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“Los tres golpes”, Obdara Trio first album

We are Obdara Trio, a chamber group performing classical and popular Cuban music. We want to release our first album, and we need your help to make our dream come true. Thanks for helping to fund this project and spread our music!

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We are Obdara Trio, an exclusive musical group featuring a clarinet and two guitars. We perform classical and popular Cuban music fused with various genres such as classical music, jazz, rock, blues, funk, flamenco, Oriental and Afro-Latin music. We are professional musicians with higher education in the classical tradition and extensive artistic career. Obdara Trio members are:

  • Walfrido Dominguez (Havana, Cuba): Music and arrangements, guitar, vocals, percussion.

  • Farid Bechara (Medellin, Colombia): guitar, vocals, percussion.

  • Bartolomé García-Plata (Barcelona, Spain): Clarinet, vocals, percussion.


"Los tres golpes" (The three strikes) is the title of which, with your help, will be our first album and refers to the positive impact of joy and fun that each of the three of us wants to have on our audience. In addition, is the eponymous title one of the most beautiful, delicate and intimate piece of our concert program of the Cuban author Ignacio Cervantes.

The repertoire of our first CD consists of arrangements of classic musical themes of the island as "El Manisero", "El Bodeguero" among others, and original compositions by renowned composers Eduardo Martín and Walfrido Domínguez. Some of this works have waited over 10 years to be recorded, or haven’t been recorded by their own composers.

Here is a sample of our music:

After persevere in sending our demo to various companies, the prestigious Italian label GuitArt Record Label, has been interested in our music and proposed us to make the co-production of our first CD. Currently GuitArt is one of the most complete recording catalogs specialized in higher quality guitar music which contains artists like Stefano Palamidessi, Christian Sagesse, Sergio Sorrentino, among others. Launching our first album at international level as at this high artistic quality, is a unique opportunity to Obdara Trio. Collaborate with us and make part of this project!


The agreement with the record label is making a co-production in which they provide the costs of graphic work, SGAE rights, authorizing the manufacture, presentation of Obdara Trio by an interview in the GuitArt Magazine and the digital distribution of the album. On our part, we calculate that we need € 3500 to cover the following expenses:

  • Recording, editing and mastering of the album (1000-1200 €. Keep in mind that the higher budget, better the quality).

  • Our part in the co-production with the record label to print CD copies (€ 2100).

  • Rewards shipping, uncertainties and other costs incurred exclusively in our campaign.

If your contributions exceed the amount of the funding target, we will use the money to reward people who selflessly helped us in taking pictures and videos, making our website, support during sound recording and editing, and to reduce expenses on taxes.


We plan to start the recording in July, alongside the launch of our project in Verkami, mid-August to send the digital master and our economic contribution to GuitArt. After delivery, the record label needs a month to make the necessary arrangements and print the CD copies.

Given the long record production processes, we hope to have the digital album and the CD in September.

Since then the process would start sending copies in both formats, merchandise and services agreed with our patrons living outside the Barcelona area.

For Barcelona residents, we are planning to make an album launching concert (date and place to be determined). In this concert, we will deliver a part of the rewards to our sponsors.


To learn more about our group and keep up with our calendar, visit our website or follow us on facebook.


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  • Obdara Trío

    Obdara Trío

    about 10 years

    Muchísimas gracias Mateo, tratamos de hacer las cosas lo mejor posible, con humildad, cariño, constancia y mucha ilusión. Se tienen que hacer las cosas bien para responder al cariño y aprecio que recibimos de nuestro público. Muchísimas gracias por tus palabras y buenos deseos!

  • Mateo


    about 10 years

    Es un tremendo lujo el que artistas de semejante calibre se hayan juntado precisamente en nuestro país para darnos la oportunidad de disfrutar con su música. Mereceis que esto salga adelante!!!!

  • Obdara Trío

    Obdara Trío

    about 10 years

    Muchas gracias Daniel, con semejante apoyo es imposible no hacer las cosas bien... Con vuestra ayuda sacaremos este proyecto adelante!!!

  • Daniel Mateu

    Daniel Mateu

    about 10 years

    Necesitamos el CD de "Los tres Golpes": es un tema de interés general.

    Queremos desayunar en compañía de vuestra música, queremos ir en coche con vosotros, queremos trabajar, leer y jugar a vuestro lado...
    ¡Adelante, maestros!

  • Obdara Trío

    Obdara Trío

    about 10 years

    Gracias Adriana, estamos dedicando mucho tiempo e ilusión a este proyecto y nos gusta que de vez en cuando nos recuerden que el esfuerzo tiene su recompensa. Para nosotros sería de gran ayuda que que nos ayudases a difundir este proyecto para ver si conseguimos nuestro objetivo, el disco de "Los tres golpes".

    Gracias Adriana!

  • Adriana


    about 10 years

    Excelente trabajo!!! los he escuchado y no pude evitar enamorarme de su trabajo, buenisimo...

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