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New album by Matias Costa

"Until it rain crocodiles." Project 12 musical songs themselves freely passing through different styles with a clear intention to experiment and risk in each song. His autobiographical lyrics, and autoescritas autobiológicas are stained with metaphors and irony.

matias costa

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This, my second album, is a self-produced work in all its dimensions. It has been recorded and edited on my own homestudio with the expressed intention of capturing the spontaneity of the creative process.

In this work I used rhythms that have influenced me over the years with an air of folklore, tango, reggae, pop, rock or the simplicity of a song for guitar and voice.

I have had the collaboration of great musicians that have always accompanied me as Txus Costalago (keyboards), Manu Estoa (guitar) y Santi Manresa(percussion), and with the special participation of Argentine Songwriting Paula Neder y Sebastián Garay. Also spoke on the disc Mati Pando and Cuban singer Miguel Ángel de la Rosa, among other musicians in the current scene of Barcelona.

For the album cover, I am proud to have the collaboration of visual artistKardo Kosta, who am lucky enough to be my father and this project has developed a graphical illustration work with photographs of my childhood.

Ultimately, the project is like a slideshow of 13 years of artistic enrichment in Barcelona and the illusion of sharing my songs and approach them.

Following in the spirit of partnership that has been forged with the disc, hopefully with the collective support and let's get this project off and keep singing*"Until it rain crocodiles"*.


Contributions are directed to the final stage of the disc, ie, the mixing and mastering of the one part, and the other further editing.

The ultimate goal is the realization of 500 copies including internal booklet with lyrics and images.


The actual recording process completed by the end of December. If we do possible, mixing and mastering will take place in January, which in February 2014, "Until it rain crocodiles" will world and then the rewards can be delivered to those who have supported this project.


You can get many rewards from discs, shirts, badges, graphic prints made by the artist Kosta Kardo exclusive to this album and more.

There are also rewards for those early patrons inside and outside the European community including shipping costs.

The remaining Rewards will be delivered with all the enthusiasm in hand on the day of the concert to promote the record in Barcelona or any other concert Matías Costa no expiration date. If unable to attend any of the concerts for whatever reason, will be sent by regular mail at no cost.

Some of the work carried out by Kosta Kardo.

T exclusive "Until it rain crocodiles."

Of course, thank you all for believing. "It's about trying, is" ...

Hear my first album:

For anything do not hesitate to contact in

[email protected]

or through Facebook:
Matias Costa

You can also visit the website with all the info, audio, videos, etc..:
Matias Costa web

or maybe you fancy seeing me canal de Youtube


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  • matias costa

    matias costa

    over 10 years

    Claro que si señor de hecho Rolando y Rolandito son ls encargados de la producción artistica

  • Javi Jareño

    Javi Jareño

    over 10 years

    Señor Costa estoy muy muy excitado....me han dicho que en TVE1 han comentado que Rolando y Rolandito apoyan totalmente su nuevo proyecto...¿¿¿¿es esto cierto????

  • Kike Ubieto

    Kike Ubieto

    over 10 years

    Mati: si consigo colapsar la prima de riesgo hasta mínimos históricos ¿podré hacer que la inflación suba hasta los 1500€ ? Y, lo que es más importante ¿hasta qué punto puede influir en la reconversión anual e ínterestatal del IBEX 35?

  • matias costa

    matias costa

    over 10 years

    Claro que si Kike puedes hacerlo sin ningun problema pero hacelo rapidito que esto se acaba jajaa

  • Kike Ubieto

    Kike Ubieto

    over 10 years

    Mati: si hago que la prima de riesgo baje hasta mínimos históricos, ¿podría influir en la inflación de las recompensas reptilianas para que el IBEX 35 se estabilice hasta sobrepasar los 1500€ por bono del estado?

  • matias costa

    matias costa

    over 10 years

    Pablito querido, muchas gracias por tus palabras hermano, que ganas que tengo de verlos y reirnos un buen rato, Un gran abrazo para esa familia linda y seguimos hablando

  • Pablo Baldillou

    Pablo Baldillou

    over 10 years

    Que alegría hermano ,nos pone muy contento,tus iniciativas y tus ganas de compartir todos tus proyectos,y tus particulares poesías y sonidos Sos un grande vamos que lo lograrás desde miami te mandamos un abrazo grande y nuestro aporte en breve bye

  • matias costa

    matias costa

    over 10 years

    Luluuuuuu que va son cocodrilos muy mansitos pero tampoco pongo las manos en el fuego por ellos ja un abrazo enorme y a ver ese kike cuando se hace un cocodrilo al curry

  • Lulu


    over 10 years

    Matiii!!! ¿Los cocodrilos que lloverán, muerden? Mucha suerte compañero!!

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