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Photoshop tutorial: professional color for character design

I would like to create a really detailed multimedia tutorial about Photoshop so that any beginner can follow it in order to color characters in a professional way, just like I do it from SOSFactory.com


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Welcome to my project!

During the past 10 years I have created dozens of tutorials and I have mentored hundreds of newbie illustrators free of charge from my beloved SOSFactory, I have always thought that the best way to promote my work is by helping others. I would like to dedicate more time to this task and for that I need to develop a business model that will facilitate for me to share my knowledge in a sustainable way.


My goal is to create a multimedia course on coloring in Photoshop applied to character design.

It is a bilingual course (Spanish and English) which consists of text with images and animations, several live videos in high resolution, and several Photoshop files (included the final design) where I explain the whole process of digital coloring.


This course is oriented to any user with basic Photoshop knowledge, especially those who would like to advance their learning as colorists with the goal of becoming a professional illustrator.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use all the tools for coloring in Photoshop in a completely professional way. You will learn many concepts in theory and practice … extracting lines, making color templates, coloring using layers, using the history brush, layer and brush blending modes, building different kinds of textures … just like I would do it for any of my clients at SOSFactory , all that will be left is for you to practice and personalize the technique to your liking.


This course is written by me, I will invest a whole month of work to create the character, to write all the text, to prepare the images and to edit the videos. Besides I will have several production expenses.

  1. I will need a translator for the English version.

  2. I will hire an English narrator to have their voice on the videos, I will probably need another one for the videos in Spanish.

  3. Depending on the number of patrons who will help me, I will have to update my web server plan to manage the download of files.


Verkami only accept credit card contrutions by default.

If you want to do a contribution by Paypal you can send the money to [email protected] (add a note about this project, please) and I will do it myself under the username "aportaciones Paypal", when the fund rising is finished you will receive your prize, even if we don't reach the goal.


The tutorial and the videos are already finished; I’m currently working on the English translation, adding voice and editing the videos.

Probably, the tutorial will be completely finished when the project financing stage is complete.


My name is Sergio Ordoñez, freelance Graphic-Web Designer and Illustrator, and creator of my beloved SOSFactory: on the one hand it is my portfolio and the place through which I offer design and illustration services to companies like Nestle, Hasbro and Playboy; and on the other hand I help newbie designers and illustrators to earn their living with their art.

You can follow my work as Illustrator and Illustrators’ mentoring on the following links:

Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / Portafolio / Blog


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    over 10 years

    Si, puedes mandar tu aportación a [email protected]. Saludos

  • david


    over 10 years

    todavia recibes donacion por pay pal?

  • SOSFactory


    almost 11 years

    Hola Ignacio, el tutorial está listo pero aún necesito un poco de tiempo para gestionar la descarga a través de SOSArmy, una nueva web que he creado con este propósito. Subscribí a todos los patrocinadores, en breve tendrás noticias para proceder con la descarga. Saludos!

  • Ignacio Zamudio

    Ignacio Zamudio

    almost 11 years


    Hace ya un tiempo pregunté si ya habían entregado los tutoriales, no se si se me paso o elimine algún correo informativo por aquello de las prisas diarias.

    ¿Podrían orientarme cual es el estatus de las entregas del documento?
    ¡Gracias y Saludos

  • SOSFactory


    almost 11 years

    Muy buenas Ignacio, no te preocupes, me encargaré de comunicar con todos los mecenas uno por uno. La versión en espanola ya está casi casi a punto.

  • Ignacio Zamudio

    Ignacio Zamudio

    almost 11 years

    Hola!... Igual y me perdi de algo pero noo he recibido correo alguno que me indique donde y como descargar los tutorías.

    Podrías orientarme para descargar la recompensa?


  • SOSFactory


    about 11 years

    Muchas gracias! Por fin encontré alguien que me ayudara con la narración en español. Si todo sale bien el tutorial en español estará completo para el Lunes 18. Espero que en esa semana la descarga ya esté disponible en SOSArmy.


  • LAF


    about 11 years

    Ya me suscribí hace días a la newsletter. Cuándo empezaremos a recibir el material? Gracias!

#06 / Tutorial Finished, Contributor list finished, Website finished!!

Hi contributors!

  • So SOSArmy website is finished and working (www.sosarmy.com).

  • We already had more than 100 downloads so I assume most of you already got your tutorial. And I didn't receive any negative feedback so I assume the quality is good enough.

  • I credited most of the contributors as promised (in case you want your site listed just send me a link to your site, thumbnail and name). http://www.sosarmy.com/about

So just left the tutoring for those who contributed with more than 40€, if it's your case I would require you send me a link to your portfolio, introduce yourself and the reason why you need my help in order to help you to improve your portfolio, your work load or any other thing you want to improve.

Thanks a million!


#05 / SOSArmy is open for the contributors!

Finally!! SOSArmy is open for all the contributors on my Verkami fund rising.


1.- Go to http://bit.ly/17lLHYv

2.- Select your download language and version

3.- Click add to cart

4.- Apply this 100% discount coupon "syyqb7ri" and proceed to checkout

5.- Insert the email you used to contribute through Verkami or Paypal (it's important it's the same or you won't get access to the discount) and click on "Place order".

6.- In the next screen you will get access to a zip file. You will also receive an email with details about the download.

If you have any problem, please, let me know.

Also if you think the content provided is not the quality you expected you can email me to [email protected] explaining why you think so and which email you used for the contribution and I will make a full refund.

So... let's see if the website works as expected, any feedback to improve the site or the content is really welcome :D


#04 / Expenses up to date

I set 1.200€ as goal but as you can see it's going further than I anticipated, I decided creating the tutorial's website right now.

Expenses up to date:

200US$ Translation tutorial (text version) to English
20US$ Domain names
50US$ Woocommerce Plugin
50US$ Wordpress theme

1400US$ Custom programming
----- Spanish voice for videotutorial, a friend will help me
200US$ Transcription of the Spanish video to English

????US$ English voice for videotutorial, anybody interested?

1920US$ TOTAL (around 1.500€ and still left some expenses)

Your contribution is much appreciated :D


#03 / New promotional video.

Hey buddies,

I created another promotional video about the project in Youtube:

The fund rising is going quite well but If need some help to spread the word, would be great if you can share the video with your friends.

Remember if we don't reach the goal the funds will be refunded.

Thanks a bunch!


#02 / English version is ready!

Hey buddies,

just another quick update, the tutorials is already translated to English.

So at this point just left editing the videos and adding voice, it will be quite challenging and a bit expensive but the fund rising is going really good, so I will pay it from my own pocket.

Thanks a lot for your support!


#01 / New video preview added.

Hi guys, I just would like to inform you that the project is coming along nicely.

I did a quick video where you can preview the written version of the


The translation of the text is 50% completed.

More updates soon!

Thanks a lot.


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