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The Opposite Of Never

New album: 10 songs of love, hope and illusion. CDs (limited edition in an exclusive full colour carton sleeve). Concerts. QR-card. Videos.


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Amsterdam, Netherlands
From 3.000€
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Dear friends and followers,

Welcome to the crowdfunding campaign of my brand new album The Opposite Of Never: 10 new songs of love, heartbreak, hope and illusion, several videos, band shows, private solo concerts and a new website.

In order to make this all possible, I want to do this together. If you support me in advance, I can make it happen the way I like. In return, you will receive the album(s) you wish, a concert and/or a nicely designed "QR-card" as a reward. And eternal gratefulness and love of course :-)


CD (Limited Edition)

The Opposite Of Never will be released in two formats: digital (streaming) and an exclusive, limited edition cd - 250 copies only - and numbered. This cd will be delivered in a nice three-panel packaging, printed on reversed board, which gives the carton sleeve an elegant touch. The artwork is designed by Spanish artist Inés N. Monfil, who also did all the photography for this new project.

QR card in album sleeve

For those supporting who don't want to receive any cd, we will print a specially designed card (12 cm x 12cm) with a QR code, images and info about the album on it. This code leads you to the streaming platforms where the album can be listened to. The card will be delivered inside the album sleeve, so that you have all the information of the album cover (credits, pics), except the cd itself.

QR card only

A full colour card (12cm x 12cm) with a QR code on it. The code leads you to the streaming platforms where the whole album can be listened to. This card is specially designed for this crowdfunding campaign.

Online show Rick Treffers

One of the rewards is an online live show by Rick Treffers, via Zoom or Google Meet for instance. At least three songs of the new album, and with the possibility of a request.

House concert

Another possibility is to book a live show in your living room, garden or kitchen. This could be a great moment and an opportunity to invite your friends to a private concert (unplugged) by Rick himself.

Eternal gratefulness

I'm not kidding! My 13th album The Opposite Of Never is the first one I made after the pandemic. To me, it means a new start in many ways. Crowdfunding is also a way of letting the world know that I have music out (digital promotion and marketing), which is a time and money consuming activity nowadays for an independent DIY-artist like me. The goal of this campaign is to make this restart possible and to do it, of course, with as much love and passion I put into the songs.

In the past, crowdfunding turned out to be a great way of building my base of followers and to share new, exclusive content with them. And it feels good to be able to reward them in a personal way with music and everything that revolves around it. Building the community! It's a beautiful way of sharing art.

What do we need the money for?

The money from the campaign goes to:

  • The manufacturing of 300 cds, 500 album sleeves and 250 QR cards.

  • The graphic design of the album, the singles, the QR Card and the photography.

  • The audio mastering of the tracks at Alex Psaroudakis Mastering, a professional mastering studio in New York (Alex mastered famous artists such as Lady Gaga, but also independent artists such as Refree and me).

  • Several videoclips, made by Benet Román of La Chula Productions and Vicente Balbastre.

  • A brand new website designed by Susana López.

  • Digital marketing and promotion of the songs.

Planned schedule

Once this campaign comes to an end, the cds will be already in the factory and available on the album presentation in The Netherlands on the 30th of March, and three weeks before the presentations in Spain (18 and 21 April). So, by the end of March, the albums and QR cards will be sent to all the supporters of this campaign.

+ Info

I will keep you all posted about the campaign on my social media and my website:


Who is Rick Treffers?

For those among you who don't know me yet, here's a little story:

Rick Treffers is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, autodidact and multi-linguist who has been working on his oeuvre for almost 30 years now. Somewhere between poppy indie folk and dreamy crooner wave; mostly keen on melody and (bitter)sweet melancholy.

He becomes active in the European indie scene with his dream pop band Mist, formerly known as Miss Universe (1996-2001) and Girlfriend Misery (1993-1996). Debut album We Should Have Been Stars (2003) is being categorised as ‘Quiet Is the New Loud’, referring to bands that play intimate indie songs, such as Kings Of Convenience. Mist releases five albums and one EP, first with Spanish indie label Astro Discos, later through his own label Skipping Records. Parallel to his outings in English, the versatile songwriter releases some melancholic rock albums in Dutch and one funny one in Spanish, as El Turista Optimista. He even writes a book, a novel about a troubled musician on the road.

In 2017, after the release of the outtakes album Underwater, the name Mist is replaced by Rick Treffers. In 2024, three years after the existential indie pop record Looking For A Place To Stay, he releases The Opposite Of Never, a record about hope, love and illusions, one of the main themes in Treffers’s work.


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  • Guadalupe Aznar Trenco

    Guadalupe Aznar Trenco

    19 days

    Mucho éxito!!

  • chyno05


    24 days


  • Joop


    28 days


  • Fons Jansen

    Fons Jansen

    about 1 months

    Weer een parel in wording! Succes Rick!

  • tejota


    about 1 months

    Nuevo trabajo de Rick Treffers? No me lo pierdo por nada del mundo!

  • Silvia Maiques

    Silvia Maiques

    about 1 months

    La música de Rick Treffers me ha acompañado durante los últimos 10 años. Gran músico y grandes temas.

  • Silvia Maiques

    Silvia Maiques

    about 1 months

    La música de Rick Treffers me ha acompañado durante los últimos 10 años. Gran músico y grandes temas.

  • pilar manso

    pilar manso

    about 2 months


  • JeroenBerkhout


    about 2 months

    For a better world with beautiful sounds , go on Rick !

  • ricktreffers


    about 2 months


#01 / Almost there!

Dear sponsors of the crowdfunding for my album The Opposite Of Never,

With still 7 days to go, we have achieved almost 70% of the amount. Thanks to you!

And: still 30% to go... If you know someone who would like to pre-order or support the new album, thanks for letting them know. ¡Gracias!

In the meantime, two new singles have been released. Hummingbird and My Wishful Singing

Hope to see you at one of the shows!

Cheers, Rick

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