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Sexteto Guardiola ¡New Album!

Sexteto Guardiola is ready to get inside the recording studio and create our second album… Let’s make it together, to preserve art… Cooperating is a way of buying the album in advance! Thank you very much for your support!


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Sexteto Guardiola’s second album will be a step forward to take us nearer the goal we set as we begun as a group: our sound identity, the wish to achieve a sound of our own so that people can recognize us when listening to a tango played by us.This is not easy, but we believe we are on the right track.

This album will hold ten songs (tangos and milongas), with our own arrangements, and will be the result of a year of hard work, lots of rehearsals and full commitment to music, to tango, resisting the crisis we all are currently undergoing. We will not move away from the classic tango works, but will keep our characteristic sound that people already know. We are greatly excited because we love what we do, because we think we are making a valuable contribution to music, because we know we will not stop.

For those who do not know us: Who are we?

We are a musical group formed two years ago and based in Barcelona, consisting of six musicians: Darío Polonara onbandoneon, Emiliano Guglielmino and Nacho López onviolin, Irene Aisemberg on piano, Leandro Serenelli on double bass, and Martín Rago on vocals.

This formation (bandoneon, violins, piano and double bass) has consolidates as the traditional tango sextet, which is the basis of a typical tango orchestra. Since the Twenties to our times, tango has found a better sound in this mixture. Sexteto Guardiola is the only musical group of this kind in Spain and among the few in Europe.

We were born from the need of playing good music and resisting the current crisis that discourages musicians, of belonging to an honest group we could feel proud of, of rehearsing many hours in the benefit of music, of learning. This need demanded our full will and we obtained a response.So we got started and we recorded our first album independently, making a great effort in many ways, united and going on the same direction. The album was called “Al compás de un tango” (To the rhythm of tango).

Thanks to current technology, we consider it is not necessary to give you so many details on how our music sounds;instead, we invite you to click on the link below to listen to the various tracks from our first album. From beginning to end, the music is to flow into your ears.

Where are the 2000 euros of contributions going?

This amount will cover a great deal of our new album recording, “Áspero”. The songs are already arranged and rehearsed, we only need to get into the studio and record them. But for us it is impossible to bear all the costs. The money will go to the sound engineer, the recording studio (around 50 hours for the mix, mastering, etc), the CD cover design, and to make 200 copies once the album is ready.

All those who help us will be contributing to music andto culture diversity that enriches nations; will be contributing to a music band that is unique in Spain and among the few of this characteristics in Europe; will be encouraging us, musicians, to keep going on this track; and in some way will also be part of this album.

You can look at it in this way: those who cooperate will be buying the album in advance!

[Soundcloud item unavailable]

We are a working-class band, as many others, who strive in the shadow, far from pop music, with no support from discographies and producers who generally look for quick selling of prefab music, where looks is more important than music…

We know there are people out there wishing to put in their two cents but don’t know how. Verkami is the place where we all win…

We hope that many people will join in so we can make this album.

All those who support us will be rewarded…

Thank you in advance!

Sexteto Guardiola


(0034) 646162698


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  • solange freyre

    solange freyre

    about 10 years

    Hola. Muchas suerte! Muy buen trabajo! Yo tb hice un verkami a mediados de año para hacer mi show en directo. Soy cantante. Les dejo mi web



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