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Sara Lilu's Debut Album

Original music project exploring invented genres with humor, feeling, plenty of rhythm, and improvisation.

Sara Lilu

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I'm Sara Lilu, a singer and songwriter from Tenerife, currently living in Barcelona for the past 4 years. After much effort and dedication, the time has come to embark on my first solo album: 7 original songs + a cover, set to be released in 2024. I'm very excited to share this music with you!

Rooftop Session - Photo by Alba Tacoronte
Rooftop Session - Photo by Alba Tacoronte

Who is Sara Lilu?

I was born in the Canary Islands and at the age of 16, I moved to Madrid to continue my musical studies. There, I had my first experiences in the music scene, connecting with great musicians. After two years, I moved to Barcelona to continue my studies, developing as an artist, collaborating on different projects, and performing in the city's main venues as part of the Barcelona jazz scene.

Now, the time has finally come to capture the music that has been with me for years. Each song is a reflection of a past experience, a person, or an internal reflection, a self-help service for my better understanding of the world. I invite you to be part of this particular universe, an invented reality that is somewhat magical and surreal, yet very relatable.

The Band

This is an ambitious project in which I am accompanied by no less than eight incredible musicians. My greatest luck is that they are also like family to me, and each one of them brings so much to me both personally and musically. They are:

  • The Flutes: Ana Ayala and Martí Pareras. From the Canary Islands and Catalonia respectively, these two golden arrows are a crucial element in the sound of the album, masterfully exploring the limits of the instrument.

  • The Guitars: Sebastian Norén and Frederico Vannini. Originally from Sweden and Brazil, two of the best guitarists in the Catalan scene. Each one has a very rich and special background, capable of moving through endless genres with music as their mother tongue.

  • The Keyboard: Kevin Díaz. Originally from the Canary Islands and with half Cuban descent, he currently collaborates with artists like Mertixell Nedderman, Vic Mirallas, La Sra Tomasa... He always knows which notes to play to make things sound incredible.

  • The Bass: Xavi Veres. Originally from Catalonia, he is one of the grooviest bassists in the current scene. He is the bassist of the Catalan band Ciutat.

  • The Percussion: Tramel Levalle. Originally from Chile, he has worked with great artists such as Richard Bona, Alba Armengou or Adriano Galante. He is a key piece of the formation, as thanks to his ingenuity, the songs take on a spectacular life and personality.

  • The Drums: Estefanía Chamorro. Originally from Catalonia and with half Colombian descent, she combines a taste for tradition with a curiosity for the new. After a year in Brazil, she has returned to Barcelona loaded with experience and eager to make us dance.

Rooftop Session - Photo by Alba Tacoronte
Rooftop Session - Photo by Alba Tacoronte

About the Rewards

Through the rewards, you can contribute your grain of sand and make our project a reality. From the signed and dedicated physical album, through scores and lyrics of the original manuscript, tickets for the presentation concert, or even a masterclass with me, each reward has been designed with much love for you to choose what best suits your needs.

Where Will Your Contributions Go?

Your contributions will go towards covering all expenses related to the creation of the new project: recording, mixing, mastering, photography, design, CD production, and promotion.

Rooftop Session - Photo by Alba Tacoronte
Rooftop Session - Photo by Alba Tacoronte

Planned Schedule

Recording, mixing, and mastering: March - May 2024

Photography/videoclips: March - May 2024

Design and physical CD production: June - July 2024

*Live Session Release: September 20, 2024

1st Single Release: October 1, 2024

*1st music video release: October 1, 2024

2nd Single Release: October 15, 2024

*2nd music video release: October 15, 2024

CD Release: October 30, 2024

3rd Single Release: November 15, 2024

*3rd music video release: November 15, 2024

Presentation Concert: November 2024 (Barcelona or surroundings, date and location to be determined)

*The realization of the Live Session and music videos will depend on whether the initial goal is exceeded.

*Rewards will be delivered approximately one month after the Verkami campaign closes, in the case of CDs we depend on production times (June - July 2024).

+ Info

*The cost of flights to Tenerife is not included for the private duo concert; the patron will have to cover the cost themselves.

**Follow me on social media to stay updated on all project updates!



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  • Mario


    about 1 months

    De parte Luis Fernandez 😉

  • Natalia


    about 1 months


  • Roberto Martin

    Roberto Martin

    about 1 months

    Vaaaamos que nos vamos!

  • damaso85


    about 1 months

    Qué guay, Lilu!!

  • Irene Ribas

    Irene Ribas

    about 1 months

    Ole Sara! Deseando escuchar ese equipazo ❤️

  • Aileen López Torres

    Aileen López Torres

    about 1 months

    Dale churrrriiii!! Que lo consigueeeees ❤️

  • Ester


    about 2 months

    Mucho éxito!

  • Mónica Sánchez González

    Mónica Sánchez González

    about 2 months

    Adelante, a por todas con ese talento 👍

  • Juana Martín

    Juana Martín

    about 2 months

    Colaboración de Mer y mía!!

  • Roberto Martin

    Roberto Martin

    about 2 months

    Ánimo con ese super proyecto

#02 / Exclusiva! El disco está grabado

Queridxs mecenas, me llena de alegría anunciarles que los últimos días hemos estado encerrados en el Tercero Studios en Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona) y ¡ya tenemos el disco grabado! Han sido unos días muy intensos de trabajo con un equipazo de músicos e ingenieros, y puedo decir que el resultado es mejor incluso de lo que esperábamos. Todavía no he compartido nada por redes, pero quería adelantarles algunas imágenes del proceso de grabación. Pronto les traeré más noticias y posiblemente algún pequeño adelanto de la música en sí :)

en el estudio
en el estudio

pequeño snippet exclusivo: https://youtube.com/shorts/p_Vzwf9lEek?feature=share

Gracias a sus aportaciones hemos podido grabar en uno de los mejores estudios del país, con un personal inmejorable. Les estoy profundamente agradecida <3 hasta pronto!

Un abrazo,

Sara Lilu

#01 / ¡Lo hemos conseguido!

Hemos llegado al objetivo de la campaña, ¡7 días antes de que acabe! No quepo en mí de la ilusión que me hace saber que mi primer disco ya es una realidad. Y esto ha sido posible únicamente gracias a que ustedes, lxs mecenas, han puesto su confianza y su apoyo financiero en mi proyecto. Les agradezco profundamente este gesto y les prometo que pronto podrán escuchar con sus propios oídos la música tan especial que estamos preparando.

Si logramos superar el objetivo inicial, dependiendo de lo que se recaude podremos acompañar la música de material audiovisual de alta calidad (aka. videoclips). Nosotrxs ya tenemos las ideas, los grabaríamos en verano para que salieran a la vez que los singles en septiembre-octubre.

Gracias de todo corazón <3 pronto más noticias!

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