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Room 44 is a series that follows Marcos in search of revenge after years of abuse and cover-up by his attacker.

Room 44

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Room 44 is a Series project that was born as the Final Degree Project of 4 Audiovisual Communication students.

Room 44 team
Room 44 team


Room 44 is a series project that we seek to present as our Final Degree Project to different producers during the month of June with the aim of being able to take the project to its possible production and realization in the future.

As an academic requirement and production need, we seek to make a teaser that reflects the visual and narrative atmosphere of the series in a few minutes.

The objective of Verkami is to f*inance the different production areas of our *teaser** in order to generate an attractive, original product that visually has great quality.


Room 44 is a psychological thriller that follows the story of Marco, a 25-year-old young man who was raped at the age of 6 by a police officer.

The story told between a small town in Girona and Barcelona intertwines different timelines that reveal the causes of the events and reflect the construction of a complex plot that follows Marcos' revenge plan 19 years later.

Room 44 explores the depths of trauma, justice and redemption from a raw and emotional approach that leads the viewer to question the moral limits of revenge.

A perfect series for those looking to immerse themselves in deep and exciting narratives that challenge their personal perceptions and values.



Marco (25) is a young man of average height and a slim build. He does not stand out for his great physique, but, even though he looks a little thin, he is strong. He does not usually dress very prominently, he likes it simple, although he takes care of his image.

As a result of the traumas experienced, Marco has developed different aspects of psychopathy and has difficulty relating to others. However, he is not a violent person. Marco is extremely intelligent and his passion is computing. Creating codes gives him an avenue to express himself and channel his emotions, and he will later use it to get revenge on those who didn't believe him.

Marco's main internal challenge is knowing how to set the limit of how far he wants to let himself go with his revenge plan. Additionally, he struggles to control his psychopathic traits and avoid falling into violence as a means of solving his problems.

The message that Marco conveys is that if you want something well done, you have to do it yourself.

If justice cannot defend the weak, we must take justice into our own hands.


Josep Maria (58) is a man of medium height but robust. He has dark, somewhat gray hair, short, but messy. Dark eyes that convey seriousness. He reflects a physical appearance of authority.

Josep María has a dark past that very few people know about. He was born in Madrid, where he was a car mechanic and everyone knew him as Gonzalo, his real name. He had a complicated childhood; His mother died young and his father was an alcoholic.

He has a strong personality, but is actually very weak; After having seen how his father ruined his life due to alcohol, he is not able to solve his problems in a different way, so he fights daily against alcoholism.

Through his move to Barcelona and group sessions, Josep Maria seeks a change of scenery and overcome his addictions to provide a better life for his family.

Lies don't last forever.


Ona (19) is a young woman of average height, with a slender and elegant figure. She has dark brown hair, usually tied up in a bun. She dresses with style, combining modern clothing with classic touches.

She is an interior design student. She works in a cafe in the center of Barcelona part-time. She is an intelligent, charismatic and charming young woman. She has always been the pride of her parents, excelling in her studies and extracurricular activities. However, behind her façade of perfection, Ona hides a deep sense of loneliness and pressure.

As the story progresses, Ona meets Marco, a boy who especially catches her attention, since he has always been a very lonely boy, and she finds in him the opposite of her, which is an escape from her struggle. for perfection and standards. Together with Marco she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, and little by little she discovers her father's best kept secret.

Ona's story shows us how appearances can be deceiving and how social pressure can affect people, even in seemingly perfect families. She invites us to reflect on the importance of authenticity and self-knowledge in the search for happiness and personal fulfillment.


We offer different rewards that vary depending on the amount you wish to contribute.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Acknowledgment credits

  • Original poster signed by the team

  • Physical photographs of making off

  • Original set pieces


  • Teaser filming date: May 2024

  • Teaser end date: June 2024

  • Reward delivery date: July 2024


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  • matiaspp


    about 1 months

    Para que Mateo pueda cumplir su sueño, enhorabuena por el proyecto a todos :)

  • AlexSuarez


    about 1 months

    Un pequeño aporte para un GRAN PROYECTO que todos estamos ansiosos por su estreno. Éxitos 🫶🏻

  • Jose Luis

    Jose Luis

    about 1 months

    Molta merda!!!!

  • Room 44

    Room 44

    about 1 months

    ¡Muchas gracias a tod@s por vuestro apoyo! Con cada aportación estamos cada vez más cerca de ver a Marco cumplir su venganza 😎👾💥

  • Ana Espinos

    Ana Espinos

    about 1 months

    Mucho Ánimo!!!

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