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SUIT.CASE Dance Theater

Suit.Case is a shout for freedom; a ceremony of surrendering, reliving the body and spirit from the 'Suits' imposed on us by culture. Suit.Case is a life/art trance shared with the audience, a dive to the bone marrow of our unlearned, unsuited selves.

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Who told you, you can not dance? Who told you, you can not be? Who dressed your life with this heavy Suit?

We believe everybody can dance! We believe everybody can create. We believe that ART, LIKE LIFE, IS AN INTUITIVE INSTINCT.

Suit.Case is a shout for freedom; freedom from the fears preventing us from being whom and what we are; freedom from the imposed that tells us what we should do and the right ways of be.

Suit.Case is a pioneer art, where life and art are not separated by imposed means. This pioneer art heals the separation between mind and body, inspiration and action and artists and audiences. Suit.Case is an improvisational art piece, a heightened act of living, a ceremony of surrendering; dancing the great dance of the un-suited soul.

What is the suit? It is a symbol of the imposed, blinding and hunger for validation.

What is the paint? It is a symbol of the shamanic tool of transformation, entering the sub-world to perform the ceremony of healing.

What is the dance? The dance is our mean of communication; the dive in to the 'dream time' transporting the inspiration of unspoken knowledge.

Where this work does comes from? This work comes from over 20 years of research of the moving body and the practice and development of intuitive skills through teaching, creating, performing and facilitating numerous creative projects and life/art processes with numerous people around the world.

Contributing to this project you support us continue to develop and extend this life changing work and inspire more people to reconnect with their creative source and life's force.

The ceremony makes sense when there is a tribe; join the tribe, making it possible!


The company has been invited to the "Conde Duque" center in Madrid for a month long artistic residency that will take place in October 2013 and to a second artistic residency in “Espacio Brujula” during the second half of the same month.

These invitations will allow the completion of the creative process and the premiere of Suit.Case during 31.10 & 1-3.11 in Kubik Fabrik in Madrid and a coming show in Barcelona during the beginning of January.

What do we plan to do with the money raised through this campaign?

This campaign is our only source of funding and the money raised here will be used for the final production and post production expenses of Suit.Case.


  • Tickets: For the premier of Suit.Case in Kubik Fabrik, Madrid at 31.10 or 1-3.11 or for the next show during January in Barcelona.

  • please note: you can replace one ticket for two gifts or two tickets for one artbook.

  • T-Shirt: With a exclusive design inspired by the piece.

  • DVDance: Includes the complete piece and extra features.

  • Poster: Poster of the show signed by the company.

  • Photo: Framed 20x30 photo from our photographer.

  • Artbook: A graphic documentary of the project, with insights, pictures and interviews.

All rewards will be send during November.

No Shipping costs for EU and IL.

All of the rewards can be denoted as an Anonymous Donation and/or Without Gifts.


After 20 years of teaching, performing and researching the moving body and the art of image creating in performance, Shahar Dor founded this company. The company focuses on the exploration and creation of multidisciplinary art, performed and exhibited in various venous as theatres, galleries and in/out doors sight specific events.

The company’s unique work combines multilayered physical practice, a continuous exploration and development of fresh live art and a multi-skilled group of artists.


Shahar Dor is a multidisciplinary performance artist, teacher and the director of Shahar Dor Dance Theatre Company and ARTNESS.ORG. His multilayered work benefits from over 20 years of research of the moving body, performance and the art of image creating. Famous for his unique practice, passion, humor & vision he teaches, performs, organize and facilitate numerous artists and creative projects all over the world.


All group members Athos, Alvaro, Monma, Matilde are all multidisciplinary skilled artists, using various art forms as dance, act, design, music, clowning, acrobatics, video and others, creating a rich multidisciplinary core and the company’s unique style.

With the collaboration of:


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