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The Fraga Family

A photographic exhibition of 35 pictures on a Galician-Cuban family in New York, whose life was documented by photographer Eutropio Rodríguez in 1997 and 1998.

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The proposal “The Fraga Family" is a solo exhibition project of thirty-five photographs in black and white that will take place in Igrexa da Universidade de Santiago de Compostela to celebrate Outono Fotográfico photography festival 2013. The thirty-five images, printed by a chemical process in sizes 55x70 and 100x150 cm, belong to a project that I shot in 1997 and 1998 in New York.


When I got to New York, I briefly documented the lives of many Galician families there. At the same the time I was looking for a project to document more widely during the year.

I photographed life in the Bronx, street parties, the subway, and it was not until I visited the Fragas at least a couple of times that I realized that my big project was going to be about them.

The Fraga Family is a story about the world. It is a project on migration and adaptation to another country over decades.

When I entered the Fraga home, an apartment of about sixty square meters, I found three generations of three different nationalities living there.

Grandpa Carlos, a Galician who had emigrated to Cuba in 1925; his Cuban daughter, Maria; Maria's husband and cousin at once, Pepe, Galician who had lived in France and Cuba as well; and the two sons of these, Richie and José, one hundred percent Americans.

I lived with The Fraga Family three days a week for eight months, shooting their prívate lives. I witnessed moments of their daily life and important events, such as when José Fraga, 27 and barely Spanish speaking, an important lawyer in a Manhattan Law Firm, could finally move out after paying off his law school loans.

This story now being exhibited belongs to the first part of a larger project that will be completed in the spring of 2014, photographing the Fragas 15 years later.


My name Eutropio Rodriguez and was born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain in 1969. I have a degree in Art History from the University of Santiago de Compostela and a degree in

Documentary Photography from the International Center of Photography in New York. I combine my work as a commercial and editorial photographer with my personal documentary projects I have shot in many countries. I´ve bee awarded with prestigious awards and I´ve posted my pictures in publications such as The New York Times and Rolling Stone Magazine. My work is present in many collections such as URJC, International Center of Photograpy and Caja España. I have also exhibited in the spaces of art or photography as EFTI-Madrid, Escaparate de San Pedro- Madrid, West Chelsea Building of Arts-NYC and MAC Gas Natural-Fenosa of A Coruña, Spain.

I have experience teaching photography courses in the International Center of Photography and the School for Social Research and as well teaching photography at the Museum MAC Gas Natural-Fenosa, Aire Art Center and Espacio Neutro de Cangas, Spain.

I am a founding member of the agency Peripheria Images.


The money being raised here in Verkami wil be used exclusively to buy photo paper and photo chemicals, and to acquire basic frameworks for mounting this exhibition for the Outono Fotográfico de Ourense 2013 photo-festival.


IIt is an important festival of photography at the national level with a strong track record of over thirty years. Outono Fotográfico takes place in the best exhibit spaces and with the best authors in Galicia. In the very near future will be its international break. I have participated in it, and this is my first solo exhibition.


Very much.

Igrexa da Universidade de Santiago de Compostela ,Church of the University of Santiago de Compostela, is one of the most important exhibition and cultural places in this country. It is a baroque religious building converted to a cultural space that gives it even more importance. It has a church organ and this place holds the most important exhibitions and concerts.


All patrons will be invited to the exhibition, with explicit mention where the rewards will be given as far as possible, and offered a tour and presentation of the project by the photographer.


You can follow the course of proxecto The Fraga Family on his blog: thefragafamily.wordpress.com


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  • ff traballos fotográficos

    ff traballos fotográficos

    almost 9 years

    Cúando puedo recibir mi recompensa? increíble pero no he recibido nada...

  • Eutropio Rodriguez

    Eutropio Rodriguez

    over 9 years

    Preferiblemente prefiero entregar las recompensas en mano, Si vienes por Santiago hazmelo saber y si no te la llevo yo en dos semanas cuando me acerque a Coruña.

    Gracias Belen

  • Belén Fernández Suárez

    Belén Fernández Suárez

    almost 10 years

    Estimado Eutropio: Como humilde mecenas he puesto la modesta cantidad de 25 euros. Estuve en la inauguración de la exposición y en otra visita posterior. Pero nunca recibí las fotografías ni ningún e-mail pidiendo mis datos. Espero una respuesta.

  • Eutropio Rodriguez

    Eutropio Rodriguez

    about 10 years

    José Manuel: El próximo taller Argonauta va a llevarse a cabo en el mes de Octubre en la iglesia de la universidad a la vez que se expone The Fraga Family. Durante un fin de semana de octubre los asistentes serán motivados por trabajos de maestros e inspirados por sus propios proyectos latentes, que orientados por mi, encontrarán lugar y razón.

  • José Manuel Cereijo Garea

    José Manuel Cereijo Garea

    over 10 years

    Dónde se realizará el próximo taller argonauta?

  • Eutropio Rodriguez

    Eutropio Rodriguez

    over 10 years

    Estimado Fernando: El proyecto Argonauta es un taller sobre motivación e inspiración en fotografia que diseñe yo y que imparto desde hace unos años en escuelas de fotografía y centros de arte. En este taller procuro contagiar a los asistentes la energia que siento yo por la fotografía y que es en realidad lo más importante que fui recogiendo yo a lo largo de quince años como asistente de los mejores talleres del planeta.

  • Fernando Perez

    Fernando Perez

    over 10 years

    Qué es y donde se realiza el taller argonauta?

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