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Help CosmoSoul out with the recording of their NEW ALBUM.

CosmoSoul, one the most influential bands in Spain's music scene, has decided to embark on a new journey: their second record. Contribute your handful of earth!!! Even the smallest gesture could be of great help.


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Hello, we are CosmoSoul.

We come from 3 different continents and 5 different countries:

Argentina, Bissau, Nigeria, Italy and Spain.

Three years ago our paths crossed in Madrid's music scene and since then we've become a self produced and self managed group.

Two years back we were able to release our first album, "Sunrise", in which we began to develop our musical identity.


Since then we've been playing our music throughout many countries and we've lived wonderful experiences together.

Our music has come a long way thanks to all the people we've met and enriching moments we've shared during the ride.

New musical flavors have emerged and we feel that the time has come to show them to you.

That's why we've decided to embark on a new journey that will take us to the realization of our second album.

The motif of our new project is the earth, the earth upon which we walk, the earth from which we came.

Earth means unity, union, identity, roots, nature, honesty, power, simplicity, imperfection.

Earth means belonging, sharing, helping, receiving, communicating, respecting, pondering, breathing, loving ...


We live in difficult times and it's difficult to move forward with our projects, especially when we're talking about art and culture.

We believe it is important to never give up the struggle of making music and making sure it gets to your ears.

This is why we would like to count on you to help us bring our new record to life.

All of you can offer up your own handful of "earth".


The 9000 Euros we need to reach are to be used entirely for the production of the record, which includes the following:

  • Recording in José Maria Rosillo's studio.

  • The mixing process with José Luis Crespo.

  • The mastering with Dave Kutch, The Mastering Palace (New York).

  • Printing 1000 copies in DigiPack plus 1000 more copies of our previous album "Sunrise".

CosmoSoul will take care of the production of:

  • Merchandising (t-shirts, buttons, and other items)

  • Promotional Expenses

  • Album release party


The recording will begin on the 1st of November and our aim is to finish by December.

The official release party will take place at the beginning of January in Madrid and that's when your rewards will be sent out.






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  • CosmoSoul


    over 10 years

    Hola Joachim. Gracias por interesarte a nuestro crowdfunding! :)

    En principio aunque las aportaciones tengan recompensas se consideran donaciones, con lo cual no se le puede hace factura. lo siento!

    Ti tienes problemas nos lo dices e intentamos buscar alguna solución.

    Un saludo!

  • joachim altevogt

    joachim altevogt

    over 10 years

    se puede hacer una factura por aportación?saludos, jojo

#03 / Lo conseguimos!!! We did it!!!

Solo una palabra, just one word:

gracias, thanks, grazie, obrigado, dankie, danke, shukran ,dhanyavadagalu , gràcies, merci , Баркал, barkalwado, 谢谢 , 감사합니다 , mèsi , hvala , ďakujem , hvala , kiitos merci , tapadh leat ,diolch , grazas graciñas , merkzi , დიდი მადლობა , ευχαριστώ ,aguyjé , mahalo ,dhanyavad , dank u wel / dank je ,terima kasih ,taiku , takk, , ありがとうございました ,arigato, matondo , murakoze , sobodi ,tenki, spas , khob chai , gratias ago / gratias agimus , ačiū,благодарам (blagodaram) /фала , terima kasih,kia ora ,aabhari aahe / aabhar /dhanyavaad ,Баярлалаа , barka, takk ,mauruuru , manana , motashakkeram, mamnun, mersi , dziękuję, sukriya , sulpáy , najis tuke ,mulţumesc ,спасибо spasiba, faafetai lava , хвала , meharbani ,waad, mahadsantahay,tack,mauruuru , nandri , rahmat, ขอบคุณค่ะ , ขอบคุณครับ, teşekkür ederim / sagolun , дякую ,shukriya, rahma,trahmat , cám ơn ,kettu'i a dank , o sheun , ngiyabonga!!!!

#02 / Ya tenemos diseñador de camisetas!

Gracias a tod@s por vuestras aportaciones de estos días!!

Vamos para adelante!!! llevamos 5 días y seguimos necesitando vuestro puñado de tierra!!

Gracias a lo que habéis estado aportando ya hemos podido contactar con:
LADIËRESIS "Store of Creations"

con los cuales hemos empezado a trabajar al diseño de las Camisetas Oficiales CosmoSoul, y demás merchandising!

Todavía falta mucho y la meta parece estar aún muy lejos, pero
¡¡tod@s juntos podemos!!!

#01 / Concierto viernes 11 en el café Berlin!

Para empezar la CCC (Campaña Crodfunding Cosmosoul) en grande queremos hacer un brindis musical con todos los que están aportando y los que aportarán!!

Este viernes tenemos cita en el Café Berlin !!

Vamos a hacer un CONCIERTO ESPECIAL con NOVEDADES EN EXCLUSIVA y mucha buena energía para que os vayáis haciendo al sabor que traerá nuestro nuevo disco!!

Allí os esperamos a partir de las 22:30!!

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