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Melrakki: the hidden lord of Iceland

A tribute to the arctic fox, the most hated and misunderstood inhabitant of the land of fire and ice.

Marta Bretó

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Thanks to all of you who have contributed to my project “MELRAKKI”. We have succeeded. I can only have words of gratitude. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Now, in the remaining days, WE WILL TRY TO COVER THE COSTS OF TAXES AND DISTRIBUTION. For this we will try to reach the second target: 10.000 €. If we achieve this, it will also allow us to choose higher quality paper and finishes. In addition, if we reach this goal, all the backers will receive a a bookmark or a watercolor postcard painted by me with the theme of the Melrakki project.

You are about to be part of this tribute to the arctic fox, the most hated and misunderstood inhabitant of the land of fire and ice.

After 10 years photographing Icelandic arctic foxes in the wild I want to publish a book about nature and adventure. About hunting and survival. About light and darkness. About foxes and man. A love letter to a misunderstood inhabitant of this majestic land.

Arctic fox yawning in the midst of a blizzard
Arctic fox yawning in the midst of a blizzard

Why this book is needed

The Arctic fox is the only mammal native to Iceland. It arrived before the retreat of the ice some 12,000 years ago. Even so, Icelanders have historically considered it a pest to be eradicated. After 10 years of photographing this mammal I could only try to do my bit to help change this view of an animal that to this day is still hunted by people appointed and paid by the government and local authorities.

Arctic fox cubs at rest
Arctic fox cubs at rest

But... What does Melrakki mean?

Melrakki is the first name by which the Icelanders referred to the Arctic fox. It comes from Old Norse and is a union of the words melur (gravel plain) and rakki (dog).

But perhaps if you are new to Arctic foxes you will be more struck by the color than by the name. Weren't Arctic foxes white?

It is true that the vast majority of arctic foxes in the world have white fur. However, in Iceland the "blue morph" variety stands out, with a brown color that varies in shade in different individuals.

Arctic fox family
Arctic fox family

Get exclusive rewards

Below you can see in detail everything you will find in the rewards bar:

  • Melrakki Book::

The fruit of this campaign and a dream come true. Take your copy of Melrakki, designed with love and with a careful selection of my best photographs.

The book will be in landscape format and hard cover. It will have 120 pages with quality paper and will use materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

This reward can be ordered in English or Spanish. Don't worry, we will check which version you want once we reach our goal.

Cover of Melrakki: The hidden lord of Iceland
Cover of Melrakki: The hidden lord of Iceland

  • Film "Hornstrandir: On the footsteps of the arctic fox ":

This 24-minute film is the "television" version of the book. First came the arctic fox and then the human being. Whichever end of the shotgun they find themselves at, foxes and humans in Iceland have more in common than it may seem. Whether their bonds are forged with love, hate or simply survival, foxes and humans are essentially the same: Icelanders.

This film has English subtitles (audio is in Spanish).

  • Arctic fox film collection:

To date I have authored and co-authored three arctic fox related films. This reward will give you access to all of them, plus bonus material such as interviews, travelogue, illustrations, photo gallery and deleted scenes.

All films have the option to activate English subtitles.

Arctic fox collection
Arctic fox collection

  • Fine Art Photographic Prints:

Users of this reward will be able to choose from a handpicked selection of photographs from the project for printing. The reward includes the photograph + print on Fine Art paper and there are three print size options depending on the reward chosen.

Some of my photos hanging on the wall
Some of my photos hanging on the wall

  • Your Logo:

This reward is intended for companies, brands or entities that want to gain visibility by including their logo in the book.

  • Sideral book (only in Spanish):

Sideral is the result of almost 10 years photographing the sky. It is a book about the stars through the eyes of photography, science, nature and myths. You can see more about the book here.

Please note that this book is only available in Spanish

A sample of my book Sideral
A sample of my book Sideral

  • Wildlife photography online course - ONLY IN SPANISH :

Reduced price access to my most requested course to date: In this course you will see how to get the most out of your photographic equipment to obtain photographs of great technical quality and of course, I will share with you my best practical tips to help you achieve more personal results.

Please notice that this reward is only in Spanish (it has no subtitles).

Wildlife photography online course
Wildlife photography online course

  • Talk about the arctic fox: only in spain

This reward is designed for associations and groups or entities related to photography and nature. It consists of a one to one and a half hour talk for your members in which we will talk extensively about the arctic fox and show high quality photographs.

Please notice that this reward is only available for Spanish backers.

  • Wildlife photography course: only in Spain

This reward is designed for associations and groups or entities related to photography and nature. It consists of a 4 hour wildlife photography workshop. This workshop can be done in classroom or online mode depending on where your association is located.

Please notice that this reward is only available for Spanish backers.

Arctic fox with face full of snow
Arctic fox with face full of snow

About the author

My name is Marta Bretó. Nature photography is my passion and my profession. I am in love with wild places and I love to explore them with my camera.

I am a Technician in Physical and Sport Activities in the Natural Environment, Graduated in Photography and Digital Creation and Postgraduate in Advanced Audiovisual Postproduction by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

I teach and guide photographic trips in INDOMITUS, from where I organize trips, workshops and photographic excursions related to nature.

If you want to know more you can consult my CV.

Me being myself
Me being myself

What will your contributions be used for?

All funds will be used for the printing of book. I am organizing this crowdfunding as a pre-sale, with the idea of guaranteeing the minimum number of books necessary for the printer to start production. The funding goal on Verkami coincides with the minimum order of the printing house excluding taxes. If we were able to exceed the funding goal, we could print more books, add some details or ensure its distribution in Iceland.

White arctic fox on black sand dunes
White arctic fox on black sand dunes

Why crowdfunding?

As a creator, I believe that crowdfunding is the best way to publish a book, as it gives the author total control over the content and the final quality. Also, as a photographer I love the final result to be as close as possible to how I see it in my mind, as well as being very rigorous with the ecological impact that any detail in the book may entail.

As a buyer, supporting this kind of project is a way to get a unique book, with a small number of copies and a higher quality than larger publications. Of course, you will also benefit from a discount on the price at which the book will be offered after its release.


The book design is 90% finished. Even so, there are still many details to review. A scientific review as well as a spell check is also needed, as well as ensuring a good distribution to Iceland for the English version of the book. That is why I prefer to proceed with caution and state the delivery of the book by January 2025, although you may very well receive it sooner. Don't worry, we will keep you informed at all times of any progress on the project.

Arctic fox portrait
Arctic fox portrait

+ Info

If you want to know more about the project you can click on the following links:

  • Follow me on Facebook

  • I am also on Instagram

  • Do you want to join me in one of my arctic fox photo tours? Check my website

  • Interview I did after winning the Conservation Photographer of the Year award for this same project. read

Arctic fox in a blizzard
Arctic fox in a blizzard


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  • Cristina


    7 days

    Saludos desde Londres!! 🐿️

  • Gerald Barraud

    Gerald Barraud

    9 days

    Muchos éxitos con el libro !

  • Carmen


    12 days

    Venga, venga, un empujoncito ....

  • Mónica


    19 days


  • Carlos Chevallier Marina

    Carlos Chevallier Marina

    29 days

    ¡Adelante! ¡Hasta el Círculo Polar y más allá!

  • Carlos Chevallier Marina

    Carlos Chevallier Marina

    29 days

    ¡Adelante! ¡Hasta el Círculo Polar y más allá!

  • Montse Pallas

    Montse Pallas

    about 1 months

    Llarga vida a la guineu àrtica!!!

  • RichardKay


    about 2 months

    Good luck with the book

  • Jordi Jordà Castells

    Jordi Jordà Castells

    about 2 months

    Que tinguis molta sort Marta, en aquest nou projecte. T'ho mereixes..!!

  • Francisco Cecilia

    Francisco Cecilia

    about 2 months

    Deseando ver y tener en las manos ese maravilloso trabajo. Suerte Marta. Un abrazo.

#05 / Lo hemos conseguido, Melrakki: el heredero de Islandia será una realidad.

Lo hemos conseguido, Melrakki: el heredero de Islandia será una realidad. Y esto es todo gracias a todos los que habéis ayudado con vuestras aportaciones. Me habéis ayudado a cumplir un gran sueño. Espero que este libro pueda formar parte de un cambio de paradigma para el zorro ártico islandés. Nada me haría más feliz.

Los próximos pasos

En lo que toca a mi parte, en los próximos meses voy a trabajar para que el libro quede lo mejor posible. Antes que nada, toca revisar la maquetación, confirmar la selección definitiva de imágenes y perfeccionar los retoques finales. Una vez todo esté listo me centraré en la selección del papel y los acabados, como siempre, respetando al máximo el medio ambiente. Y finalmente, lo más difícil será crear la red que llevará la edición en inglés a las librerías islandesas.

Os iré informando de los avances del proyecto según vayamos pasando de fase para que sepáis como va avanzando.

Importante: los formularios

read more



Gracias a tod@s l@s que habéis contribuido con mi proyecto "MELRAKKI". Lo hemos conseguido. Sólo puedo tener palabras de agradecimiento. MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS.

Hemos conseguido la financiación necesaria para sacarlo adelante. Ahora, en los días que restan, VAMOS A INTENTAR CUBRIR LOS COSTES DE LOS IMPUESTOS Y LA DISTRIBUCIÓN. Para ello intentaremos alcanzar el segundo objetivo: 10.000 €. Si lo logramos, esto también nos permitirá escoger un papel y unos acabados de mayor calidad. Además, si alcanzamos esta cifra todos los mecenas os llevaréis un detalle en forma de punto de libro o postal en acuarela pintada por mí con la temática del proyecto Melrakki.

Además, estamos de suerte: a los chicos de Verkami les ha gustado tanto el proyecto que han sumado 10 días extras a la campaña, así que ahora tenemos más tiempo para lograr este segundo objetivo.

¿Quieres saber más de mi proyecto?

read more


¡Hola querid@s mecenas!

Estoy muy contenta de ver que a 10 días del final de la campaña ya hemos logrado superar el 95% del objetivo de financiación para conseguir que el libro Melrakki: el heredero de Islandia sea una realidad y eso es gracias a tod@s l@s que estáis contribuido a ello tanto con vuestras aportaciones económicas como con vuestra difusión así que un ENORME GRACIAS.

¡¡¡Vamosss que ya casi lo tenemos!!! Un último empujón. No nos queda casi nada.

Aprovecho para dejaros esta interesante entrevista que el amigo y fotógrafo Javier Alonso Torre me hizo recientemente en su canal de Youtube. En ella podréis ver algunas imágenes y más detalles del proyecto Melrakki.

#02 / ¡70 % superado!

¡Hola queridos mecenas!

Hemos superado ya las dos primeras semanas de campaña y el 70 % de la financiación del proyecto así que quiero aprovechar para dar las Gracias a todos los que ya habéis participado y a los que estáis a punto de hacer vuestras aportaciones. Recordad que la difusión también es más que bienvenida. Cuanto más gente conozca elproyecto más ayuda podremos recibir.

cachorros de zorro ártico
cachorros de zorro ártico

Aprovecho para mandaros este artículo que hace un par de días he publicado en la web de INDOMITUS y que habla del proyecto, dando unas pinceladas a varios temas que se tratan en el libro. Espero que os guste y lo encontréis interesante. Lo podéis leer pinchando aquí


Hoy a las 21 h hará exactamente una semana del inicio de este proyecto y parece que hemos empezado con fuerza suficiente como para rozar el 30% del objetivo.

Sin embargo, aún estamos muy lejos de lograrlo.

Nadie dijo que fuera a ser fácil. Se que sacar adelante mi libro " Melrakki" va a costar mucho esfuerzo, más aún si cabe que tomar las imágenes. Sin embargo, en mi mente sigo el recuerdo de la silueta del zorro ártico en los confines de Islandia, manteniendo el equilibrio en medio de una tormenta de nieve, con los ojos cerrados y la visión bloqueada por el hielo acumulado en sus párpados, manteniendo a duras penas el ritmo pausado pero constante pese a las fuertes ráfagas de viento en contra. En la distancia, en la comodidad de mi casa y frene al ordenador, trato de hacer todo lo posible para ayudar a estos animales que tanto me han dado.

read more

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