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Eria (LP) - Yerma

Our aim is to make music and move you. Help us fund our first album!

Yerma Banda

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"Clench your fists

hold the sand

hit the barren soil

that beholds us."


We are Yerma, a rock band from Málaga, Spain, that mixes instrumental music with poetry. We have created this campaign because we are recording our first album and we need funds to to pay for it — mostly in order to pay for the recording, production and so on in advance. For that, we have prepared several rewards with some pretty cool merchandising. Will you help us out?


Yerma (which means "barren" or "waste" in Spanish) was created in 2021 by Nacho (guitar) and Ulises (drums), who dreamt of putting together a band that would move people without the lyrics. Soon after they were joined by Sergio (bass) and Juan (guitar), and since then, we have not stopped playing on different places in Malaga and writing songs, always driven by the will to find something that make people be carried away with the music. We make post-rock, that is, instrumental rock with dreamy and evocative sounds. We also have some stoner, shoegaze, math, prog, psychedelic and even flamenco influences, and with all that we aim to develop our own, distinctive sound, the Yerma sound.

So far, we have published three singles: Tótem, Calima, and Céfiro.

The members of the band: Ulises Chacón (drums), Juan Antonio García (guitar), Nacho Pérez (guitar and spoken word), Sergio Gallardo (bass).
The members of the band: Ulises Chacón (drums), Juan Antonio García (guitar), Nacho Pérez (guitar and spoken word), Sergio Gallardo (bass).

We are directly influenced by classic bands from the genre like Explosions in the sky, Envy, Toundra or MONO, but we also count Foals, Sonic Youth, Triana or the Beatles among our influences.

So, this is our first album, Eria.

Album cover.
Album cover.

Eria is the arid landscape, the barren land of the Andalusian countryside. It lies in the shade of the olive trees and the shelter of the cliffs. Eria is the heat of a sun that scorches body and soul, the gusts of hurricane winds. It is also the repose by the fire, the sea and the salt in the sand.

Through its 11 tracks, we explore the combination of raw and tense songs with dreamy, calm and clean atmospheres that aim for a cathartic feeling in the listener. We also seek to vindicate historical patterns of our land, Andalusia, its culture and customs, which is why many of our songs have arid and arabesque reminiscences. We seek to make you taste the flavour of our land.

The album from the inside.
The album from the inside.

As we said, the tracklist consists of 11 songs:

  1. Destierro [Exile]

  2. Calima [Calima Wind]

  3. Tótem [Totem]

  4. Céfiro [Zephyr]

  5. Quijada [Jawbone]

  6. Arajal

  7. Eria ["Waste"]

  8. El hambre [Hunger]

  9. La sed [Thirst]

  10. Al faro [To the Lighthouse]

  11. Ascenso [Ascension]

While the songs are instrumental, they intertwine with interludes of texts by young Spanish poets such as Carla Nyman, Aitana Monzon and Nacho Pérez, which give a sense of coheasion and aim to build bridges with poetry.

The album is almost completely recorded — we only have to finish it off, crunch some numbers and release it, and that's where we need your help. The full sum of this Verkami will go to pay, firstly, the recording, mixing and mastering in the studio. Secondly, the release of the album in physical format and the pending artwork, and finally, the rest of the merchandising rewards and shipments.

The front and back cover designs and some other details are made by the artist Clara Zamorano. The design of the logo and the fractal (the physical CD) are made by Lion Billar. With their artwork, they conveyed our ideas flawlessly for this album, and for that we thank them a lot.

Album cover by Clara Zamorano
Album cover by Clara Zamorano

Band's logo by Lion Billar.

This project could not have been carried out without the work of Green Cross, a studio from Malaga that has recorded or mixed bands such as Red Eye, Malaka Youth, Loncha Velasco, OdeOnDreams, or Plastic Woods. Jesús from Green Cross has helped us shape this dream, and we couldn't be happier with the result.


We have prepared a series of packs with CDs and merchandising, so that you can choose the one you like the most. In all cases, the price you see includes shipping to Spain. If you are buying from outside Spain (and considering you are reading this, you probably are), the shipping costs will be slightly higher — you have an option to add these costs separately as one of the rewards.

CD: it is digipack format with by a 4-page booklet with photos of the band and some of the poems included on the album.

Album cover and CD.
Album cover and CD.

T-shirts: We are releasing a new batch of t-shirts, and this time we want to offer different options. You can choose between black or burgundy high quality t-shirts, at any size you want (generally, from XS to XXL). You can tell us the size on the form that we will send you when the campaign is over.

Caps: We know postrock/alternative people love caps, so why not go the extra mile and make some?

Totebag: Our third option for merchandising. It will be printed in high quality dyed cotton fabric.

Plus, all rewards include stickers and the digital download of the album, as well as shipping to Spain (mainland and Balearic Islands). The rewards that include merchandising will also include a free badge with our logo.

ATTENTION: if you are from the Canary Islands or live abroad, we ask you to also request the corresponding reward for shipping.

Some of you have asked us about vinyl records. Although we would love to, it is not feasible at the moment. However, we don't rule out the possibility of doing a print run at a later date.

Please note that all the pictures are a placeholder. It may be that that some aspects of the merchandising pieces (such as colours) or the CD itslf vary slightly.


If everything goes according to plan, we intend to release the album on digital platforms and get the rewards to you in early October. Roughly, this is our schedule:

  • 15th June to 25th July: Verkami's up!

  • June 18th and 19th: we finish recording the remaining tracks in the studio.

  • July and August: mixing, mastering and polishing of the album, as well as preparation of all the merchandising pieces.

  • September: final touches.

  • Beginning of October: release of the album and sending of the rewards.

We will try to expedite the process as much as we can, but we ask for your patience. Things go dire sometimes!


If you like what we do and do not follow us just yet, you can do so in several places:


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  • Elena


    13 days

    Seguid así!!! Estamos deseando veros en concierto por Málaga. Saludos desde Lanzarote

  • Pedro de Matos

    Pedro de Matos

    17 days


  • la polivalente espacio multidisciplinar

    la polivalente espacio multidisciplinar

    20 days

    Vamooooos Nachooo!!! Ese discazo que ganas de que sea una realidad.

  • maría

    María de la Cruz

    21 days

    mucho ánimo!! :)

  • Jorge


    23 days

    Federico García Lorca estaría orgulloso💜

  • A-funny-name


    25 days

    perdón por romper los 2000

  • Gonzalo Iván Chaparro Barese (Gonso)

    Gonzalo Iván Chaparro Barese (Gonso)

    27 days

    ¡Os merecéis lo mejor!

  • María José Mora

    María José Mora

    about 1 months

    Vamosssss!!! palante sin perder el ritmo

  • Higinio Rodríguez

    Higinio Rodríguez

    about 1 months

    Lo vais a conseguir!!!!

  • Óscar.


    about 1 months


#03 / Día 25: ¿Metemos una recompensa extra?

¡Buenas a todos! En las oficinas de Yerma seguimos flipando con la recepción que ha tenido este proyecto y de verdad que no podemos estar más agradecidos.

Es por eso que nos hemos planteado una nueva meta, y teniendo en cuenta que aún tenemos dos semanas por delante.

¿Qué os parece si entre todos conseguimos llegar a los 3000€ y a cambio TODOS los mecenas reciben regalos extra?

Hemos estado haciendo números y, si llegamos a esa cantidad, podremos sacar una tirada de láminas exclusivas con la portada del disco y púas con nuestro logo. Aquí dejamos unos mock ups para que os hagáis una idea de lo que se os viene.

Lámina en formato postal con la portada del disco, obra de Clara Zamorano
Lámina en formato postal con la portada del disco, obra de Clara Zamorano

Púa con nuestro nuevo logo, obra de Lion Billar
Púa con nuestro nuevo logo, obra de Lion Billar

Con esto no solo queremos atraer a nuevos mecenas, sino también animar a los que ya tenemos a que nos ayuden difundiendo la palabra entre sus amigos. Cuantos más seamos, más recompensas recibiréis.

¿Cómo lo véis? ¿Vamos a ello?

#02 / La música y el gimnasio / Music and the Gym

[English below]

Estaba en el gimnasio cuando he recibido la noticia de que hemos conseguido el objetivo de la campaña. Allí, entre tantos cuerpos sudorosos, flexionados, egoístas incluso, me he quedado cinco minutos de pie, sin moverme y pensando en todo esto.

Para mí, el gimnasio se ha convertido en un espacio donde escaparme una hora del trabajo y entrenar (como todo el mundo, supongo), pero también en un lugar para escuchar. Llevo tres años yendo a unos y a otros —algunos más caros, otros más apartados y más mezquinos— y poniéndome las grabaciones de mala calidad de los ensayos, las versiones grabadas un poco mejor en casa, las canciones en crudo del estudio, las mezcladas y masterizadas y las ya publicadas, nuestros sencillos. En estos tres años, cada vez que me subía a la cinta para correr había un tema de Yerma pendiente de revisar, ya… read more

#01 / Día 7: estamos flipando.

Muy buenas a todos, los que estáis leyendo esto desde la página del verkami y los mecenas bonitos que lo habéis recibido directamente en vuestro mail.

Esta es la primera entrada del blog que hará las veces de diario de la campaña y queremos aprovechar para decir GRACIAS. De corazón. En 7 días escasos que lleva esto montado 63 personas bellas os habéis sumado al proyecto y entre todos llevamos dos tercios acumulados para llegar al objetivo.

Estamos seguros de que vamos a conseguirlo, y de que llegaremos más allá, parece que nuestra propuesta os ha convencido y estamos contentísimos de haberlo conseguido.

Foto del grupo en Green Cross Studio, junto con Jesús (Trikel)
Foto del grupo en Green Cross Studio, junto con Jesús (Trikel)

Que por cierto, esta semana hemos estado ocupados. Hemos estado dos días recluidos en nuestra segunda casa, Green Cross Studio, grabando los temas que nos faltaban para terminar el repertorio. Y… read more

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