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We are a Gospel Choir who, after 20 years of singing Gospel classics and Spirituals, set out to record a new album of our own songs "Tal Como Soy" ("Just as I am"). It is comprised of a mix of Funky, Soul and a bit of Dance to accompany the Gospel spirit that runs through our veins.

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We reached our goal but keep going! Next, we would like to have a Concert of presentation ... We still have a few days to make it

GOSPEL GLORIA is made up of members from different Evangelical Churches of the Valencian Community (Spain), though we have been in many places in the rest of the country sharing this special music.

We don't make a living off music but we put all our eagerness into what we do because we believe it's worth it.

Gospel is spiritual music about God and the hope that we have, as believers, of an eternal life. This produces intense feelings and we know music is a great way to express what we believe and try to live out each day. It is not just music, it is pure experience.

Do you want to get to know us a bit better? Visit our channel on YouTube

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Over the last 20 years we have been primarily dedicated to raising awareness of this rich musical and spiritual legacy, through concerts and direct contact with the public. We released two live albums in 1999 and 2001, but nothing more… until now!

Our repertoire has always been based on versions of great songs sung by other choirs and artists of prestige, however adapted to our character by adding the “Gloria touch”, but now we feel the need to express ourselves with our own sound. We now present an album full of new tracks, composed and arranged by ourselves. We could say that it is a record of purely Spanish Gospel.

What we want to do is tell our experiences in our own words, our chords and melodies and our personal way of understanding Gospel.

© Imagina Fotografía - Recording in Millenia Studios


We are not alone in this adventure; we have sought the best possible help, and have, miraculously, had at our disposal the composer and producer Joakim Arenius.

Joakim was the director of Joybells, the oldest Gospel choir in Europe, and is currently working on his own personal project with Praise Unit, which is just too good to miss. Check out some of their videos to give you an idea of Joakim´s high quality production.

© Imagina Fotografía - Joakim with Vicente Sabater at Estudio Millenia


You can give us a hand with this exciting project and become part of the Gospel story in Spain. You too can help others appreciate the power of our music and the hope it brings. You will discover a new sound and a new way of doing Gospel that will go straight to your heart.


As you can imagine, being an amateur choir, our resources are limited. So far we have only managed to cover our recording expenses; however, we still have so much more to do! The post-production, mixing and mastering still needs to be completed, as well as the cover design, copying and distributing of the CDs.

If all goes well, we would also like to organise a concert to share our new CD with you live.

It’s now in your hands!

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We still cannot give a specific date of when the CD will be ready. Although the recording process is finished, we are still depending on a range of other factors.

Our intention is to be ready by the end of this year or at the beginning of 2014. We will keep you informed of every step through our blog.

To get to know us better, you can follow us on Facebook on Twitter on our Web, and on our channel on YouTube

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  • Vicen


    over 7 years

    Es posible cambiar los 3 packs de 60 euros más uno de 20 euros por uno de 250 euros y pagar los 50 euros de diferencia? Hice mi pedido ayer. Soy vicenroyocalvo@msn.com

  • Gospel Gloria

    Gospel Gloria

    over 7 years

    Hola Mar,

    Puedes mirar en la columna de la derecha, donde dice "aportar al proyecto", escoge la cantidad y la recompensa que más te convenga y sigue las instrucciones.

    Muchas gracias por tu interés!

    Un saludo,

  • mar


    over 7 years

    ¿Como puedo hacer mi pequeña aportación? Gracias

  • Gospel Gloria

    Gospel Gloria

    over 7 years

    Buenas tardes Pastor Díez,

    Creo que ya ha contactado con nosotros por email, de todas formas hablaré con el responsable de los temas administrativos para que le facilite los datos que necesita.

    Muchísimas gracias por su ayuda!


  • Pastor Alfredo Diez

    Pastor Alfredo Diez

    over 7 years

    Necesito los datos bancarios para hacer os la transferencia IBAN y SWIFT/BIC!

    Gracias. Saludos y bendiciones

    Iglesia Evangélica Hispana

    Pastor Alfredo Díez

    Technikumstr. 78

    8400 Winterthur - Suiza

    Tel.+41 52 345 05 27


#05 / "Tal Como Soy", last stop...

Just a year ago, we were giving form to an idea that we had been considering for a long time: to record a CD with our own original songs and professional quality.

We had the songs, but how to make real what only was a dream? As you know, we are not professionals, "only" a group of people united by a faith and a passion. Verkami offered us the means and you your unconditional support.

The project was closed with a result that exceeded all our expectations, and we were put to work. They have been months of intense but exciting work (we could possibly write a book about it) and.. here it is!

Many of you already have it, others will receive it in the next few days. We are now “closing the circle " and this project. Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible! So we can only say a big THANK YOU to all of you!! We are so grateful!

"Tal Como Soy" is already available in digital platforms and in our web

You can keep informed about our activities through FB and Twitter

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#04 / "Tal Como Soy", fin de trayecto...

Hace justo un año, estábamos acabando de dar forma a una idea que llevábamos mucho tiempo considerando: grabar un CD con canciones originales, propias, y con calidad profesional.

Teníamos las canciones, pero ¿cómo convertir en algo real lo que sólo era un sueño? Como sabéis, no somos profesionales, “sólo” un grupo de gente unida por una fe y una pasión. Verkami nos ofreció el medio de difusión y vosotros el apoyo incondicional.

El proyecto se cerró con un resultado que sobrepasó todas nuestras expectativas, y nos pusimos a trabajar. Han sido meses de intenso pero apasionante trabajo (sobre los que posiblemente podríamos escribir un libro) y, al fin, aquí está el resultado,

Muchos ya lo tenéis, otros lo recibiréis en los próximos días. De esta forma “cerramos el círculo”, y este proyecto, dándoos de nuevo las gracias y deseando que lo disfrutéis.

¡Sin vosotros no hubiera sido posible!

"Tal Como Soy" ya está disponible en plataformas digitales y en nuestra web

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#03 / ¡¡Lo hemos conseguido!! / We did it!!

Gracias a todos los que habéis participado, hemos conseguido alcanzar nuestra meta

Como aún nos quedan 7 días en Verkami, y nos gustaría aprovecharlos, estamos pensando en organizar el concierto de presentación. Puedes aprovechar para conseguir nuestro CD con las ventajas que te ofrecemos en exclusiva, si todavía no has tenido ocasión.


Thanks to all of you that have participated, we reached our goal!

Since we still have 7 days left in Verkami, and we would like to take advantage of them, we are thinking of organizing the concert of presentation. If you didn't had the occasion before, you can now obtain our CD with the advantages that we are offering you.


#02 / A dream about to come true

Starting something is never easy but it can be many other things. To have a dream for a long time just to find out one day that it can become true can be really exciting! That's the way we feel at the moment.

Our project has overcome its first weekend, now let's get motivated for the week ahead!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to those of you that have already given us your support! We want to thank you, even if you "just" had the time to have a look at the project! With your help our dream it can become a reality.

#01 / Un sueño camino de hacerse realidad

Empezar algo no es fácil pero puede ser muchas otras cosas. Tener un sueño durante años, y ver un día que puede hacerse realidad, puede ser emocionante hasta "decir basta!". Así nos sentimos nosotros estos días.

Nuestro proyecto ha superado su primer fin de semana, ahora vamos a por una semana llena de nuevas emociones!

MUCHAS GRACIAS a los que ya nos habéis apoyado!! Gracias a los que habéis encontrado tiempo para echarle un vistazo! Con vuestra ayuda, nuestro sueño puede llegar a ser realidad!

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