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LINEA CURVE 04 : Magazine of Illustration & Visual Arts

Magazine of Illustration and Visual Arts, is a quarterly, bilingual (Spanish and English), with the most significant works, internationally, both in expertise, experimentation and background.

Linea Curve

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Despite these difficult economic conditions , we decided it was time to create a print magazine for lovers of illustration and visual arts and design, comics, animation or video games among others. The idea was to create a publication that agrupase all these disciplines from a common bond: the drawing. Thus arose Linea Curve, a bilingual magazine in Spanish and English, which is published quarterly.

OUR PROJECT  is to print the issue 4 of the LINEA CURVE magazine, with a circulation of 2,000 copies. The magazine has 120 pages, is printed in full color offset and excellent paper. with an international artists and repercussions in the field of illustration and visual arts. The printed magazine has the quality and design of a book-object with the intention of becoming a series of “collectible books”.

In this issue we will have the opportunity to present the work of artists like Tadahiro Uesugi (cover creator), Laura Varsky, Kaz, C215 ... Here you can see the cover.

SOME OF THE ARTIST PUBLISHED in the first three numbers: Puño, John Berger, Miga, Vhils, Paco Roca, Ben Tallon, Lake, Brosmind, Martin Satí, Carlos Araujo, Pablo Auladell, Èmile Bravo, Kent Rockwell, Tatsuro Kiuchi, Rafa Alvarez, Suso33, Blanca Gómez, Steve Simpson, Grant Snider, Nicolai Troshinsky, Göla, Robert Tirado, Jorge González, Bob Peak, Mick Wiggins, Marc Boutavant, Agostino Iacurci, Tom Gauld, Eleftheria Alexandri, Alessandro Gottardo, Eduardo Bertone, Jaume Osman, Mauro Entrialgo, among others.

THE MONEY will go EXCLUSIVELY TO THE FUNDING to print 2000 copies of the 4th issue of the magazine, and although the quantity does not cover all the costs of printing, if you would help us to continue with this project that we love so much . Some already know it, you will be others to discover it, but all will agree that both print quality and the quality of the contents justify these costs.

WHEN? Our book due out in late March 2013.And patrons will receive rewards in the second half of April.

OUR PROJECT is meant for all those who love this subject, that are committed to the idea that there is a publication first of its kind in the market and enjoy and support the culture and art in all its aspects.

Our book due out in late March 2013.

We want to support the illustration and visual arts, and we do it together.

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Here you can see THE COVERS of past issues.


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    Carta Gráfica

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    Soy Juan José Franco de Carta Gráfica, dedicada a la impresión de libros y posicionamiento en redes sociales , blogs, tiendas online…….

    Nos ofrecemos para presupuestar futuros proyectos.

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#10 / Steve Simpson

Based in Ireland, Steve Simpson is a freelance illustrator and designer specialized in packaging design, illustration and art for children’s books. Steve has won numerous international awards for both his packaging design and illustration including the gold at the AOI’s images awards. A main stage speakers at the 2012 OFFSET Creative Conference in the Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin. He recently had a solo show at the Copper House Gallery in Dublin and has regularly had work exhibited in London, LA & New York.

Steve takes an organic approach to his projects blending the disciplines of design and illustration. He spends a great deal of time on construction, shape and problem solving at the pencil stage. Continuously re-drawing until a balance of aesthetics, key brief considerations and client satisfaction have been realized. Approved… read more

#09 / Mick Wiggins

Mick Wiggins is as pleasant as he is mysterious. Little is known about him besides his magnificent illustrations. Settled in Little Rock (Arkansas, U.S.), he defines himself as an artisan rather than an artist. His work evokes another time but it still is current and innovative.

In 1984, after working for several years as an art director for a magazine in San Francisco, he left his position to devote himself exclusively to illustration. A coincidence in time and space turned him into one of the first people to embrace the new digital media. And since 1985, he has been illustrating exclusively with his computer, a tablet, tracing paper and a scanner. His most usual assignments today are advertising and editorial illustrations for clients from all over the world, and his biggest passion: book covers.

Regarding his style, Mick Wiggins… read more

#08 / Renaissance

Renaissance (Renacimiento) es una película de animación y ciencia ficción realizada por el director francés Christian Volckman. Co-producción de Francia, Reino Unido y Luxemburgo, que se estrenó el 15 de marzo de 2006 en Francia (Miramax Films). Nominada en varios festivales, la película ha ganado numerosos premios como el Visionary Film Award 2006 en el Festival de Cine de Boston, el Long Film Crystal en el Festival Internacional de Cine de Animación de Annecy de 2006, Mejor Película en los Festivales de cine Animadrid y Pusan ​​(Corea del Sur), así como el Silver Meliès de 2007.

Renaissance cuenta con un particular estilo visual en el que casi todas las imágenes son prácticamente en blanco y negro, con ocasionales toques de color solo en algunos detalles. Los productores utilizan la captura de movimiento y los gráficos por ordenador para crear su aspecto único.

read more

#07 / Inti Castro

Inti Castro is a graffiti artist from Valparaiso (Chile) his passion for color has been making progress to the impressive mural painting today, influenced by the native American iconography and classic Street art.

Inti has filled colored walls and strange characters through world, Spain, Chile, Norway, France, Germany are among the countries where he has left his fantastic art samples.
Linea Curve: Inti Castro

#06 / Pascal Campion

Pascal Campion, ilustrador franco-americano que ha trabajado para Disney, Dreamworks o la MTV, ofrece un trabajo fresco en el que recoge escenas cotidianas: una pareja en una playa, niños jugando, la calle de una ciudad…

El contenido es muy heterogéneo y él mismo lo organiza en “amor, momentos, familia y diversión”, lo que parece ser un resumen de lo que es la vida para Campion. En este sentido, el ilustrador afirma que su inspiración es “el día a día, mi hija, mi mujer, mis amigos, mi trabajo. (…) En ocasiones estoy bañando a mi hija y ella me mira y sonríe. Sólo dura un segundo pero el recuerdo permanece en mí durante mucho tiempo”.

Sus dibujos son luminosos, claros, como una explosión de color y energía y que acaban por provocar la sonrisa de quien los observa. Parecen absorber la luz, incluso en escenas nocturnas o frías que en otros autores podrían parecer lúgubres.

read more

#05 / Tatsuro Kiuchi

Tatsuro Kiuchi was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1966. A Biology Major and Graduate of Intenational Chistian University in Tokyo, he made the switch to an art career after graduating with distintion from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Tatsuro began illustrating children´s books with several publishers in the US and Japan, eventually branching out into editorial work for magazines, book jacket illustrations and arvertising commissions. Tatsuro first picture book The Lotus Seed (text by Sherry Garland, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) has sold more than 200.000 copies worldwide. He has also been commissioned by such clients as Royal Mail to design their Christmas Stamp Collection in 2006, and Starbucks for their worldwide holiday promotion PassThe Cheer in 2007. His work has been recognized by several institutions as… read more

#04 / Jules Guérin

Jules Guérin is a French designer and animator living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began studying design but in 2002 decided to move his career to the field of animation. His first works were for agencies specializing in creating web pages and slowly began to make freelance projects, as artistic director. Actually, he is dedicated entirely to traditional animation and design with the talented guys from Plenty: http://plenty.tv.

If you want to know more about his work visit: http://www.itza.cx.

Linea Curve:Jules Guérin

#03 / Jay Fleck

There’s not much to be found on the internet about the life of the grafic artist Jay Fleck. A native of Illinois, where he resides, a father of two in his thirties and having a degree in Engineering, he claims having started in the design and illustration world just recently, which is pretty surprising. In his colourful creations Fleck comes and goes in between sea monsters, giraffes and flying pandas, robots that come straight from the seventies, octopus of Japanese descent or elephants aiming at tanks with a bunch of flowers. His images are rarely touching the ground, as they propel us continuously to the ends of the known world: the sea, the sky, outer space, and any place where fantasy can be nurtured and the curiosity from childhood restored. Fleck has deep roots in science fiction and it is from there that he pays a permanent tribute… read more

#02 / Julia Gukova

Mirar las ilustraciones de Julia Gukova es como meterse a un sueño, de puntillas y usando uno de esos pijamas abotonados que tenían los niños de Peter Pan. De hecho, es como volver a ser niño y sentir un miedo y una fascinación difíciles de separar.

Esta artista, que nació en Moscú y estudió pintura y diseño gráfico, logra que todo lo que sale de su imaginación parezca real: animales con cabeza humana, conejos bailarines o bosques encantados. Por eso, nadie mejor que ella para ilustrar el Sueño de una Noche de Verano de Shakespeare –como lo hizo para graduarse de la Moscow State University of Printing Arts en 1984- o la Alicia en el País de las Maravillas de Carroll.

Además de sus 40 libros publicados, Gukova trabaja para revistas y participa en animaciones para películas y video juegos.

Ha ganado muchísimos premios y sus pinturas pueden encontrarse en colecciones privadas en Rusia, Bélgica, Luxemburgo, España, Italia, Canadá y Japón.
Linea Curve: Julia Gukova

#01 / Life in Hell

Life in Hell is a weekly comic strip by Matt Groening, which was published from 1977 to 2012. The strip revolved primarily around anthropomorphic rabbit Binky, his girlfriend Sheba, his illegitimate son Bongo, and the pint-sized, fez-wearing couple Akbar and Jeff.

Groening uses these characters to explore a wide range of topics about love, sex, work, and death.. His drawings are full of expressions of angst, alienation, self-loathing, and fear of inevitable doom.

Matthew Abram ”Matt” Groening is an American cartoonist, screenwriter, producer, animator, and voice actor. He is the creator of the two successful television series, The Simpsons(1989–present) and Futurama (1999–2003, 2008–present).

Life in Hell es una tira cómica semanal por Matt Groening, que se publicó desde 1977 y 2012. La banda giró principalmente en torno a Binky conejo antropomórfico, Sheba su novia, su hijo ilegítimo Bongo, Ackbar y Jeff son dos amantes gay que tienen la particularidad de ser idénticos.

read more

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