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AutisMIND, interactive videos to promote inclusion

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AutisMIND Videos is an interactive video platform to promote the inclusion of autistic people.

Imagine a life simulator with tones of videos with diferent situations, similar to Netflix, were adolescents and adults with ASD will be able to fins lots of resources to improve their autonomy and well-being.

¿What's your choice?

Each video presents everyday situations that can be complicated for people with autism. It is then that different options appear and the video will continue in one way or another, depending on the decision we make.

Interactivity encourages attention, motivation and proactivity, in addition it allows you to anticipate and practice what to do in different scenarios, learning coping strategies to overcome the common day-to-day problems that many autistic people might find.

Dou you want to see an example Follow that link: Job interview.

Job interview: candidate
Job interview: candidate's perspective

Initially we are doing the interactive videos in spanish, but we want to create content in english and/or translate it in english as soon as possible.

  • Anticipate difficult situations to reduce anxiety levels.

  • Acquire coping strategies to deal with day-to-day problems.

  • Promote the user's self-knowledge through reflection and experimentation.

  • Promote autonomy and self-determination.

  • Promote flexibility and adaptability.

  • Learn new skills through motivating visual support, designed specifically for autistic people.

  • Raise awareness about the needs and potential of autistic people.


AutisMIND aims to create a dynamic platform, which will be periodically updated with new content and allows us to address a multitude of important topics:

Examples of situations recorded
Examples of situations recorded

  • Social-emotional skills: managing frustration, a romantic date, exploring friendships, attending a party, bullying prevention, etc.

  • Language and communication: starting and maintaining a conversation, language pragmatics, non-verbal communication and gestures, asking for help, managing criticism...

  • Independent living: housework, solving a breakdown, hygiene and self-care, time organization...

  • Job insertion: vocational guidance, how to prepare for a job interview or deal with problems in the office.

  • Responsible use of new technologies: social networks, cyberbullying, internet safety, video game addiction, pornography, etc.

  • Hospital context: bodily sensations, making an appointment, medical visits and tests, admission and surgical interventions...

We want it to be an accessible resource for autistic people and, at the same time, a useful and functional tool for professionals. For this reason, we rely on autism friendly design studies, as well as the participation of autistic people throughout the creation and validation process of the web platform.

We are currently working on the prototype and the idea is that there will be one version for users and another one for professionals.

Home page
Home page

The simplest version will allow a single person to access all the content; you will be able to search and filter all the videos, as well as rate them and add comments and reflections, as well as read other people's opinions.

The version for professionals will have more options, among which are:

  • Chance to create multiple users.

  • Assign videos and materials to each user, so they can enter from anywhere and on any device to view them at home.

  • Consult information about the views and evolution of each user.

  • Creation of your own folders to organize videos and materials.

  • Private space to comment the videos and share reflections with different users.

Personal folder creation
Personal folder creation

AutisMIND is a social project, so the money we raise from subscriptions will be used to create new content for the website, as well as its maintenance and updating. That is why we need everyone's collaboration to make it possible.

With your early bird subscription, you will be helping to make AutisMIND Videos possible, since in these crowdfunding campaigns, if the fundraising goal is not reached, all the money will be returned and we won't be able to launch it.

Furthermore, the first days are the most important, as they determine the success of the campaign. That's why you will find limited rewards with greater discounts and benefits! Help us and be one of the first to subscribe!

  • Early bird subscription to the platform: choose the time you want and get access to the platform with a 20% or 30% discount. You will find some rewards designed for families, who only need to access the content; and others for professionals, who want to test all the functionalities of the web platform.

  • Access to the Beta version: be one of the first subscriptors and become a beta-tester. Try the platform before anyone else and give us feedback so we can improve it. Your proposals will be heard and you will be able to contribute with your ideas to make AutisMIND a more useful resource.

  • Personalized consulting session: Take advantage of this reward if you are interested in a 1-hour consultation, for you or your team, and thus learn how to use the platform and get its full potential from the hand of Alex Escolá.

  • Invitation to the IDAPP's conference: on the occasion of the 20th anniversary, on November 8th and 9th of 2024, the IDAPP's center will hold some good practice conference in Barcelona: *Update on ASD interventions throughout the life cycle *. If you are interested in attending, you will find a reward that includes 2 tickets to the event.

  • Personalized video: we offer the possibility of creating a video together, where you can ask us to address a specific topic or record a particular situation of your choice. Additionally, your name or company logo may appear in the credits if you wish so.

We have the videos and many other contents such as interactive exercises, tutorials, training videos and testimonials...but we need to develop the web platform. This is how we will distribute the €18,600.

Money distribution
Money distribution

With your contribution, you will collaborate with the project and make AutisMIND Videos a reality.

If we manage to raise more than €18.600, we have many other ideas to carry out, so below we detail what we would do if we exceed this amount:

The monthly subscription will allow us to create new content that we will be uploaded to the platform, but we already have some specific themes planned to be able to record when we have the financing, such as emergency situations (what to do in case of fire, if I get lost on the street, in the event of a water leak or a domestic accident); or travel and transportation (traveling by public trasnport, renewing your passport, finding your way around the train station or passing through airport security control).

AutisMIND is a project of three psychologists from the IDAPP center in Barcelona, ​​with an entire multidisciplinary team that supports us. After more than 20 years of clinical practice caring for people on the autism spectrum, we realized the potential of new technologies as a tool to support intervention.

Fundadores IDAPP MIND
Fundadores IDAPP MIND

Dr. Sergi Corbella: clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and coordinator of the IDAPP center. Professor at the Blanquerna University and author of numerous articles in scientific journals and books on evaluation and intervention in clinical psychology and psychotherapy research.

Dra. Noemí Balmaña: psychologist and clinical coordinator of the IDAPP center and coordinator of the Partial Hospitalization Program of the ASD multidisciplinary Unit (UnimTEA) of the Mental Health Area of ​​the HSJD Barcelona. Professor at the UB, Blanquerna and the UAM, author of different scientific articles and is part of the Clinical Committee of the Mas Casadevall Autism Foundation.

Alex Escolá: General health psychologist specialized in autism and new technologies. He works at the IDAPP center and coordinates social skills groups and trainings. He combines clinical practice with teaching at the UOC, the UAM and other universities.

But this project would not be possible without the help of a group of young autistic people who collaborate with us, providing their unique perspective and advising throughout the creation process.

Working in the video scripts of AutisMIND
Working in the video scripts of AutisMIND

In addition, we are very lucky to have many entities that have given us their support and collaborate with the AutisMIND Videos project:


The beta version of the AutisMIND Vieos platform will be released in September 2024.

Then, access will be given to the beta-testers patrons to be able to test the platform and evaluate it, give us feedback and thus ensure that everything works perfectly, in addition to adding, changing and improving the interface and experiencing their advice and ideas. We will do it within the framework of training sessions on autism, organized by IDAPP, where the official presentation will be made.

Once the changes and recommendations of the beta-testers have been incorporated, approximately around Christmas, the most anticipated gift will arrive and access will be given to all patrons who have subscribed and then you will be able to start benefiting from all the contents of AutisMIND Videos in the following months. you have acquired!

You will find all the information related to the project on the [AutisMIND] website (https://autismindvideos.com/)


  • ¿What does it mean "beta acces"?

    Beta access means that you will be able to try the beta version of the platform, that is, the "trial version". When it comes to software, a first test version is normally released so that some people can test it, suggest changes and improvements. The positive part is that you will have access beforehand and, in addition, you will be able to recommend ideas and proposals.

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  • AutisMIND


    8 days

    Thank you very much for your generosity!

  • Giles


    8 days

    A fantastic project Alex and team, best of luck and continue the great work!

  • AutisMIND


    13 days

    Gracias de todo corazón! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Deseo que podáis llevar a cabo este magnífico proyecto que ayudará mucho a las personas y familias TEA, muchas gracias

  • AutisMIND


    15 days

    Muchas gracias!!! Con vuestro apoyo lo conseguiremos!

  • Logoeduca


    15 days

    Deseando que el proyecto siga adelante!! Gracias!

  • AutisMIND


    16 days

    Gracias Chabe, contamos con algunas personas autistas para validar los guiones y también contratamos algunos como actores/actrices! Mi ilusión es poder contratar de manera fija algunas de las personas que colaboran con notros para que se encarguen de la gesión de la plataforma. #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs

  • Chabe Rollán

    Chabe Rollán

    16 days

    Muchas gracias por trabajar para mejorar la vida de las personas con autismo. Ojalá personas autistas trabajando en el proyecto!!

  • AutisMIND


    17 days

    Moltes gràcies per les teves paraules! Esperem que ajudi a molta gent! 😊😊😊

  • judith balmana

    judith balmana

    17 days

    Projecte molt interessant i engrescador!

#03 / 2ª Semana

Llegamos a la segunda semana cerca del 50% del total recaudado! Agradecer de nuevo la confianza de todos los mecenas que lo habéis hecho posible.

Aun así, tenemos que conseguir llegar al 100% para que AutisMIND sea una realidad. En Verkami, es todo o nada. Seguiremos trabajando para dar a conocer el proyecto y que tanto familias como centros y entidades puedan suscribirse anticipadamente.

Esta semana hemos añadido colaboraciones con la asociación Futuro Autista o el Blog "El sonido de la hierba al crecer" y hemos estado en Tenerife, de la mano de APANATE, para dar a conocer la herramienta. En cuanto a nuevos videos, nos disponemos a grabar una "fiesta en casa de un amigo", donde abordaremos las dificultades sociales más comunes de interacción, como iniciar conversaciones, conocer gente nueva, salir, etc.

Formación AutisMIND
Formación AutisMIND

Sigamos compartiendo y seguro que entre todos lo haremos posible.


#02 / 1a Semana

Primera semana y hemos recaudado 4.185€! Ya una cuarta parte del total! Muchísimas gracias a todos los mecenas.

Nosotros seguimos grabando nuevos contenidos, hoy junto al Parc Sanitari San Joan de Déu, hemos repasado con médicos y técnicos el procedimiento de una mamografía y con la ayuda de FESPAU, hemos establecido las ayudas y apoyos que pueden ser más útiles para las mujeres autistas.

Paralelamente, estamos en contacto con **TMB **para rodar un primer video piloto en un **autobús **y no dejan de llegar magníficas ideas!

Los medios se han hecho eco del proyecto y AutisMIND ha aparecido en periódicos, agencias de noticias y otras páginas! Aquí os dejo un ejemplo del artículo en La Voz de Galicia.

Periódico La Voz de Galicia
Periódico La Voz de Galicia

#01 / Iniciamos la campaña!

Arrancamos la campaña de crowdfunding! Muchas gracias por estar aquí, interesarte por el proyecto y colaborar, ya sea con tu aportación, suscripción o con la difusión!


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