside there is a file MFD, that you can read with every PDF reader, with all the contents of the GPD; text, audio and video.

The title of this work, “Ab Origine”, (from the origins) is meant to evoke a musical journey with the natural horn from its very beginnings until current contemporary music. This is also the title of one of the pieces in the program, the piece for solo horn by Salvador Brotons, which was created, at my request, from the solo part of his concerto for horn and orchestra.

Daring to play unaccompanied on natural horn may seem like a crazy idea. With your help, I am confident that I will be able to demonstrate that nothing is impossible, and that music can bring to light many facets that until now seemed unimaginable.


As you know, in the 25 years that have passed since Hermann Baumann introduced me to this marvelous instrument, I have become, without my meaning to, a point of reference for natural horn. Top prizes in the only natural horn competitions in existence bear witness to this fact, as well as collaborations with some of the finest historical music ensembles. In the recording world, two duet recordings with pianist Miriam Gómez-Morán and two others with the natural horn ensemble which I founded, “Corniloquio”, all in collaboration with my friends at ARSIS, attest to my dedication to the instrument. But a man cannot live on natural horn alone, and so my activities with the modern horn are my other focus of activity, as is demonstrated by my post with the National Orchestra of Spain, with several awards from international competitions and appointments to the juries of many others. I have maintained an intense recording schedule, with more than 10 CDs as a soloist. I hope that this new production may hold even more surprises.


For horn enthusiasts and professional players, this unique project will, I hope, change any preconceived ideas you may have had about the natural horn. This is something than should not be lacking in your recording library, and which I guarantee will not disappoint you. To take part in its production is worthwhile in and of itself.

For music lovers in general, open to new sounds and experiences, this is something which you would never have imagined could exist, and which I am certain will not leave you indifferent.

The Audio has already been recorded, here is a DEMO This is another great way to build your enthusiasm for helping to finish the project.

And also a DEMO with fragments of the Videos


In Audio, several quality formats including that of a traditional CD:

• 12 Grands Caprices, opus 32, for solo natural horn, by J.F Gallay.
• Fantasy on the “Rendez vous de chasse de Rossini” for solo natural horn by J. Bonet
• Elegy for solo natural horn by Hermann Baumann
• Balade for solo natural horn by Vitali Bujanovsky
• The Dying Deer for solo natural horn by Alun Francis
• Ab Origine for solo natural horn by Salvador Brotons

In HD Video format, in several languages with subtitles in English and Spanish:

• Commentary by Hermann Baumann. His beginnings on the natural horn, his vision for the instrument and commentary on the Elegy he composed.
• Commentary by Salvador Brotons on Ab Origine
• Commentary by Daniel Bourgue on the “Grand caprices de Gallay”
• Commentary by Javier Bonet. Natural horn and its technique.
• Videos of several of the pieces recorded in Audio. Recorded in HD format with several cameras.

The number we are able to make will depend on the amount of money raised above the minimum goal amount.

All of these features will have the top-notch quality that is demanded in today’s audio-visual market.

The sheet music for the first edition of the Caprices by Gallay. All the commentaries and program notes will be included in a printed booklet as well in PDF format.


Recording the CD, transportation of equipment and technicians, lodging and travel expenses, editing and mastering. The cost of the new Pen Drives, which are more expensive than traditional CDs, as well as graphic arts development, copyright costs, taxes, etc.

Additionally, and what is most costly, the production of the videos that will be included, which will be recorded with several HD cameras; Equipment, technicians and all the post-production costs.

All of this will amount to much more than what we are asking for. I will personally make up the difference between the money which we raise and the final cost.

The more funds we raise, above and beyond the minimum funding goal, the more videos we will be able to include, with higher quality and additional contents. I urge you to help so that we can make this worthy project a success.


The recording of most of the Audio has already been done in the church of Berdún (Huesca). We plan to begin editing the audio, as well as record and edit the videos, develop the graphics, create and edit the booklet and produce the external storage medium (GPD), with the goal of having everything completed by the beginning of next year. As the first part is almost finished, our target date for delivery to our sponsors will be next April.


Times have changed. It is no longer possible to finance projects through recording companies and public founds like before. If we want to support cultural projects, we must help and support one another; those of us working on cultural projects need your help, even just a small amount. This is not the same as a donation, because you will always receive something in exchange which will be worth much more than what you are giving.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/jbonet.horn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/frenchhornbonet


email: [email protected]


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#08 / ¡Listo! Ready!

Por fin está aquí "Ab Origine".

Ab Origine is ready.

Queridos todos,

Ya lo tenemos!, Poco a poco iremos enviando a todos el proyecto del que estamos muy satisfechos y esperamos os guste

Dear friends,

We are ready!. We´ll start to send it as soon as possible. Be patient please, we have to do one by one. Thanks again! We hope you will like it!

Chers amis,

Nous sommes prêts!. Nous allons commencer à envoyer dès que possible. Soyez patient s'il vous plaît, nous avons à faire un par un. Merci encore! Nous espérons que vous l'aimerez!

While you're waiting you can see this little DEMO in:

Mientras esperáis podéis ver esta pequeña DEMO en:

Pendant que vous attendez, vous pouvez voir cette petite démo en:



¡Queridos amigos!

¡Lo hemos conseguido!. Este éxito es tan vuestro como nuestro. Ahora nos queda trabajar a tope para que el resultado esté a vuestra altura. La verdad es que como siempre estuvimos seguros de conseguirlo, no hemos dejado de trabajar ni un instante y como muestra de ello y en agradecimiento os dejo aquí un track completo del Audio. Nada menos que el Gran Capricho núm. 10, uno de los más completos y virtuosos. ¡Espero que os guste!

Dear friends!

we have achieved it!. This success is also yours!. Now we have to work very hard to reach the highest results. As we were always sure to get it, we have not stopped working one second and as proof of this and to thanks you, I leave here a full Audio track.The Grand Caprice num. 10, one of the most complete and virtuous. I hope you enjoy it!

#06 / DEMO de los Videos/Video DEMO

Estimados amigos:

El proyecto continúa, ya tenemos algunos vídeos y estoy encantado de mostraros uns pequeña DEMO con fragmentos sin editar de ellos. Espero os gusten...

Dear friends:

The project is going on. We already have some videos recorded. Here is a small DEMO. Enjoy it!

#05 / Demo del Audio

Queridos amigos/Dear friends:

Ya tenemos el audio acabado y tengo el gusto de que podais ser los primeros en escuchar un resumen de lo que será. Ahora vamos a por el vídeo, a ver si conseguimos la cantidad necesaria. Seguid compartiendo con vuestros amigos y en vuestras redes para que lleguemos. ¡Muchas gracias de nuevo y que os guste!

Already we have the project´s audio and I am glad to show you a summary of what will be. Now we are working for the video. I hope we´ll obtain the necessary quantity of funds. Continue sharing it with your friends and in your networks. Thank you very much again for your support!

#03 / El archivo MFD, la revolución multimedia/MFD file, the multimedia revolution

Y dentro del GDP, tendremos el MFD, un archivo PDF, legible con cualquier lector PDF, con todo el contenido del GPD. Reproducible además con cualquier teléfono o tableta, todos los textos, audios y videos. Exactamente el mismo que recibirás en descarga si optas por la compra online.

And for the online download, this will be the MFD file, a PDF that you can read with every PDF reader, even in your phone or tablet. It will be included in the GPD if you buy the entire project.

#01 / Notas al programa

Hola a todos:

Tengo una fantástica noticia. Las notas al programa que irán escritas en el libreto en PDF, serán redactadas por una referencia mundial del mundo de la trompa natural y una de las persona que más saben probablemente de J.F. Gallay

Michel Garcin-Marrou,ex-profesor del Conservatorio Superior de París y de trompa natural del Superior de Lyon.

Es un honor para mí y sin duda un enriquecimiento increíble para el proyecto. Estoy muy contento de que haya aceptado entusiasmado mi propuesta.

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