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Consolidated Model 17 Fleetster

Project of financing of a model in scale 1/72 of the Consolidated Model 17 Fleetster of N.Y.R.B.A. LINE. The kit will be in resin of poliuretan, it will be only 200 kits, and it can be armed with wheels or floats.

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A little bit of history:

The Consolidated Model 17 Fleetster was a feeder at the end of the line "N.Y.R.B.A. Line" (Ney York, Rio, Buenos Aires Line), we can tell that this line was the dorsal column of the air transport of thirties in the american continent, this line was one of the predecessor of "Pan American Airways System". The Fleetsters were devoted to feed the south end of the line.

They were used to carry people and mail from Buenos Aires to others Argentina's destinations and viceveresa, included the Patagonia.


My project is to reproduce in 1/72 scale this aircraft, my company, DEKNO models (www.deknomodels.com) is devoted to do old aircraft of the most epic era of the air transport, when the pilots and the machine have an glamourous layer.


The kit, if it is not necessary any change, will have 40 resin pieces and 11 pieces of transparent resin, the modeller will can do a terrestre version or maritime version, the kit will be provided with a decal sheet to end the model and a sheet of assembly/painting instructions will be provided to help the modeler in his process of assembly and painting, and all will go in to a box with his own packaging.

If you engage this project you will obtain a complete kit of this model at a price most lower than it will go tot the market, (his cost will be of €43,00 with floats), and you will help me to pay the most important cost for do it, in fact is a subscription at this model.

I want remember that the two rewards for €200,00 and €250,00 the first is for a model finished for the fleetster registered NC-671-M with wheels and the second one for the NC-657-M on floats, this rewards is for this two uniques models.

Periodically inform the status of the work, at this moment all the kit is designed and impressed in 3D, and I'm in the stage of polishing the pieces, after the impression, the decals are are impressed to.


I promise to deliver the kits between July one and fifteen of 2013.

Thanks in advance for your attention, and if you subscribe this project many thank for help me.

Decals sheet. One render of the model...

Making the fuselage
Making the fuselage's mould, after 3D printing

Making the fuselage's mould, after 3D printing

First wing
First wing's mould

First wing's mould

These are the pieces will go to the main mould, this mould will be of two sides.
These are the pieces will go to the main mould, this mould will be of two sides.

These are the pieces will go to the main mould, this mould will be of two sides.

Part of the interior arrangement, there is only , at this moment, the sofas and seats for the passengers and the pilot
Part of the interior arrangement, there is only , at this moment, the sofas and seats for the passengers and the pilot's seat.

Part of the interior arrangement, there is only , at this moment, the sofas and seats for the passengers and the pilot's seat.


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  • Dekno Resin Kits

    Dekno Resin Kits

    almost 10 years

    Hi Gary,

    First many thanks for contribute in this project.

    When the kit will be ready to send, I will send a email to all the contributors to confirm the delivery address.

    In any case don't worry for this because I have many experience in sending models around the world.

    Thanks again, best to you,

    Albert Serra

  • rhythmaning


    over 10 years


    I love the idea of this project funding concept! I contributed to the project, but my address was not provided for shipping. How will this information be collected when the kit is ready? Thank you.

    Kind Regards,


#08 / Starting the two kits

I have just started the two kits painting the interior, putting the windows and painting the interior pieces

Unfortunately I don't know which were the interior colours, for the few photos I have, of course, in black and white, it seems the interior was in a clear colour and the seats more obscure, I supose in leather, the Pilot cockpit I think is in interior green, but is only my suposition... However, thanks to the drawings of Capt. Douglas E. Anderson and published in the magazine Skyways #20 & #22 "The Consolidated Fleetster" I could knows the interior configuration and translate to 3D in good security, if anyone, know what were the interiors colours, please contact with me.

#07 / Finishing the kit

Engine's block detail, it includes the engine, a Pratt & Wihtney Hornet, his exhaust tubes, the fairing and the propeller.

The transparents parts, composed by the windscreen, windows and landing headlights.

This is a quick test... (my son will be happy!)

Now it only remain build two kits, one in floats and the other one in wheels

#06 / Modified and finished wing and ending the floats

The initial wing concept was wrong, now it have modified and finished

Landing gear version (without interior and engine set)

Floats version, the floats are in the finals stages, only remain do the molds (without interior and engine set)

The kit is almost finished

#05 / The Mould's matrix ready to polish, small pieces and wing ready, rudders initialized and transparent pieces

The main mould's matrix has poured with polyester resin and now cured, only must polish...

... I reserve the matrix for next work

Ready to pour the silicone

The rudders are inicilizates, you can see in the photo the corrugated detail.

These are the transparent pieces, is necessary get a most pure transparency, but are in the way.


#04 / Main mould's finishing and starting other pieces

The main mould is ready and it runs fairly well, it will must little adjustments in the mould's matrix...

This is the first casting, I useit for clean the mould and for first test, is necessary some touches, it will be do in the mold's matrix, beacuse are little problems, will easy solve in the matrix.

This is the mould, the walls are for make the mould's matrix... you will see forward....

Is started the work for finish the wing


This is the floats EDO J-5300, the bottom one is the 3D printed float and the top one is resin, the work will be in this last.

#03 / Second side of main mould

While the casting of transparent resin is drying in the windows mould, we need almost 24 hours. I do the second face of the main mold.


I have prepared a circuit and added new parts, arrows indicate where the resin flow.

Els palets verticals, són per evacuar l'aire contingut a l'interior del motlle, quan la resina entra, l'aire surt.


The pieces are added: the pilot's seat and the passenger seats, engine and wheels, as you can see. This mould in total have 11 pieces

Mount the walls and all is ready to pour the silicone, I need one day to obtain pieces.

#02 / Making the fuselage's mould and starting the work in transparent pieces

The fuselage and engine's cowling in the bed of the mould, the windows, door apertures and the mouth of the cowling, are closed with plasticine...

Now with the walls, to pour the silicone.

After the 3D impression, first pieces who will be the windows and windscreen, which will be transparents pieces.

The first polishing, now all will go to the silicone, to do a mould and with this mould I will test with epoxy resin, if it is enough transparent, it can expend at least two days.

#01 / Master pieces for the main mould

These are the pieces will go to the main mould, this mould will be of two sides.

Part of the interior arrangement, there is only , at this moment, the sofas and seats for the passengers and the pilot's seat.

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