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Bruna, Pruna

return to stay


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what is Bruna, Pruna

Bruna, Pruna is a fiction feature film that emerged as the Final Degree Project in Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University. The idea comes from the desire to reconcile our shared obsession with life expectations, alienation, and how time and growing up can both bring us closer and drive us apart from our beloved ones.

The film centers around a girl's return to her hometown after living abroad for a few years. Her journey explores the difficulty of connecting with the city and with herself, amidst the complicated housing situation in Barcelona, and her attempt to reconnect with those bonds that time and her decision to leave have transformed and, even weakened. Bruna, Pruna is about the difficulty of finding oneself and stopping looking at the past to be more present.

We are currently focusing on producing an extract of the film that allows us to encapsulate its energy and concerns and most importantly, to experiment with what we hope to, eventually, make a reality with the full film.


Bruna returns to Barcelona after living in Oslo for three years. Upon arrival, she tries to recover her life in the city and, without a place to go, temporarily stays at her sister Sol's house. The impossibility of finding an apartment and Bruna's need to reconnect with the important people in her life lead her to be temporarily welcomed into the homes of some of these people. Thus, she begins an inner journey that makes her reflect on the bond she has with her loved ones, with herself, and with the city she has always known but now feels so strange.

Amidst moving from one apartment to another, Bruna starts working as a tour guide, forced to sell a city in which she seems to have lost faith but which, to her surprise, still has things to offer her and can let her regain the excitement she felt before facing the reality of this new chapter in Barcelona.

In the exploration of Bruna's deepest concerns, we accompany her in the process of adapting to change and the inevitable passing of time, the fear of growing up, and the longing to find the comfort that embraces us when we are kids but seems to fade as we grow older and face the loneliness and uncertainty of our life decisions.


Bruna is a curious and sensitive girl who often wishes she could understand and know herself better, and she is troubled by not having fully achieved this in her twenty-five years of age. She is a good sister, friend, and daughter, but she doesn't always feel that way, and confronting the passing of time and how it has transformed her most important bonds during her absence makes her question what role she has now in the lives of those around her and what kind of person she has been, is, and will be.

Her complicated and unstable housing situation deeply discomforts her, which initially is purely physical but eventually becomes emotional, bringing forth Bruna’s doubts about the life she wants to lead and the one she is supposed to have by now.

In the extract of the film we are producing, we accompany Bruna in the last days she spends at the apartment of a lifelong friend, Mia, seeing how she experiences the anticipation of moving to a new apartment and how she interacts with someone she loves but feels distant from and doesn't quite know how to get closer to.

la Bruna
la Bruna

Our friend Maria Vera is who will play Bruna.

who are we

We are Clara, Maria, and Berta, friends and students studying Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University. After four years of working together, we are very excited to collectively tell a story that we feel has so much of us in it. It's a project that is very much ours and motivates us to discover with freedom how we want to work while exploring and reconciling so many of our concerns and fears as young people about to graduate and facing the overwhelming uncertainty of our future.

berta, clara i maria
berta, clara i maria

More at @bertacomasss @claravagio @maria_bareche

where will your donations go

40% meals, transportation and production expenses
30% technical equipment
15% art department
10% post-production and distribution
5% verkami rewards


The Tote Bags and stickers design will be done by our friend @satanasiu_

project calendar

The project is currently in a development phase. We have been working on pre-production for months, getting everything ready for the shooting, which will take place in May. Post-production will be carried out from June and throughout the summer. Delivery of the rewards is scheduled to start in October 2024.

You can also follow the project at @brunaprunacurt


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  • Aina


    20 days

    àaaaanims :)

  • Sabrina Atanasiu

    Sabrina Atanasiu

    about 1 months

    molt d'amor cap aquest projecte <3

  • arnau verges aguila

    arnau verges aguila

    about 1 months

    molts anims!! Segur que surt genial :)

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