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Fiorentina in the toys world

Fiorentina in the toys world is a play in English for children where we explore the relationship between kids and videogames. It is a theatre show with fun characters, music, dancing and audio-visuals. all this with the idea of getting English closer to the little ones in an amusing way!

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Hey, kids!!! Do you like playing? And dreaming? And what about travelling and setting off on new adventures? Look... what about doing all this in English? That would be a good idea, right?

Fiorentina in the Toys World is a play children and the whole family can enjoy. It is a project in which we trust and hopefully it will come out around the middle or end of January 2013. The opening will take place at Multiespacio La Strada.


Fiorentina in the Toys World is the story of a girl who is bored in the world she lives in, where she can’t give free rein to her only passion, playing video games –since she has to meet other obligations– so she embarks on a long journey towards the Toys World, where she could live and play as long as she wants. Throughout the journey she will meet different characters –sometimes eccentric ones, but very funny indeed– who will show her that she can also have fun doing other activities, besides playing video games. That is how Fiorentina finds out that learning, doing homework, eating healthy and taking care of our own hygiene are not boring tasks, but really necessary tasks we must take into account..


Fiorentina in the Toys World is our bet on such a well-developed project. A proposal of a mainly educational nature, it also gives importance to a very modern aesthetics, including dance, music, audiovisual aids and magic moments! The play focuses on the necessity of recovering our traditional games, highlighting their imaginative nature, since these games were played on the streets, in groups, rejecting the sedentary lifestyle our children live nowadays. Besides, it’s an interactive play, where children can talk to the characters… in English!!


The idea of creating a play for children in English comes up after the importance that learning English has nowadays in our country and how it is also affecting our children. There are many public and private initiatives that try to make them become interested in English: a strong bet on bilingualism in Primary and Secondary schools, English summer camps for children, workshops to reinforce the language, etc.

Our play is thought to be addressed to children from first to fourth year of Primary Education, due to the plot and the level of English and vocabulary used.


Because despite the fact that our budget is limited, our intention of creating a really beautiful show isn’t limited at all!!! So we want to offer a quality show using a lot of pictures and projections to make the understanding of English words easier. We will count on the help of a sponsorship in order to finance all the expenses: rehearsal room, scenery, wardrobe, playbills, posters, recording and the theatre company website.


We are three artists who come from different disciplines and formations (Dance, Theatre and Theatre Pedagogy) For fifteen years we have been working on different projects, such as the Theatre and Dance Fair in Danzapiés, at Sala Triángulo; the Theatre at Sala Cuarta Pared; Cabaret shows in different places devoted to Independent Theatre in Madrid, like Tarambana and some Micro Theatre plays for children at Sala Microteatro Por Dinero in Madrid.

This project for children is the beginning of a more global idea. Our intention is to form a theatre company that will perform plays for children and teenagers, making them become acquainted with the English language through theatre.

This project moves us in such a way that it is our wish to carry it out as soon as posible. And that is why we hope to have all your support and help. You won’t be disappointed!


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