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New Album "Te lo digo cantando" Las Karamba

"The flower that blooms in adversity is the strongest and most authentic of all. With your contribution, we can make it possible."

Las Karamba

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Why are we doing a crowdfunding campaign?

We are approaching the final stages of gestation for our upcoming child: a beautiful album that lays bare very personal experiences, wrapped in feelings dressed in poetry.

This 2023 presented us with a 50% drop in cultural programming, which significantly affected the band's income. We even considered abandoning the project for purely economic reasons, but the passion, love, and the desire to make it work through any means possible, pushed us to rethink the production of our second album, 'Te lo digo cantando'

After considering all available options, we've determined that this fundraising campaign is the only viable way for our musical journey to continue. Your contribution is the key to making all of this possible, and it is as important as the music itself.

As of today, it is still surprising that there are women-led bands in the music industry, and even more surprising in salsa and Latin music. Not because they don't exist, but because they are not given the opportunity to be as visible. Las Karamba, along with the women of our generation, are fighting to open the way free of limitations for the generations to come.

Our new album “Te lo digo cantando“ not only helps us continue our discography but also contributes to providing more opportunities for all of us to develop as musicians, performers, composers, lyricists, engineers, arrangers, and all related professions that women can ALSO pursue.

Who are we?

We are a musical project formed by women from Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, and the Catalan Countries. We draw from our multicultural roots to blend Latin rhythms such as son, chachachá, salsa, rap, and timba.

Mixed in every sense. We are warmth and vibrant colors, but also, change and struggle. Our lyrics are filled with legacies and personal experiences that aim to raise awareness and offer social critique based on our own life experiences.

We make music without borders, without age limits, and without any form of exclusion. Music with humor, feeling, and truth. Our truth.

About our New Album:

We let ourselves be carried away by intense emotions that humans typically avoid, and we share them with you through song. Latin rhythms performed by us. Women. Speaking about everyday life but from our perspective. Giving it our all so that you can resonate with us through our music.

Este nuevo álbum estará compuesto de 10 canciones cocinadas a fuego lento y de forma muy personal:

  1. Duele

  2. Cocteleo

  3. No quiero llanto

  4. Me lo dijo el silencio

  5. Si sola no puedes

  6. Interludio

  7. Ego

  8. Un rato na' mas

  9. Mamá

  10. Te lo digo cantando

¿A qué destinaremos vuestras aportaciones?

-Producción y arreglos
-Mezcla y máster
-Producción y grabación de videoclips

Más información

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  • Escenamusic


    9 hours

    Oleeeeeee conseguido!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Las Karamba

    Las Karamba

    10 hours

    De parte de Kamal USA ✨

  • Owosire3


    16 hours

    Las aprecioh

  • Ahylin


    1 days

    MARC SOTO 2.0 ❤️❤️❤️

  • @laSusiMoroni


    1 days

    Llevo la camiseta que gané en el sorteo y mira... pensé que carajo, otro granito de arena para estas mujeres tan fantasticas! Hahaha oleee

  • Las Karamba

    Las Karamba

    2 days

    Coe padre presente en la recaudación ❤️

  • Ahylin


    2 days

    MARC SOTO ❤️❤️✨✨

  • Ahylin


    2 days


  • Las Karamba

    Las Karamba

    2 days

    De parte Marianna y Yoser con todo el amor para que sigan haciendo música ❤️❤️

  • Kat Sheppard

    Kat Sheppard

    3 days


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