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Luis González - New CD. Gestas de un Don Nadie.

Luis González is going to release a new CD, "Gestas de un Don Nadie", in which will collaborate other musicians as José Gallego, Francesca Calero, Francisco "Pacho" Flores and Spanish Brass Luur Metalls. This new CD will contain Spanish composers works. Don’t miss it!

Luis González

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The Societat Musical La Lírica de Silla wants to release the new Luis González’s CD “Gestas de un don Nadie”. This CD will be produced by SB Produccions and it will be dedicated to trumpet repertoire, including trumpet solo works and trumpet Works accompanied by other formations as piano or brass quintet.
All the works are written and dedicated to Luis Gonzalez.

Luis Gonzalez started his musical education in the Societat Musical La Lírica de Silla, and for this reason we want to support his new recording project.
Luis González is very well-known in the classical music world. For many years, he was Principal trumpet of the Orquesta Sinfónica del Teatro Real and he is also a very well-known teacher, not only in Spain, but throughout the world.

There are very few CDs dedicated to Spanish trumpet works and Luis González has always supported music written for the instrument. He has premiered more than 50 works dedicated to him, increasing the repertoire for trumpet.
The title of the CD, Gestas de un Don Nadie (Feats of John Doe), is also the title of one of the works, composed by Juanjo Colomer and dedicated to Luis González. This work has been commissioned by the Concurso Internacional de Trompeta Juan García Marín, which will be held on July 8-13, 2013. Gestas de un Don Nadie will be performed at the finale of this competition.
The recording will be made in November-December 2012 and the idea is to release it at the Spanish Brassurround Torrent Festival, which will be held on February 15-17, 2013.

In this CD Luis will collaborate with other great musicians such as Spanish pianist José Gallego, Venezuelan trumpeter Francisco “Pacho” Flores, Spanish soprano Francesca Calero and internationally renown quintet Spanish Brass Luur Metalls.
The works included in the CD are composed by Santiago Báez, Juanjo Colomer, Albert Guinovart, Josep Vicent Egea, José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana, Antonio Sánchez Pedro and Francisco Zacarés.  

Luis González has already released two CDs which have had a lot of success, specially among brass musicians.
This is the first time we do a crowdfunding project, but we know many people who has done this type of project successfully, like Spanish Brass Luur Metalls who, in addition, collaborate in this CD.
The budget of a project like this one is more than requested. If we receive more contributions it will enable us to pay other expenses like layout, hall and piano rental, etc.

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REPERTOIRE OF THE CD - Gestas de un Don Nadie

  • 1- Quatre preludis de Llum. Albert Guinovart
    I- llum de matinada
    II- llum de migdia
    III- llum de tarda
    IV- llum de capvespre

  • 2- Encuentro. J. Vicent Egea

  • 3- 1969. Antonio Sánchez Pedro

  • 4- Dic Amor... José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana
    (words by Joan T. Toldrà i Sanchis)

  • 5- Unicantus 2. Francisco Zacarés Fort
    I- Miradas
    II- Introspección
    III- Preludio y Fuga

  • 6- Denébola. Santiago Báez

  • 7- Gestas de un Don Nadie. Juanjo Colomer
    I- Desayuno en Penumbra
    II- Merienda a la salida de Misa
    III- Cena Ligera 

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  • Luis González

    Luis González

    about 7 years

    estimado jesus, gracias por tu interés en mi proyecto. creo sinceramente que para poder contestarte a esta pregunta lo mejor es poder hablarlo en directo. imparto muchos cursos por toda España, estaré encantado de poder contestarte en alguno de ellos.

  • jesus bolivarj

    jesus bolivarj

    about 7 years

    buenas tardes luis mis saludos quisiera hacer una pregunta sobre la trompeta cual seria una rutina de estudio para tener un sonido puro y clasico, gracias.

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+ A privat concert in Spain with Luis González and Pepe Gallego (trumpet and piano) exclusively for sponsors who choose this kind of contribution in an agreed place.
(Sponsors will have to pay for the musicians’ travel and housing in case it will be required)

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