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Theater comes back to the streets. Reteatro brings you urban Theater exploring the clandestine life of those who sleep between speaking walls: “+Time,+Time,+Time, I can’t leave in three days! Rajoy, donde voy? Where should I go, Mr. President?”. Refugiados is a trip around the migrant Barcelona.


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Would you like a Theater bringing to stage a social and political taboo? An ecological Theater company ready to work without electricity? Ready to put actors together with the real protagonists of the story? A Theater that returns to the use of urban places? That would allow you to participate playing the Baschet instruments with one of our musicians?


Refugiados will break the regular structure of Theater. You won’t be sitting in the Theater listening to a story: we want you to experience on your own, what you are normally limited to read in newspapers and to observe passively in the streets: the clandestine life of a migrant.

We’ll bring Theater to the streets, we will use real urban spots where immigrants are living, and we will make you use your five senses.

We expect this experience to open a window to social and political denounce of a critical situation in European reality. But you will be the one, together with our actors and their instructions, creating Refugiados.



Refugiados is the story of millions of people obligated to flee their countries of origin because of militar repression, political, ethnical, religious conflict, gender issues reasons or because of their sexual orientation.

It is the story of those who finally reach to a peaceful, democratic, “better” European world.

And it is the story of how their new Freedom is suddenly transformed into Discrimination. Marginality. Solitude.

For four months we have interviewed dozens of migrants, asylum seekers, professional psychologistss, and different NGOs giving social, economical, and therapeutical assistance to the displaced people.

After all those conversations we started writing the script, building the scenography, and working with a powerful team of actors. Some of the migrants interviewed showed interest in telling their own story with their own words and will be trained in acting in order to act together witk local actors.

Refugiados will be an opportunity for them to speak aloud about the life of a clandestino.


We believe the world of arts and Theater should and could contribute greatly to green behaviour.

We do not only want to talk about it, we want to actually do it. Theater should not merely talk about responsibility but behave responsible itself! We, as we have done in our previous projects, will promote the change through:

  • Lights: we ll change the traditional lamps to human powered dynamo torches, NON POLLUTANT ELECTRICITY!


  •   **Scenography and costume**: use of  fair trade and environmentally friendly material or recycled material.
  •   **Printing and ticketing**: use of recycled paper and alternative medias. (seashell ticketing!)
  •   **Public relations**: synergy effects, mini-art happenings, no flyers but free sculptures designed out of **wasted materials** by artists!
  •   **Music**: the [Baschet instruments](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd-8gagUyf4&feature=youtu.be) are made out of **found and recycled materials**.

Environmentally friendly production is what Reteatro stands for!


This project has so far been developed without any economical profit. We have been working on it moved by our political commitment, our faith in the project and our hope to promote social and political change through arts.

Nevertheless producing a professional theater play has unavoidable costs.

In the first place, we want THE TEAM to be paid. The director, producer, scenographers and many of the actors and actress have been working for over 6 months on the project and will be working full time from July on.

For THE SCENOGRAPHY some expenses are unavoidable in order to keep everything environmentally friendly. As well, we will need to get material such as the dynamo torches, and some budget for transport and storage.

The same applies for the environmentally friendly PR (recycled paper, environmentally friendly printing, etc).

Eventually, we will need some money to pay the rent of a REHEARSE ROOM.


We want to perform Refugiados in October. The premiere and first performances will happen in squatted buildings of Barcelona.

In the following months we will adapt the play to be performed in theaters, schools, civic centers or other places all around Spain.

With the collaboration of NGO's such as Amnesty International , EXILE, CEAR (Spanish Center for Aid to Refugees), and UNHCR, we hope to be able to tour Spain with our play in 2014.



Reteatro is a group of young artists, believing in the use of art to generate debate and to create consciousness about social, cultural, environmental and political issues in a creative way.

We have been involved in artistic political actions in different countries like Spain, Germany, Argentina, Italy, Palestine, Israel, Colombia, Moldavia and Russia.

When we met in Barcelona, we inmediately dedicated our passion for arts, civil and political responsibility to create several political and green Theatre performances like Ubu Rey, Els Rucs Asenyats and Atrapados en la Red.

These plays represent the broad variety of our interests and enthusiasm to promote change and create consciousness on different topics.

Today we wait for the arrival of Refugiados and we count on your help in order to bring it to scene as soon and as cool as possible!!


www.reteatro.org / facebook


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