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L'art du Soleil s'omple de vida

L'Art du Soleil: itinerant teaching ecological Caravan show simples technologies focused on the self-dependence. With the conviction that another world is possible here and now we want to contribute to growing shift from positive values​​. Minstrels of 21stcentury.

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L'art du soleil, eco educational Caravan traveling to show simply technologies focused on self-reliance, is presented as a proposal of life in response to the current economic, social, ecological crisis. It is an honor to the magnificence and beauty of the star that gives us life.

The aim is to bring, to people who want to, valid for current days to change the individualistic logic and dehumanizing around us, either through prototypes put into practice inside or with the forms of relate to other human beeings.

On board you can find plenty of equipment, farming systems that open the doors to self-sufficiency, all designed with a dual function: in one side for a practical show of the same operation, and secondly, to supply the crew of the community of L'art du Soleil with food, water, warm places, travelling way, etc.

Thus, not only conceive L'Art du Soleil as a project full of gadgets applicable in daily life, but also try to watch a little beyond the tangible and focus the project on the human groups, so that processes and social trust generation take on a vital importance in knowledge transmission components, without losing sight of the needs of the individual as such.


Practical an theoric presentation with a huge amount of topic, such as:

  • Co-create an ecological and pedagogical caravane.

  • Grow-up the own food: spirulna, mushrooms, garden, etc.

  • How to eat: theory and practice of food combination and conscious cooking.

  • Conserve food: Conservació del menjar: fermentation, dehydration, microorganisms, etc. ...

  • Health self-management: prevention, cleaning, medicionales plants, MMS, ioga, active listening, etc. ...

  • Rolling to vegetable oil: recycling, adaptation and transformation engine oil into biodiesel, or vegetable oil.

  • Electrical autonomous: all you need to know.

  • Timeless natural cycles: water and organic materia.

  • The microbial revolution: discover the world of microorganisms.

  • Group liberation group: social constructions based on trust and mutual support.

  • Liberation of the female: knowing your body, menstruation, moon and moods, etc ...

  • Community life: conception of individu within the group.

    # # # And also:

  • Equip an event or space of autonomous systems (WC, filtrage water, electricity, spirulina cultivation, etc ...)

  • Popular meals.

  • Organitzación thematic workshops from 1 to 7 days.


In many cheerful, fun ways and always looking for interaction with the public in a plain and straightforward. With this porpuse we use the following formats as best suits:

  • Talks theoretical

  • Workshops

  • Debates

  • Practices coexistence

  • Participatory Theatre

  • Collective cookings

  • Jam Concert sessions

  • Experiential experience

  • Story-telling

  • Video-projections


In a truck detachable in a useful space of 35m² with a 25m² of scenario that exploit every corner to show the various interactive systems that integrate the natural cycles of the truck and 10m² for two rooms.

Traveling in squares, streets, community centers, schools, colleges, universities, communities, or where it is requested, with the support of a social vehicle and a bicycle.

Without making sense of political boundaries, rolling in where the imagination can reach.


Aquesta campanya és per donar l'empenta final en el procés de creació del projecte l'Art du Soleil.

Amb ella volem omplir de vida els següents espais:

  • Instal·lació fotovoltaica: 1650€

    • Bateries: 360€
    • Plaques solars fotovoltàiques: 600€
    • Regulador de càrrega: 415€
    • Instal·lació fotovoltaica de 600 W: 1650€
    • Ondulador: 275€
  • Creació de llapis de memòria, pòsters i samarretes: 1150€

  • Cultiu de bolets: 200€

  • Estació de fitodepuració: 300€


Encara que amb aquest mínim ja considerem que el camió serà operatiu, també hem detectat altres necessitats que ens agradaria cobrir:

  • Instal·lació d'un escenari cobert per l'hivern: 720€

  • WC optimitzat: 284€

  • Central itinerant de filtratge d'oli: 350€

  • Projector vàlid durant el dia 450€



L'Art du Soleil plans to start rolling from the spring of 2014.

Given the nomadic nature of the project, it will be used for the delivery inaugural tour of the various rewards. This tour is scheduled to start on the territory known as Catalunya, and then go getting the rest of the Iberian Peninsula and the south of France. After only be based on the borders that have the imagination.

The rewards can be collected at the location the truck from the successful completion of this campaign. If not, in some cases could be considered mailing small rewards.


  • R1 : GUIDELINES FOR SELF-SUFFICIENCY : A link to download more than 400 books categorized by topic and language. Inside you can find masterpieces by artists such as John Seymour , Massanobu Fukuoka , Eneko Landaburu , Andreas Moritz , Serge Latouche , Jairo Restrepo or Rodrigáñez Casilda . They speak, and practice self-reliance on several fronts such as health, food, comuntaria organization , etc. ...

Also you can encuentrar stories for children and adults , material published by L' Art du Soleil as small guides , such as the cultivation of micro algae spirulina, and some joia as the eighteenth century Dioscorides .

  • R2: UNCENSORED VIDEO PROMOTION : At Video recording there were some scenes that were censored ... the reward is a link to the uncensored Vesrion!
  • R3: NATURAL POSTER CYCLES : A poster summarizing the natural precesos water or organic matter. Coincides with the murals that will be able to see in the outer side of the truck parades . DIN A-3 size full of colour.
  • *R4 : A short-sleeved shirt with full color logo L' Art du Soleil to choose between purple , or also with red sleeves and a white body . To choose the model ( boy / girl/ child) and height .
  • *R5 USB MEMORY 8GB * : A pen 8 Gb capacity with a acurado regarding design and wood with FSC . Each pen comes with the information " guides for self-sufficiency " plus some extra stuff L' Art du Soleil.
  • R6 KIT BASIC L' ART DU SOLEIL : Links + Poster + + memory T sub
  • COMPLETE KIT R7 L' ART DU SOLEIL : Basic kit + fermented alcohol + +50ml to begin to cultivate spirulina ( or failing dried spirulina 20gr . )
  • R8 EXPERIENCE LIVING IN L' ART DU SOLEIL : The opportunity to enjoy two days aboard experiences L' Art du Soleil. Includes: full board the truck , personalized explanation of two workshops . Valid for a maximum of 3 people simultaneously.
  • EQUIPPED LIVING EXPERIENCE : Everything including life experience plus 2 t + 2 USB keys i technical material as chosen workshop .
  • R10 WORKSHOPS SITE : Presentation of a workshop to choose as available in closed or open. The place to choose. Maximum of 4 hours.
  • R11 TOWARDS TO SELF-SUFFICIENCY : Installation and montage of filtrage station cooking oil for use as fuel. Plans will be available on the website.
  • R12 SPECIAL GROUPS : A weekend with L' Art du Soleil in all its splendor : Camio obert , social vehicle i bike. Includes a minimum of 4 lectures / workshops. Available from spring 2014 to specify dates by place .
  • R13 Rolling with vegetable oil* : Adjusting an old diesel vehicle to operate 100 % recycled oil . Before there is compatibility check by model . Failing that you can install a biodiesel station family .

In addition , everyone who participates in the crowdfunding is invited to participate in all the presentations that make L' Art du Soleil wherever you go ! And an invitation to the Inaugural Party scheduled for spring 2014 .


Although it has not officially started filming, people who have already collaborated on the creation of L'Art du Soleil are many!

In all appreciate your cooperation often disinterested and imbued illusion dose.

Furthermore, the project is designed to accommodate 4 to 6 people living together. Right now there are 2 people who have decided to adapt their way of life according to the semi-nomadic semy-sedentary philosophy of the project:


Nomad, dreamy and passionate with human relationships, feeling and experiencing . Has toured a lot of parts of Catalunya having new experiences and knowledge that have formed as an individual. Among both participated in various meetings and group processes as l' Ateneu or the Sindicat de Muntanya . She has participated in various associations such as La Geganta Desperta or Muntanya Viva, dedicating to the preparation and conduct workshops for children and adolescents ecological awareness .

She is currently collaborating with the Cooperativa Integral Catalana , which is actively involved in supporting networking between projects of community life, education and production , while working in the Network experimentation microorganisms


Son of a little farmer in the Lleida, he's benn some years working in different social movement, mainly in the Cooperativa Integral Catalana from different areas and committees such as the group of transportation to walk to free moving.

Furthermore he particips also in the International Network of Growers of Spirulina for Food Sovereignity in organitzación stays in Era Architecture and the dissemination of systems and tools for self-reliance and decrease.

Do you wanna be the next one??


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#04 / Ja hi som!

Moltes gracis a totes!!!

Des de ses illes ja hi som! Ja hem arribat fins aquí!! Ja són 124 ses persones qui han participat fins avui!!

Superat aquest primer objectiu, i quan queden encara un parell de dies de campanya, es llança una nova recompensa per poder gaudir i compartir aquest projecte entre totes: invitació a la FESTA DE PRIMAVERA amb dinar de cel·lebració a bord del camió.

Per tothom qui ja hagi fet alguna aportació, hem creat una nova recompensa de 8€ per vindre en aquest dinar inaugural!!!

No passeu pena si no heu fet cap aportació, vos podeu convertir en mecenes per 16€ incloent el dinar de celebració + enllaç a 400 llibres d'autosuficiència.

SEGON OBJECTIU: Si arribem a la xifra de 4500€ hi haurà barra lliuro durant el dinar i tota s'horabaixa!!

**Menú: Vermut espirulinaire, paella de cuina conscient amb aliments procedents d'agricultura eco-lògica, (torca-boques inclòs).

**Begudes: Vi de Fausto, cervesa, batuts, sucs de fruita i aigua

read more

#03 / Tot il·luminats...

Tot il·luminats, l'Art du Soleil no para de voltar...

Amb les plaques solars ja instal·lades i els microorganismes fermentant a calonge, aquest cap de setmana hem estat a Lleida, al bar Can Ramón fent una presentació del cotxe a l'oli i de passada hem aprofitat per elaborar, esperem que un magnífic licor de codony que podreu tastar en quan acabem la campanya!

  • Reproducció de microogranismes de muntanya a Calonge:

Anirem penjant més fotos!!

Aprofitem per dir que des de ja podeu fer les vostres aportacions en metàl·lic al local de Les Golfes, Banyoles, i també al bar Can Ramón, Lleida.

#02 / Ya casi llega la electricidad!

Genteee! Muchísimas gracias por vuestras aportaciones!

Ya tenemos prácticamente las placas solares instaladas, aquí os enseñamos la presentación:

  • Montando el panel:

  • Las baterías:

  • Presentando las placas:

#01 / L'ART du Soleil en ruta cap a l'energia solar!

Passats 16 dies de l'inici de la campanya, el camió autosuficient i nòmada de la Cooperativa Integral Catalana ja ha iniciat la ruta cap a Mas Mont, Calonge, per tal de fer la instal·lació elèctrica de les plaques solars.

A totes les que heu col·laborat, us donem les gràcies pel vostre granet de sorra!

Queden 24 dies per aconseguir els 3.500!!

A partir de ja podeu seguir l'activitat del camió a facebook o al twitter

Aquí unes fotos de l'arribada a Mas Mont!

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