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Limbo del Dolor: A Micro Shortfilm by Rocío Argueta

After stubbing his toe, a man gains a new-found perspective of other-worldly dimensions.


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OW! Have you ever stubbed your toe so hard it felt like you were taken to another dimension? Yes?

We are a team of keen filmmakers who need your help to bring to life Limbo del Dolor (Limbo of Pain). Limbo del Dolor is a comedic micro-shortfilm that encourages us to laugh in the face of everyday pain. With Limbo, we plan to participate in (and win) the 30s Prize at the Notodo Film Fest.

But, we need your help (and empathy) to raise 2000€ to ease all those financial and production headaches and make Limbo del Dolor a reality.

How can you show your empathy? By contributing whatever you can to this Crowdfunding campaign, you will become an all important empathiser and play a crucial role in reaching our goal. As an official empathiser, you will also gain access to exclusive rewards including signed scripts, behind-the-scenes content and even Executive Production credits!

It’s important to remember: if we don’t reach our 2000€ target in 40 days, we won’t complete the Crowdfunding and Limbo will be lost forever. But we believe in your empathy and we need every drop of it. Let’s take Limbo from the page to the screen and then on to film festival victory, together!

Director: Rocío Argueta Alvizuris - Genre: Comedy - Duration: 30 seconds - Language: Castellano (English subtitles)

Logline: After stubbing his toe, a man gains a new-found perspective of other-worldly dimensions.

Limbo brings a comedic snapshot to a sensation that we can all understand (albeit in different ways): pain. It asks the question: what happens to us in those moments of shocking physical pain? And the punchline reminds us that sometimes it’s just better to laugh rather than cry.

The idea for this whacky 30 second shortfilm comes from the mind of up-and-coming screenwriter Rocío Argueta (you may have heard of her). She set out to develop the idea with the specific intention of entering this painful shortfilm to the 30” Prize of the NoTodo Film Fest in Madrid. And with your support, that is exactly what we plan to do.

The Notodo Film Fest is a Spanish film festival that supports and serves as a showcase for young audiovisual creators while also breaking down barriers to film production and distribution. We want Limbo to appear in (and win) the 2023 edition of the 30 seconds Prize of the festival. Check out more about the festival and prize here.

They say laughter is the best remedy for pain, help us prove that with your empathy and donations. Every bit of support you can provide will bring Limbo del Dolor one step closer to reality.

Don’t miss a beat of the Limbo del Dolor project from crowdfunding to release and competition submission. Come join our community of empathisers and follow us on all our digital channels:

We will be posting regular updates on the crowdfunding campaign as well as exclusive insights into the production process. Be the first to know about the results of all our blood, sweat, and tears.

Limbo brings together a group of young and enthusiastic filmmakers who combined have extensive experience producing shortfilms as well as financing film production through crowdfunding. The team consists of:

  • Rocío Argueta Alvizuris —Director & Screenwriter. Rocío holds a master’s in screenwriting and a postgraduate diploma in filmmaking from the Transforming Arts Institute as well as degree in Communication. She has written and directed a number of shortfilms, including her most recent co-directed/written piece, “Parking”, which is due for release later this year. She is currently developing a film for a studio based in Guatemala.

  • Samuel Allan —Executive Producer. Samuel is an experienced fundraiser coming from the world of NGOs, having raised over 750,000€ for non-profit organisations. Now, for the love of art and his wife, he is taking a dip into the world of executive production and film funding.

  • Lucía Bussión Berrendero — Production designer. A student of cinematography at the TAI University School of Arts and an aspiring producer and screenwriter, Lucía has produced several video clips and short films, including "Cyberlove" (Da Chris), "El Bosque de las almas rotas" and "Parking", whose premieres are scheduled for the end of 2023.

  • Victoria Compte Carmona—Producer. Victoria is a cinematography student, specializing in cinematography. She has made various short films, in the production area, sound, and above all in the photography department, from electrical, auxiliary, assistant to director of photography.

  • Santiago Alfonso - Director of Photography. Graduate in Cinematography and Camera Direction, Santiago has worked as director of photography in the videoclip "Ganar" (La última copa) and in several short films such as "Corazón y estrella y monte y carro", "Tiza 95' ", "Caminito a motel". He also participated as gaffer in "Bestia" (Lao Ra) and "Fly me to the moon" (Joan garrido & The Global Band feat. Rolita) among others.

  • Lucía Abad- Art Direction. Lucía is a graduate in visual arts and a student at TAI University, where she is in the process of specializing in directing. She has worked as art director in the short films: Demain des l'aube, No quiero ser espuma, Carnal and Tejidos; and as script director in Parking and El bosque de las almas rotas.

  • Lara Rodríguez and Luis Martín -Editing and VFX. Graduated in Editing and Postproduction and creators of La2Ele, Lara and Luis have worked on numerous short films and commercials: "De Rojiblanco a Rojiblanco", "RED, LA SERIE" and "TOD" among others.

We are currently in the process of putting together the full and incredibly skilled technical production and post-production team, and in the coming weeks we will also begin casting to find some talented actors to star in Limbo del Dolor.

Keep an eye on our social media for announcements of casting opportunities and updates on all the new members who join the team.

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  • marcheloe


    9 months

    Ouch! Almost there! :) Buena suerte minions

  • PB


    9 months

    Best of luck with your project

  • Jess&James


    9 months

    Great work - we're very excited for you.

  • alepl


    9 months

    Les deseo todo el éxito del mundo para este proyecto! Los amamos!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Miriamwilcher


    9 months

    Hope it all happens!

  • Jack and Fuen

    Jack and Fuen

    9 months

    We love you and will support you in whatever you do always!!!! <3

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