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An intimate and familiar short film in which mother and daughter embark on a journey that could save their relationship.

Anna Janer

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Alba and Diana's mother-daughter relationship is broken. Each leads her own life, but that's when Diana decides to make up for lost time by taking a getaway to a special place. The trip is bumpy, but it's those moments that really bring them together. In turn, Alba takes advantage of the situation to give her mother a chance and confess a secret.

Imagen de referencia
Imagen de referencia


The starting point of "Alba" is to show the mother-daughter relationship, the importance of forgiveness, and the strength of bonds. Through a drama with touches of comedy and a reflective tone.

The world is moving faster and faster and children are becoming less and less children. Having lived the experience of growing up fast ourselves, it seems important to us to stop and contemplate the beauty of the relationship between a mother and her daughter.

This relationship is represented by the characters of Diana, a free, creative and a bit messy woman, who was a young mother, and her daughter Alba, an organised, detail-oriented and independent young woman.

And who better to tell this story than us? A group of 4th year Audiovisual Communication students at the University of Navarra.

You can also be part of this great little project. With your donations we can make it happen. Help us to achieve it!


"Alba" is directed by María Berisa and Patricia Asensio, both scriptwriters of the story.

They are accompanied on this journey:

Producer: Anna Janner

Director of photography: Carmen Ruiz de Temiño

Art director: Elisa Mc Grath

Sound design: Javier Inchusta

Camera operator: Ainara Ezponda

Editing and script: Itsaso Elizalde

Equipo técnico de "Alba"
Equipo técnico de "Alba"


So that you know exactly where your donations are going, we have drawn up a budget.

This is explained in a graph that makes it clearer.

Gráfico estimado de financiación
Gráfico estimado de financiación

As you can see, equipment rental and team maintenance on shooting days are the areas in which we are going to invest the most.

So that everything goes smoothly and we get a quality short film!

Once the short film has been shot, distribution is very important (and expensive), but this will ensure that it reaches as many people as possible.


Here are the reference dates.

Calendario de "Alba"
Calendario de "Alba"


You can contact and learn more about "Alba" on our Instagram and TikTok accounts: @albacortometraje on both platforms.

From there we will inform you about events, raffles, the progress of the project, etc. Follow us so you don't miss anything.

Thank you, and see you soon!


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  • Marta Mc Grath Solla

    Marta Mc Grath Solla

    3 months

    Mucha suerte chicos, seguro que triunfáis!!😊

  • Elisa Mc Grath Solla

    Elisa Mc Grath Solla

    3 months

    Aportación de Yolanda Solla: Mucho ánimo y éxito!

  • Elisa Mc Grath Solla

    Elisa Mc Grath Solla

    3 months

    De parte de Encarnita y Severino

  • Isabel


    3 months

    Os deseamos que podáis hacer realidad vuestro proyecto. ¡Ánimo y a por ello!

  • Familia María

    Familia María

    3 months

    ¡A por todas!

  • montse ecay

    montse ecay

    3 months

    Mucho ánimo chicas! 😊

  • Pili Berisa

    Pili Berisa

    3 months

    Suerte sobrina!!!😘

  • Carmen Ruiz de Temiño

    Carmen Ruiz de Temiño

    3 months

    Contribución de PilsPlace, mucha suerte! ¡Qué ganas de verlo!

  • eva solla

    eva solla

    4 months

    ¡Mucha suerte chicos! Tiene muy buena pinta. Seguro que hacéis un gran trabajo en equipo

  • Chema Ruiz de Temiño Bueno

    Chema Ruiz de Temiño Bueno

    4 months

    Aportación de La Casa del Muro(Sos del Rey Católico)

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