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Ara que ho tenim tot

Tzs Produccions launches its first drama project: ARA QUE HO TENIM TOT by Lee Blessing, starring Octavi Pujades, Núria Casas and directed by Quique Culebras. This work is a deep and crude reflection on a married couple and on their expectations.

Núria Casas

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Actors are always looking for a play to help us think on aspects of life that worry us. A couple of years ago, when I came across this play, it touched in a way that I felt not only that I had to work on it but also that I had to share it with the public.The peculiar way that the author presents this couple - with colloquial, cruel and funny dialogues - makes the characters as vivid and contradictory as we actually are.

Thus began the great adventure of this project!

I feel very lucky to have found this great team of people and from the real beginning I fell in love with the project. Now I need your financial support to implement it. Thank you very much !

Núria Casas


An apparently happy couple from a good family celebrates their twenty-year wedding anniversary at the same hotel where they spent their honeymoon. Apparently everything is perfect but the room in which they stay is not exactly the same as twenty years ago. They are dressing up to go to dinner with some good friends but without warning the buried claustrophobia of time and the disappointment of their marriage suddenly manifest itself.

Their attempt to find out what is happening with their wedding becomes pathetic and frustrating. At least this explosion of feelings reminds them that they are alive. But, can you call this marriage?


Ara Que Ho Tenim Tot is a miserious talk about love, about how the flowing of time, that is a romantic and passionate idea of ​​union has changed over the centuries and is now more relevant than ever.

With a poetic, funny and disconcerting direct language, this work gives us an honest exercise, shaking the view on the conventional idea of a couple and their marriage. Stability, comfort, safety, expectations, the idea of ​​romantic love, the desire that everything will last forever, how little we know of others... everything is questionable. This play presents what it means today to be married.

Quique Culebras


Lee Blessing is a contemporary American author of thirty plays, of which the best known off them and the only one that has been released in Spain is Un passeig pel bosc, awarded by the Association of American Theatre Critics and released at the Teatre Poliorama in 1991 by Enric Majó.

Blessing’s works address the major social and cultural issues of our society with a smart simplicity, clarity and humanity, always focusing on the complexity of the human being.

"It's a writer capable of articulated and fluid dialogues with a real magic to tame savage subjects", New York Times.
"LB is a subtle pen capable of putting on his characters’ mouth sharp, dramatic and cruel words", The Nation.


We would like to produce our show so that we can offer it to deaf people as well.

The audiodescripció is a communication technique that enables visual impaired and blind people to equally enjoy the show or the play.

Llorenç Blasi


Director: Quique Culebras

Translation and adaptation: Carla Torres Danés

Coach: Valentina Calandriello

Actors: Núria Casas i Octavi Pujades

Scenography: Sergi Broto

Original Music and Sound Space: Santi Palau

Lighting: Kiko Planas

Wardrobe: Lucy Tillett

Executive Producer: Cristina Ferrer

Production design assistant: Manuela Lorente

Photography and graphic design: Quique Culebras

Design and Layout: Ma. Rebeca Seisdedos

Audio description: Llorenç Blasi

A TZS.produccions Production


What we collect will help to cover the current most indispensable expenses to be able to start up the project.

We need to start rehearsing, building the scenography, setting up wardrobe, perishable materials, register the actors, etc…

The previous performance to the opening on May 9th will be recorded so as to be able to be offered to the theatres in Barcelona for the next season.

And if fortunately we get to our set aim, please do not hesitate to continue collaborating. Thus much more than 3.950€ are needed so that everyone can work under legal conditions.


Mid February we will start rehearsals and the 9th of May we will do a performance for all of the sponsors at the Parc Sandaru Civic Centre (C/ Bonaventura Muñoz, 31. Barcelona) and we are counting on releasing the play in the next theatre season in Barcelona.


This project will be possible because of you and the altruist colaboration of: Xavi Biel, Pere Tresserra, Esther Sánchez, Llorenç Blasi, Coté Asensio, Carlos Ruíz, Eliseo Medina, Noelia Sevilla i Fabrizio Tappero.

We want to express special gratitude to l'HOTEL LLEGENDES in Girona, l'HOTEL MARKET in Barcelona and el Club de Fitness HOLMES PLACE LES CORTS who help us offering wonderful rewards to our sponsors.


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  • Juan José García

    Juan José García

    over 10 years

    Com és que sabent fa temps que l'Octavi Pujades no és al projecte no ho comuniqueu en lloc i feu servir el seu "ganxo" per aconseguir diners al verkami? Molt mala pinta tot plegat i molta falta de professionalitat... Em sembla una falta de respecte.

#08 / Us presentem el nou actor del projecte: En JAUME GARCÍA-ARIJA

A l'Octavi li va sortir un comprimís professional i dissortadament va haver de deixar el projecte.

Superats els primers moments d'estrés de la situació, ens vam disposar a buscar i a sel.leccionar un nou actor.

No ha sigut una tasca gens fàcil, però finalment aquí el teniu disposat a donar-ho tot!!

El podeu veure cada dia a La Riera (TV3) en el paper de nòvio de la Lídia.


Daniel Cuello-Espanell
Àngels Codina

Lisa Berger

Laura González

Oscar Durán-Yates

Clara Carme Parramon

Isabel Devesa

Cinzia Casadio

Teresa Soler

Lluís Cussò

José Luís Salinas Ayuso


Gabi Corbo

Eva Parets

Romina Cocca

Pep Duran

Isabelle Bres

Natalia Rubio

Elisabet Fernández Dominguez

Edu Morera

M. Cruz

Marga C G
Àngels "Joies"


Eduardo Telletxea

Joan Torrens i Esther Solé


Javier Galitó Cava

Toni Torres Vilajosana

Carmen Vilao

Albert Riera

Rakel Ezpeleta


Ma Victoria Llena

Conxita Solans

Remei Casas

Màrius Díaz

Chusa Cabedo



Moltes gràcies !!!!!


Ildefons Vilanova



Ma. Rosa Muntané


Helena Torres

Rous Devesa


Montse Colilles

Mónica Bernuy Casas

Celia Canyelles

Rafael López-Monné

Chus Otero

Esther Solans


Bruno Jordá

Vicenç Mor

Carla Torres Danès

Antònia Suari


Toni Bisbal

Ma. Clara Camps Martínez

David Bel


Anna Ribó

Irene Domínguez

Fina Rius

Marta Fairen


Isabella Haaf


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