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My first album “Las cosas del tiempo”

My musical project made up of 10 songs is just about to be released. Do you want to be a part of it?


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Created in

Toulouse, France
From 2.000€
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Hi everyone!

I’m Itah, a singer songwriter from the Canary Islands, now living in France. I´ve been passionately writing music for 9 years.

I am committed to the search for the essential and at the same time, I like to create deep sounds with an experimental air. Influenced by any music that provokes an emotion in me, my lyrics are the result of my own experiences and the inner journey that each one of them takes me on. Each set of lyrics is a work of passion, inspired by personal experiences and inner exploration.


I self-produce my own music videos. I would like to thank Patri Mont for this beautiful collaboration.

The album

After carefully selecting ten of my songs, each one of them with their own universe, style and specific atmosphere, it´s time to ask for a little bit of help to be able to finish my first album and release it on digital platforms. In exchange for your help, I have some very special rewards for you. Do you want to be part of this project? Let me tell you a little bit more about it… 😊

My spontaneous homemade version of "Las cosas del tiempo":

This magnificent journey started about 2 years ago with Iure Marcel and Ishan Thakur…but, who are they?

Ishan Thakur and Iure Marcel
Ishan Thakur and Iure Marcel

Iure Marcel is a singer-songwriter and producer, and also a traditional Brazilian and alternative world music lover. In his artistic profile you can clearly notice his tendency to escape from the norm. Through Iure, I was lucky to meet Ishan Thakur, a musician, sound designer and producer with blues influences and a great musical openness that allows him to experiment new horizons with his work.

From the very beginning of my collaboration with Iure and Ishan, I found myself transported to a world of communication and mutual understanding which allowed me to express myself and nurture my songs with complete freedom. From our homes in Tenerife, Brazil, Portugal and France, we have reinvented ourselves to shape this long distance musical project. In all of these places musical geniuses joined us on our journey, and I am eternally grateful for each one of their influences and contributions.

Thank you so much to: Ewin Pérez (Guitar), Lens Steindmuller (Trumpet), Luciano Rodríguez (Synthesizer), Frederico Valle (Drums), Sarará Santos (Flute), Antônio Meira (guitar and bass).

What will your contributions be used for?

The money raised in this campaign will go towards:

  • Making rewards

  • Recording equipment

  • Publishing the album on digital platforms

What are the rewards?

  • Exclusive early release digital disc download

  • "Las cosas del tiempo" CD composed of 10 songs

  • T-shirt

  • Tote bag

Pack fan
Pack fan

  • A3 prints of 3 paintings by the artist Dano Masala
  1. Charges Mentales

  2. Liberté Bleue

  3. Fond Fertile

Dano Masala
Dano Masala

Discover his universe on Instagram Dano Masala and on his website www.danomasala.com

  • Virtual acoustic concert "Las cosas del tiempo"

Virtual 45 minute acoustic concert with interactive chat exclusively on Youtube.

  • Videoconference: creative process and production of a long distance record

You will attend a talk via Jitsi Meet where Ishan Thakur, Iure Marcel and I will discuss how we have managed the long distance recording of this album and the different stages of the process.

  • We create your song

Do you feel like telling your story through a song? Do you want to give someone a present? Why not give them a personalized song as a special gift? Even if you don't have the lyrics or the melody, we can write the song together from scratch; you tell me your story and we will give it shape 😊

We will agree on the timescale, the style and all the details of the song in our first meeting (in person or online).

Something important to keep in mind: I will be 100% receptive to your idea but my creative process revolves around my artistic universe, so if you are not a fan of my existing work, it´s unlikely that I will be able to create what you are looking for. I would recommend that you spend a little bit of time listening to my songs on my YouTube channel Itah Music to see if you like any of my songs or covers.

The quality of your song will be optimal. Please note that this is not the case with some of the content on my YouTube channel! Communication throughout the creative process will help me to connect in the best way possible with the message of the song and your thoughts, ideas and intentions. Once our final review is complete, I will send the song to your email in mp3 format after an optimal production and mastering process. The song could be included in my future work with special acknowledgements.

  • Cover version

A cover version of the song of your choice (sent via email in mp3 format).

My cover of "Pequeño vals vienés".

The physical rewards will be delivered by hand in Tenerife, Madrid or in Toulouse. Feel free to write to me if you would like a delivery to a different location.

Other ways you can help me with the campaign:

  • Share the campaign link with your friends and family (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram...)

  • Share, like or comment on my publications on the Itahmusic profile on Instagram.

  • None of the above and just wish me well 😊

Well, that’s it 😊


You can also contact me directly on my profile Itahmusic on Instagram and look out for exclusive content. Don’t miss out!

Artistic direction, composition, interpretation: Itah

Arrangements, effects and mixing: Iure Marcel

Effects, mixing and mastering: Ishan Thakur

Merchandising rewards (Flaticon rewards icons): Itah


There are none published yet.

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  • Itah


    8 months

    Gracias, mil gracias💜💜💜

  • Marina Indalo

    Marina Indalo

    8 months

    Oleee mi niña y su música mágica ❤️

  • Itah


    8 months

    💜💜💜 Merci beaucoup !!

  • Seb


    8 months

    Bravooooooooooooo...Magnifique projet...On y croit tous.

  • Itah


    9 months

    Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien! Tous ces commentaires me font chaud au cœur! 💜🌀🤗 Je vous aime !

  • mayapour


    9 months

    Vamoooooooos ! La force du collectif est puissante 🥰 Magnifique projet 🎉 Qu’il soit remplie de succès parce qu’il est remplie de belles personnes 😍 Bravo Itah pour toutes ces montagnes d’heures, cette persévérance, cette sensibilité, cette empreinte et surtout ce partage 😘 t’aime 🌞

  • Foufou


    9 months

    Bon vent à cet album belle artiste ! Avec tout notre amour, Fou et Agathe

  • Itah


    9 months

    Muchas gracias, Insa🤗💜 Un abrazo

  • Itah


    9 months

    🤣💜Son tan bellas !! Mil gracias por el apoyo, chicas. Las quiero !!

  • Karol gv

    Karol gv

    9 months

    Somos unas grupis!❤️ Eres una pedazo de artista y te queremos! Te veremos pronto en concis y queremos un tanga firmado! "No se sabe" Hele y Karol ❤️

#03 / Casi estamos :)

En español...

¡ Hola, familia !

Quería hablarles en qué punto estamos del proyecto. Ya he recibido las camisetas, bolsas del tela y láminas de Dano Masala.

No veo la hora de dar recompensas y abrazos de agradecimiento.

En cuanto al disco, estamos ultimando detalles y les prometo que estamos echándole amor a cada minuto de trabajo. Seguiré publicando en redes sociales con cositas de lo que va sonando.

Para aquellxs que han pedido un cover no duden en decirme qué canción quieren (no me hagan sufrir y que sea en español. Aunque si hay que cantar en japonés, lo haré como pueda😂🤗).

Para los mecenas que han pedido la canción personalizada, llevará un poco más de tiempo. Aún así, cuanto antes me cuenten la idea que tienen, mejor.

En Toulouse haré las entregas a finales de mayo.

En Tenerife, será en junio.

Mil ganas de verlxs a todxs.

Los envíos los haré también por esas fechas.

¡ Estamos en contacto ! Escríbeme y hablamos para cualquier duda.

Nos vemos pronto.


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#02 / ¿ Y qué pasa ahora ?

Hola, familia🤗

Lo hemos conseguido gracias a ustedes. Esto ha sido una experiencia colectiva increíble.

Antes que nada, les cuento algunas cosas sobre las recompensas.

Pronto les enviaré un formulario para las tallas de las camisetas.

Iure, Ishan y yo seguimos trabajando en el disco y según nuestros ritmos, lo tendremos listo entre marzo y abril. Nuestro objetivo es publicarlo en las plataformas digitales y tener las copias físicas en Mayo de 2024 para seguidamente, hacer las entregas de todas las recompensas.

Les recuerdo que en Tenerife, Madrid y Toulouse las entregas se harán en mano. Para otros casos no duden en escribirme.

Muchas gracias por la confianza, por el apoyo y por esta última prueba de paciencia. Ya está en camino. GRACIAS POR HACERLO POSIBLE💜

Lxs mantengo informadxs.


#01 / Mil ganas de sonar

Hola, familia. Quedan 9 días de campaña y entre todxs, lo hemos conseguido. Aún pueden compartir el enlace y ayudarnos a optimizar el objetivo, si así les fluye.

Ishan, Iure y yo tenemos los motores en marcha para dar lo mejor después de todo el apoyo recibido. Nos sentimos agradecidxs de que se hayan parado unos minutos para abrazar este proyecto, que lo único que quiere es sonar y resonar.

Los 3 nos lanzamos a la aventura sin conexión geográfica. Pero con mucho amor y admiración mutua, nos hemos conectado. Está quedando bonito 🤗 Vamos a por el mejor resultado.

En cuanto a las recompensas estoy deseando empezar a fabricarlas. En poco más de una semana recibirán un mail donde podrán facilitarme los datos necesarios para que puedan recibirlas de la mejor manera (talla de camiseta, lugar de recogida, fijar fechas para comenzar a crear canciones, etc...).

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