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A romantic comedy. The motive of this project is to put smiles back on people’s faces. We are a group of young people willing to work, with no money, with lots of motivation. Our idea is to make a short film, that is a life metaphor, about love, loneliness and happiness. Please support us.

Alicia Cubells

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We are a group of young professionals with a lot of work and very little money. We work in cinema, theatre, journalism and in the team we even have a biologist and a sociologist in charge of production. We are a group of people willing to work with many ideas, which is why the idea suddenly sprung to mind. To demonstrate that It is possible, that “Where there is a will there is a way”. The motive of this project is to put smiles back on people’s faces. As everybody is aware, we are currently in a recession and life in Spain has become quite dreary. We want to grow, however, but to make this dream happen; we need your help and collaborations. Please join us in this dream; you can make a difference.


For the last two years Ella (Lorena López) has been cooped up at home. She discovered a terrible quality, in which she makes people cry. Or well, that is what she has begun to believe. Her computer is her window to the world. On Christmas Eve, out of despair, she connects to a chat and where she meets Luis (Abel Zamora), he will become her best friend. The next day her computer suddenly breaks, and Ella has to face her worst nightmare: To open her house to a stranger. However, her world is turned up side down when she sees the technician (Xavo Gimenéz). He will not only fix her computer, but he will capture her love.


We will invest the money to pay for the renting of equipment (lights, microphones, lenses and cameras), atrezzo and costumes, make up and catering for the team during the days of shooting.

The beginning date is that 30th November until the 12th December. The final cut will be in January and February.

Thank you very, very much.



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  • Alicia Cubells

    Alicia Cubells

    over 7 years

    Muchas gracias por tu interés Susana! Nos encanta que te encante Benimaclet!

    Para la peli no hemos necesitado extras, pero en nuestro facebook puedes informarte de todo lo que vamos haciendo.

    Un abrazo y perdona que hayamos tardado tanto en contestar!! :)

  • Susana


    over 7 years


    que bien! Me encanta mi barrio adoptivo ( soy de otra provincia) desde hace ocho años. Serán necesarios extras? Me gustaría participar!

#04 / ¿Queréis saber si os ha tocado un jamón?

Poco a poco, vamos cumpliendo nuestras promesas...

Si queréis saber si os ha tocado un jamón, reproducid el siguiente vídeo y lo averiguaréis...

Want to know if you have won a ham? Play the video below and will find out ...

Voleu saber si heu guanyat el pernil? Veieu el següent vídeo per esbrinar-ho..

#03 / Mil gracias de todo corazón!!

Mil gracias por vuestro apoyo!!

Hemos conseguido nuestro objetivo y después de la pausa navideña, en la que hemos tenido muchas sorpresas (la dire ha sido mamá!), volvemos a la carga. El rodaje ha terminado, pero aún nos queda mucho trabajo por delante!!

En breve os daremos más información sobre el sorteo y sobre las recompensas. Sin prisa, pero sin pausa. Por aquí seguimos trabajando! :)

De todas formas, podéis estar al tanto de todo el proyecto y lo que vamos haciendo en:


Un abrazo muy fuerte y gracias por confiar en nosotras!

Mil gràcies pel vostre suport!!

Hem aconseguit el nostre objectiu i després de la pausa nadalenca, en la qual hem tingut moltes sorpreses (la dire ha estat mamà!), tornem a la càrrega. El rodatge ha acabat, però encara ens queda molt treball per davant!!

En breu us donarem més informació sobre el sorteig i sobre les recompenses. Sense pressa, però sense pausa. Per aquí seguim treballant! :)

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#01 / Ya tenemos la ilustración para la camiseta!

Queridas y quedidos mecenas!!

Los días de rodaje pasan rápidos, intensos, divertidos... Sin parar ni un momento y con ganas de que todo salga bien! Poco a poco vamos cumpliendo objetivos, aunque aún estamos en la mitad del camino. Un camino que se hace mucho más fácil gracias a toda la gente que trabaja (gratis) para hacer realidad este sueño.

Hoy nos hemos levantado con una muy buena noticia: nos ha llegado la ilustración que Carla Pereira y Javier Cruz han hecho para la camista de la película y, claro, queremos compartirla con vosotras y vosotros.

Aquí va! A nosotras nos encanta!!

13 backers

Ok, we understand life is tough and this 5 euros means you’ll have to reconsider some of your daily necessities (gin and tonic, tobacco, Jabugo’s ham…) Just for making this sacrifice you deserve to be in the credits of the film and you can download the film in HD + One ticket for the raffle of an authentic Spanish ham!!

30 backers

Like a friend says “Put that in your pipe and smoke it” Thank you!! For this contribution You will be on the credits + You can download the film in HD + Two tickets for the raffle of The Spanish ham.

31 backers

You want a t-shirt! And support our project of course. So you get the t-shirt + We’ll thank you on the credits + 5 tickets for the raffle of The ham

17 backers

We like you! We like you a lot. That’s why we would like to give you two t-shirts, one for you and another for that special someone in your life. Of course we’ll thank you on the credits + 10 tickets for the raffle of The ham.

9 backers

We can see you understand about ART. That’s why we’ll send you an illustration of our director, Alicia Cubells + A t-shirt + Our eternal gratitude which will be mention on the credits + 20 tickets for the raffle of The ham

0 backers

We’d love to meet you. We would just love to invite you to the Premiere Party (Need an excuse to visit Spain?) Plus we give you an illustration of our director, Alicia Cubells + a t-hirt + obviously you’ll be on the credits + 40 tickets for the raffle of The ham.

0 backers

We are so happy that you like our project. We would like to invite you for a romantic dinner on the set, consisting of two special people in your life + two t-shirts + our wonderful photographer Nacho Carrascosa will take pictures of the event + 100 tickets for the raffle of The Ham.

1 backer

Congratulations! You just became an associate producer of Ella. We have lots to offer. For example If you have a business logo it can be creditted and on the publicity. As well as the possibility of some product placement… If you prefer we can give you a percentage of the films benefits (If…)

We can talk at ellaesela@gmail.com

AND you have 200 tickets for the riffle of the Ham!

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